Tuxedo Rentals: What You Should Know

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Tuxedo Rentals: What You Should Know

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You’ve got a special occasion coming up and as a man, you want to look sharp and classy. Tuxedos are your best bet. Nothing says smart, elegant, stately and refined like an exquisite tuxedo.

Costume Royal Blue Tuxedo

Costume Royal Blue Tuxedo


Tuxedos should be your choice. What do you? Buy one or rent it from a tuxedo rental shop instead? Our advice will be that you rent it, it’s more economical that way. But if you’re sure you’re going to be repeating the tuxedo, buying it is better. But remember wedding tuxedo styles change every year so renting tuxedos maybe the way to go. For sure when it comes to Groomsmen Tuxedos rentals , keep them the same.


If you’re going to be renting a tuxedo, there are a few points you need to know before you set out to acquire one.

You’ll need to have an idea of the kind of tuxedo you want. A visit to a tuxedo rental store to know your choices will be a  smart move. If you’re going to be renting tuxedos, the number you’ll need is also relevant.

Your measurements will have to be taken at the tuxedo shop. This process is critical so you’re not rented a tuxedo that won’t fit.

The next thing to do is to get measurements at the tuxedo shop. This only takes a few minutes and does not require an appointment. Rose tuxedo has your wedding tuxedos for groom and groomsmen.

quince tux

quince tux

Tuxedo have in their employ highly trained staff who are more than happy to take a quick measurement. Everyone who needs a tuxedo will need to come in for a measurement. You should never attempt to take your own measurement for this. If someone in your party lives out of state and is unable to come into our tuxedo shops, other tuxedo shops will be happy to take measurements either for free or a small fee.

brown shoes

brown tux shoes


Everyone in the party should look the same. That means items like the overcoat, vest, pants, ties, and shoes should match. Occasionally the father of the bride or the groom might have a slight variation in their outfit to set them apart, but everyone else should look exactly the same. This is why it is very important to rent shoes along with the tuxedo in order to maintain consistency. Rose Tuxedo will help you with your mens wedding suit ideas.

When it is time to pick up the tuxedo, it is best to try it on at the shop prior to leaving. While most of the time there isn’t any problem, however, you do not want to find out at the last minute that your tuxedo doesn’t fit. Mens wedding suits rentals has never been so easy, don’t stress we got this.

men’s brown shoes


Finally, you will need to return the items when you are done using them. Make sure the tuxedos are clean and not damaged. Also be sure to return all of the accessories that came with the tuxedo. If the tuxedo shop is a chain then it should be okay to return a suit to a more convenient location if needed. Otherwise be sure to make arrangements with someone you trust to return the tuxedo.

Rose Tuxedo of Arizona is the place to be when in search of high quality and finely cut tuxedo that will cling onto your frame. No matter your stature, there are tuxedos for you. Call us today at 602-957-0089 when in Phoenix, for our NW Phoenix office call 602-375-8280. We’ve got an office in Messa 480-831-5255.

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Escoge tu vestido

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Escoge tu vestido de 15 y disfruta el momento

En la vida todos tenemos etapas y fechas que son muy esperadas y emocionantes pero que también nos llegan con un alto nivel de estrés por ser los protagonistas y por ende nos toque tomar decisiones y, que mejor ejemplo que la celebración de LOS 15 AÑOS.

tux for quince

Por lo general y sobre todo la comunidad hispana, hacen grandes ceremonias y festejos para celebrar los 15 de sus familiares, pero al final las decisiones recaen en ti por ser la cumpleañera pues en toda fiesta de quinceañera hay que cuidar muchos detalles que por mencionar algunos, están el elegir la corte, la canción para el baile sorpresa y la vestimenta será otra gran decisión que deberás agregar a tu lista. De ese tema y porque nos encanta formar parte de este tipo de celebraciones tan importantes en la vida de una persona, te aconsejaremos hoy desde Rose Tuxedo.

tux for quince

Nuestro primer consejo es que, no te preocupes, no te estreses y tómalo como algo especialmente emocionante porque ¡¿A quién no le gusta ir de compras o a escoger vestidos?!!! Disfruta el momento!

En Rose Tuxedo decimos que, todo es cuestión de personalidad pues eso aumentará tu confianza, lo que hará que luzcas aún mejor, así que tú, como protagonista, marcas la pauta. Claro, recuerda siempre tomar en cuenta la opinión tanto de las chicas de la corte como de los chambelanes en cuanto a sus preferencias, pero tú marcas el patrón para los colores y para el tema (que casi siempre depende del color del vestido). 


