Black Tie event

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Black Tie event

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Black Tie Dressing

Dressing for a black tie event can be a pretty daunting task for anyone who has never had the experience in the past. But if you’re someone who is used to wearing a tuxedo, you can already start experimenting with other options compared to the simple black tuxedo-white shirt combination. Just like its name suggests, you will need to wear a black tie along with your tuxedo.

Black Tie

Here are some important things you have to remember about black tie events:

Black tie is not formal dress appropriate

Commonly, people assume that black tie dressing is already the highest standard of dressing for men. In the past, however, black tie events consisted of very relaxed evening attire. Despite this common knowledge, the highest form of evening wear for men is a ‘white tie’ dress code. In terms of dress code, black tie events call for semi-formal evening attire. On the other hand, white tie refers to a similar yet distinct set of clothing for men.

Daytime wear is not black tie…. and should never be worn!

Nowadays, there are a number of people who wear tuxedos during the daytime for a photo op or in tourist attractions. Sadly, they’re doing wrong to the solemnity of tuxedos since these should only be for evening wear. The rule in wearing a tuxedo is that you dress for the end time of an event. If you will be attending a ceremony that calls for a tuxedo yet starts in the afternoon, think about the time that it will end. If it ends after dark, then it is appropriate to wear a tuxedo.

However, if you receive an invitation for a black tie dress code for a morning wedding, be a good guest and don’t contradict it.

When you’re wearing a black tie tuxedo, you are exuding an appeal that is worthy of the respect of other people. This is why you should treat your tuxedo with care at all times and follow the rules to black tie dressing. If you need to rent a tuxedo, make sure you check out our collection for one that you may wear. You’ll find that this is a great way you can look dapper and sharp for the event you are attending. If you need a tux rental in 85029 area Rose Tuxedo has one for you and if you need a suit rental near 85308 or 85306 we have one waiting for you. Black tie is all we do.

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Rent a Tuxedo for Prom?

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 Rent a Tuxedo for Prom TuxedoWearhouse_Quinceanera_Cotillion

Rent a Tuxedo for Prom?

So you want to know how to rent a tuxedo for prom, but you don’t know where   to start? All you have to do is contact your nearest Rose Tuxedo in the Greater Phoenix Area and tell them what you need.  They are experienced in helping deck out guys for prom.  They will answer any questions you have, and they will be glad to assist you in finding and fitting your prom tux or suit.

One terrific help for guys who aren’t sure what kind of formal attire they are going to choose for their high school prom is the Gallery of styles, colors, and fabrics on Rose Tuxedo’s Pinterest page.  After reviewing that page, many of your questions will be answered.  Questions like, “Can you wear colored vests, colored shoes, and suits and tuxedos for prom?  Once you see the Gallery, you will see that the answer is “yes”.

Many young men use prom night to show their individuality, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Rose Tuxedo has plenty of choices, and knows that choices are necessary, since all guys aren’t alike.  Some young men like the idea of being their own person, but, also, really enjoy wearing a classic, timeless tuxedo.  A tuxedo jacket with black tie makes any guy look like a movie star.  At Rose Tuxedo, you can be fitted in a way that makes the tuxedo look like it belongs to you.  High School proms only come around once in a lifetime, so make the most of it by renting formal wear that is absolutely elegant.  The rental on your tux can range from$69.95 to $139.95 depending on what model you choose.  Rose Tuxedo usually runs about $40 less than the big chain stores. That means we can fit your budget without breaking the bank.

As already stated, you can wear a suit to the prom , as well.  Rose Tuxedo can fit you in many different suit colors and types. So the question, “Rent a tux for prom” could just as easily be “Rent a suit for prom?”  Again, look on site or on Pinterest, Rose Tuxedo and see the variety and colors of suits that are available for rental.  It is easier than you think.  Give Rose Tuxedo a week to 3 days notice of what you are going to be wanting, then get with your buddies and drive on down to the nearest Rose Tuxedo location and let them assemble and fit your shoes and suits and tuxedos for prom.  Returns are the next day and you can return at any of the Rose Tuxedo sites.

Just remember, have fun; keep the night safe; be gracious to all your classmates; and make your family proud.  Yes, your mom will probably shed a few tears when she takes your picture before you leave for the prom because that’s what moms do.  Just give her a big hug, take a look in the mirror, and go enjoy your night.

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Tux rentals for prom

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Prom Tuxedo Rental Prices

The girls are already talking about it.  They are already looking for their dresses. Rose Tuxedo has your tux rentals for prom. They are already waiting for you guys to realize that it is coming up, and wondering when all of you are going to ask them to go to the prom with you.

prom tuxedo Yep, it’s almost high school prom time, and that means you have to be thinking about what to wear, too.  The big chain stores are going to want you to rent your prom tux from them.  Rose’s has a better idea that is going to save you at least $40.  That idea is coming to Rose Tuxedo, Phoenix, the prom tux kings. We can fit your budget with no problem at all.  Our rentals range from $59.95 to $139.95 based on the type of formal attire you want to wear to the high school prom. If you’ve been worried about prom tuxedo rental you will be glad to know that you can leave your worries outside when you come to Rose Tuxedo, Phoenix’s 30 year tuxedo rental institution.  You just have to let them know what you are looking for, and rest assured they will have what you need; they can fit your size; and they can rent you shoes, as well.

Now they are aware that some guys like to jazz up their high school prom outfits, so they give you plenty of room to do just that. They have most every type, style, color, size, and fabric of prom tuxes that are available.  Because of their extraordinary inventory, they can match you with the tux or suit, shoes, tie, and vest you want for your big night out.  The best thing for you to do is take a look at their Gallery on Pinterest, and begin to zero in on the style you want for prom night.  Then, when the time comes for you to drive to the location of Rose Tuxedo that is nearest to you and your friends, you can tell them what you have chosen.  You can decide on what pieces you might want to add to your suit or tuxedo, pick the shoes you want, and leave knowing you are going to be looking sharp.  Your prom date will be relieved that you have everything you need; your mom and dad will be relieved that the price was so competitive; and you will feel like a million bucks in your cutting edge prom tux.