Lo recomendable es que la elección sea tu color favorito. También puedes guiarte por las estaciones y usar telas en colores pasteles durante la primavera; colores cálidos como el amarillo, naranja, verde y fucsia en el verano y colores más dramáticos durante el otoño e invierno. Los vestidos de la quinceañera deben ser vaporosos y pueden ser de diferentes estilos como:

De gala: No es solo el típico vestido del cuento de hadas, sino también la opción más común.

Linea A: Se caracteriza por un corpiño ajustado y una falta parecida a la letra “A” mayúscula y se ve muy bien en todos los tipos de cuerpo.

Línea “A” modificado: Muy similar al estilo de línea “A”, pero con una falda que se extiende más allá de las caderas.

Trompeta: Este estilo se entalla al cuerpo hasta la mitad del muslo, luego su falda se ensancha hasta formar una figura similar a la de una trompeta.

Sirena: La falda de este vestido se entalla al cuerpo hasta las rodillas y a partir de allí comienza su vuelo.

Vaina: Este estilo no cuenta con cintura y se amolda al cuerpo desde el cuello hasta la parte inferior del vestido.

Falda de té: Recibe este nombre gracias a la longitud de su falda que termina entre la rodilla y los tobillos.

Mini: Este estilo es perfecto para los cuerpos menuditos pues la longitud de la falda de este vestido termina por encima de las rodillas. 

Estos fueron algunos consejos sobre los estilos y colores de los que puedes utilizar para lucir como en Rose Tuxedo nos gusta que luzcan las quinceañeras en su celebración, perfectas, glamurosas y con mucha personalidad. Habla espanol at Rose Tuxedo. Please call 602 375-8280

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2 free with 10

3 free with 15




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Fall Weddings: Why You Should Go for it

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The sweet scent of pumpkin spice hovers in the air; the temperature is drops – fitting into a tuxedo couldn’t be easier -as everywhere, everything and everyone is bathed in the warm golden light of the midday sun; leaves start to fall as their colors shift from green to red;  and there’s that oddly satisfying sound of crunching crispy leaves beneath your feet you take a stroll through the park; summer is gone and fall here. It’s that time of the year when you get excited and ready for Thanksgiving. But we’re not going into that today, we’re talking fall weddings because fall is unarguably the best season for weddings.

You don’t think so? Get ready to be convinced.


Feel the Comfort Fall Brings

You feel the temperature dropping, don’t you? Your guests won’t feel too uncomfortable or too keen on getting out of their tuxedos, full suits, and gowns. And imagine the countless hours your wedding guests will be on the dance floor without sweating bullets; more time for your guests to join you in celebrating your union with your heartthrob. Whats more? The bride’s makeup won’t be affected by the weather.


Your Fall Wedding Could be Outdoors

One other good thing about fall is the considerable drop in the price of venues – a great opportunity you should strive to seize. Additionally, the weather is usually favorable, the temperature low and not to mention the colorful backdrop of the surroundings which make for stunning background in wedding photographs. Take advantage of these benefits and opt for an outdoor fall wedding. You can do no wrong.


Adopt The Rich Colors of Fall

The most easily notable change in fall are the colors of shrubs, trees, and flower. Deep, rich colors paired with bold patterns (paisley, floral, lace, etc) will make your wedding decorations pop! Fall is also the season for pumpkins and gourds, remember to include them in your wedding decorations as they’ll give your wedding more traditional and natural accents. A good thing about this season is that pumpkins can be purchased from veritable vendors at affordable prices.


Even the Stars will be in Attendance

Are you one of those who’d always dreamed having a wedding under a star-lit sky? Your dreams are not far from being fulfilled. In fall, the sun sets quite early giving way the stars. It’s an awesome idea as a finely tailored black tuxedo and white gown wedding will be well complemented by the night star-encrusted sky.

But this is not to discredit other seasons! Every season has its strong points and reasons why they’re each the best time of the year for weddings (but, ahem, fall is still the best).


Since you are ready to tie the knot with your significant other or have been invited to a friend’s or colleague’s wedding, you will want to appear at your best, in a dashing tuxedo. Who knows, you just might meet your own soul mate, that is why it’s important to dress your best. Rose Tuxedo has the perfect tuxedo that’ll turn heads in your direction as you make your entrance!