You began this journey wondering what prom tuxedo prices were going to be.  Now, you know that Rose Tuxedo offers prices for  prom tuxes that are less than the large chain stores like Men’s Warehouse, so you can relax.  Concentrate on doing your best this second semester of school.  Know that you have decided to do business with the high school prom tuxedo store that gets an A+ for their expertise in getting the right prom tux or suit on you for the big celebration.

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Tuxedo rental cost

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Tuxedo Rental Cost At Rose Tuxedo

Senior Prom Tuxedo Rental ArizonaSpring is beginning to bloom along the Sun Belt and with high school proms coming up, the big question is ,”How much are tux rentals?”  The answer to that question depends on which tux rental establishment you are planning to use.  If you’re going to one of the big chain stores, the rental for a tux is going to be about $40 more than what you are going to pay at Rose Tuxedo of Phoenix.  Rose Tuxedo is a hometown institution where prom tuxedos are concerned.  They know all about prom tuxedo rental time, and they know how to get you looking sharp, cool, and like a real player should look.

They have three locations, so wherever you live in the Greater Phoenix Area, you’ve got a Rose Tuxedo nearby.  Get your crew together and come in one car to save some cash for the “big night”.

So, let’s get down to business,  you want to know how much it costs to rent a tuxedo. You will pay $99.95 for your Classic Collection tuxedo rental.  For a little flair, you can choose from the Premium Collection for $145.00. Because they are a family business and because they have so many choices, they can fit just about any budget from $59.95 to $149.95. You can return your tuxedo at any of their three locations.  Plus, they have several styles to choose from.

The really neat thing about a high school prom is that, in most cases, you can choose a style that fits your personality.  They have a formal outfit for just about every type of taste.  They have Western Tuxedos, colored tuxedos, white tuxedos, gray tuxedos, tuxedos with vests, tuxedos with no vest, and tuxedos with colored vests. They have black dress suits, colored suits, white suits and gray suits.  They have colored ties, black ties, white ties, or bow ties in many colors, and they even have your shoes.  Of course, some guys want to show their personalities with a surprising choice of shoe, but if you want to go more traditional, they can fit you.  They have a large enough inventory to make sure the suit or tuxedo you need fits perfectly for the prom.

Here’s a tip.  If you go to their Pinterest (ask your girlfriend) page, you can see a gallery of the many styles and choices they can offer you.  That means, when you come to one of their stores to rent your suit or prom tuxedo, you will have some idea of what type of attire you are going to choose for the big night. Rose Tuxedo Phoenix AZ and Rose Tuxedo Mesa Arizona have very transparent tux rental cost, stop by one of our locations and see how easy it is.

So, here are your instructions again:

1. Get a date for the prom.

2.  Get her to show you what Pinterest is.

3.  Look at the gallery on Pinterest and make a preliminary choice for your suit or tux.

4.  Decide what kind of shoes you are going to wear.

5.  A few days before prom night, come into the store to fit your choice of suit or tux and your shoes.

6.  Have a great time at the prom.

7.  Bring your tux back to any of their locations the next day.

Got it?

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Rose Tuxedo Serving Chandler, AZ

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Rose Tuxedo - Leonardo Vest and long ties and matching bows

Rose Tuxedo Serving Chandler, AZ

The great thing about Rose Tuxedo is that they are never very far away from you in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.  If you have a formal event coming up and you need help fast.  Give the location nearest to you a call, and they will guide you to their store and give you the kind of service you deserve.  Which leads us directly to a big shout-out to our customers and soon-to-be-customers in Chandler, AZ.  We know you have formal parties, graduation formals, proms, Quinceaneras, weddings and much more coming up this spring.  Give us a call or come by to see us at any of our locations and we will assist you in your fittings, choices, and in any other way we can.  Or, just give us a call and we will fill you in on all the info you need to prepare for your future events.

Ever wondered where the idea of a tuxedo began in the first place?  Apparently it all started with a guy name Pierre Lorillard IV, French, of course.  He helped create an area of land near New York City called Tuxedo Park on some land that had probably been stolen from the Algonquin Tribe.  The chief’s name was a word that sounded a lot like Tuxedo to the white men, so that is what they named the land. Lorillard rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous of the 19th century, and soon the property became a hunting and fishing area for the wealthy, and then avenue for many expensive mansions.  They even had their own extremely exclusive club and named it the Tuxedo Club.

At one of the fancy balls, Pierre decided he did not want to wear the usual long tailcoat with white tie of that era.  Instead he had a tailor of the English royalty make a suit for him which consisted of a shorter jacket, like the ones worn for fox hunting, except in black.  In the end, Pierre did not wear the suit to the ball, but his raucous son did wear a suit like the one designed for his father.

Because of the status of the Lorillard family, the style was immediately imitated.  In a short time, men were appearing in their “tuxedos” at the fanciest area of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, assuring the acceptance of this new fashion statement.  Now, the tuxedo, in many forms, is universally accepted as the fashion norm for formal occasions.  It still has the power to make the wearer feel a little rich and famous himself.

You will have that feeling, too when you don your attire at Rose Tuxedo, serving Chandler, AZ.  Come in; pick your style and color; and find out how a tuxedo can change the way you feel about yourself.  It really is an ego-booster.

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November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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3 conveniently located stores in Phoenix and Mesa to service your tuxedo rentals and suit rental needs. When you want the best cost on suits call us 1st!