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Brown Shoes and Navy Suit and Tuxedo

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Brown Shoes and Navy suit is the look. Step out in style with the right men’s shoes

Everyone dreams of wearing the perfect ensemble for life’s biggest occasions. Men who have the best looking date on their arm know the importance of stepping out in style. Nothing beats patent leather shoes for formal events like when wearing a tuxedo. Girls always want to look their best for proms, weddings and other formal occasions and men do too. That’s why it is important to spend time looking for the right shoes to go with that classy tux. Shiny patent leather can be the best way to go.

brown shoes

brown tux shoes

Make no mistake. We aren’t talking about pairing a good looking pair of glossy shoes with Grandpa’s tired old wedding tux. Let that one stay hidden away in the attic. There are many more choices for men now than the classic black and white. Sleek grey suits with vests that match your girl’s outfit are popular choices right now. Navy sport coats paired with matching pants and a colorful tie make a bold statement. Of course, there is nothing wrong with opting for the timeless black and white tuxedo. Patent leather shoes go with all of these choices and more.

blue pants

Whether you wear a Perry Ellis or Raffinatti tuxedo or a Zoot Suit, the most important thing about men’s formalwear is that it matches your personality and your personal style. Anything else will make you feel awkward at a time when you want to be on top of your game. When you look good, you feel good. It really is as simple as that.

men’s brown shoes

Patent leather shoes for formal events like when wearing a tuxedo pair well with any suit. They are comfortable enough for dancing the night away and are the right touch for even the most formal occasions. Even better is that they come in all sizes and price ranges.

navy blue tuxedo

There are many popular styles to choose from that look great with formal wear. Men often think of classic black when thinking of patent leather, but shoes change with the time. Colors today include black, white, ivory, brown or even other colors. They are available in slip-on styles as well as lace up. You can find the shoes in wide or narrow widths, cap toes or square toes, wing tips and many other styles.

men’s brown shoes

The process of selecting the right tuxedo or suit can be challenging. Friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you look and feel your best. After all, it’s your special day. Why not get your Tuxedo at Rose Tuxedo and the latest style in men’s formal wear shoes? Call us at Rose Tuxedo for all your Navy blue and brown shoes questions.

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HomeComing tuxedo

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Homecoming Tuxedo and How and when to wear white tuxedos

At present there are many styles and colors of Tuxedos for men, but from Rose Tuxedo today we will talk about a color that is probably one of the most difficult to use of all those available. And why do we say it is difficult? Because it is mostly used in seasons such as summer and autumn, because of the care it requires to maintain its color and cleanliness and by the requirement to know how to combine it to cause the correct effect. But let’s talk better about its main advantages, and is that its use will differentiate -absolutely- and bring a freshness-in several ways and we can not have better reasons than those to take it into account and dedicate a post.


fifteen tux
When do you use this type of Tuxedos?

As we said at the beginning of the post that is mostly used in summer and autumn. The white color and the materials with which they are usually made (linen or some material that is not thick), give a touch of exclusive freshness. Also because one of the styles to use it and that today takes a lot, is casual and this helps to combine any look with success, especially in these times.


tuxedos for fifteen
On what occasion?

The most appropriate occasions to use them would be in those that take place outdoors since it is more related to the leisure and the fun; as for parties and events in the rural or marine environment and, although this color is almost always reserved for the bride, it is not a sin to be used by grooms or witnesses, especially when the ceremony takes place outdoors.


burgundy tuxedo
Possible combinations

It is a color that should be carried very simply and seeking a balance. If you would like to find it in Rose Tuxedo Phoenix AZ you would not have any problem because in our services we will always advise you on this aspect, but, from now on we tell you not to recharge it with other colors and it is not advisable to combine it with gold or You will not want to wear it in the mafia style. It is always better to opt for broken white, cream white or even light brown, give a more refined touch to the look and at the same time continue to bring the characteristic freshness. Some options may be:


tux shirt colors
White shirt or some with very simple details like fine gratings in another color as clear as navy blue. Discard completely colors that make some strong contrast, is not the most correct.
As for the tie and the handkerchief you will have to be very careful if you chose a white shirt as it is one of the few details that are recommended to wear in contrast and this can provide a really elegant touch if it is what you are looking for. They are not recommended in this case white or very clear.
The socks can be worn white, the same color as the suit.
Shoes are not recommended to wear white, but we bet for light colors like honey or brown. Also, as you might consider a somewhat casual outfit this gives us chances of wearing some also casual shoes like some kind of moccasin, for example, blue and would not be so big, stumble.

Wedding tuxedos


Finally, we want to emphasize from Rose Tuxedo Phoenix AZ that, although we can say that black is a color to lead to any highly formal situation, white is much more flexible and perfectly can be that look you are looking for some ceremony or event in the coming summer or autumn? 602 957-0089 15 different color tuxedo shirts, tuxedo color shirts.


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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