Shoes Matching Your Tuxedo

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Shoes Matching Your Tuxedo

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Shoes Matching Your Tuxedo

In the past articles, we’ve already talked about choosing the right tuxedo rental and accessorizing your tuxedo for your wedding . Now, it’s time to press on another topic that highlights the groom’s dressing. For anyone who has ever wondered how to pick the right shoes for a tuxedo, here are some tips to consider:


When in doubt, go with black

Black is the safest, simplest, and classiest option for shoes. You can never go wrong with opting for a pair of black shoes to wear with your tuxedo. Unless you will be wearing a theatrical tuxedo, go with black shoes. They are also very easy to take care of.

Consider the shape of the toe

When picking out a pair of shoes to wear with your tuxedo, remember to consider the shape of the toe. For a traditional look, go for shoes that have rounded toes. Shoes that have square toes are another option, especially for contemporary dressing. At all costs, avoid shoes with pointed toes.

Choose the material

As for the material of the shoes you will be wearing, go for the ones made from patent leather since its shiny surface provides an elegant touch to the appearance of the shoe. At the same time, the shiny surface is what separates it from the business dress shoes.

Pick a design

There are two acceptable designs that you can wear with your tuxedo: slip-on and lace up. The good thing about slip-on designs is that they work well with those who have narrow feet. Lace up designs, on the other hand, is a better choice for those with wide feet. Tux time is a great time to wear patent leather shoes.

Heel height matters

Lastly, when you’re picking out shoes for your wedding, make sure you consider the heel. In most situations, shoes with a standard heel are the best option. However, for men who are shorter than women, the wedding day is a great opportunity to appear taller. With higher-heel shoes, it is best to test them out first before buying so that stability can be determined.

If you already have a tuxedo to wear for your wedding, all you need to do is to pick out the right shoes. On the other hand, if this is something you still lack, make sure you check out our available tuxedo rentals.

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Rose Tuxedo, What You Need to Know About Your Boutonniere

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Rose Tuxedo take on formal occasions, accessorizing for men is pretty simple—all they need is a good tie, decent watch, and polished shoes. But when it comes to weddings, there is an additional accessory that the groom, along with the male members of his entourage, will have to wear. Known as a Boutonniere, it is a simple piece of flower typically worn on the lapel of his tuxedo jacket to symbolize his participation in the wedding.


So what types of flowers are used in boutonnieres? How do you pick one out for your wedding day? Here are some things you need to know about boutonnieres:

Choosing the Flower

An important tip to remember when choosing a boutonniere is that the flower should fit how formal the occasion is: white or red for formal events, colorful flowers for informal occasions. Apart from choosing the color of the boutonniere, it should also coincide with the tuxedo. You may go with either of these flower options for your boutonniere:

  • Carnations: Simple and most commonly used type of flower for boutonnieres, largely because it is versatile and affordable. Carnations have various meanings in different countries: respect (Korea) and funeral (France). Because of this, you have to be careful in picking out this type of flower for your boutonniere.
  • Roses: While roses are easy to find, they are more complicated to wear since they need to be of the right size and free of any imperfections.
  • Other Flowers: If you prefer a unique boutonniere, you may go for orchids, daisies, lilacs, gardenias, or hyacinths.

Because of how delicate these flowers are, it’s best to have a professional florist prepare them beforehand.

Things to Remember about Boutonnieres

As a rule, you have to wear a boutonniere proportionate to your build. This is so that the boutonnière does not overpower your tuxedo. Another thing you have to remember is that you should never upstage your bride.

Your boutonniere should be a simple accessory– you may choose between a single flower or a collection of tiny blooms. For this, it’s best to have a florist help you pick out the boutonniere you will wear for your wedding day. As for your tuxedo rental, you have us to call!

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Wedding Plans that your Groom is Insterested

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When it comes to planning a wedding, most people associate it with something a bride-to-be will take charge of. While this depends on every couple’s decision, there is some truth to it. Women are usually the ones who take care of the wedding details.

wedding tuxedo rental cake_tasting_cake-543x409

But even though this is what occurs in wedding planning, it doesn’t always mean that the groom is uninterested. There are some areas of the wedding where he is secretly excited about. By knowing what these areas are, brides can have their fiancé join in on the wedding planning.

Here are some the things that they look forward to:


While he may not express the same concern on your decision between buttercream vs. fondant, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t interested in the cake. As a matter of fact, he will enjoy the cake testing part of the wedding planning as he will get to try out the cake too. Once he has tried the options, he will be able to give his consent on which one tasted better for him.

Getaway Car

Considering that most guys are into cars, the decision of picking out a bridal car will be something that he would want to be involved in. He will have an idea of which car he would like to use for your wedding day so make sure you listen to his opinion.


If your fiancé loves music, he will be interested in sharing his playlist selection. Make sure you allow him to choose the songs that he would like to be played during the reception. This way, he can dance along to the song that he likes listening to best.


Another area of your wedding planning that your fiancé can help out with is the honeymoon. Without you knowing it, he may already be thinking of ways he can surprise you during your out of town trip. This is why you should let him be involved in the planning of your honeymoon.


Just like you, your groom will want to look his best during your wedding day. This is why he will take into consideration the look of his tuxedo and how well it will fit him. After all, it’s his wedding day too!

If you’re on the lookout for a tuxedo rental for your fiancé, feel free to visit our collection on options he can choose from! We can help him dress up nicely on one of the important events in his life.


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Tuxedo to Wear for your Wedding

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Tuxedo to Wear for your Wedding

There is no doubt that the bride is the star of her own wedding day. But if there’s any consolation, the attention is also on her groom. This is why it is so important for the groom to be able to pick out the best tuxedo to wear during his wedding day and rock it. A well-dressed groom will share the attention his bride gets during their wedding day.  Women tuxedos have also become very hot for Prom and Weddings.

 tuxedo saif-burberry

Here are some tips on how to rock your tuxedo on one of the biggest events in your life:

Choose a tuxedo that fits perfectly. When choosing a tuxedo, it is really important that you go for something that fits you perfectly. The best way you can find a tuxedo that fits is to really try it out. Make sure that the sleeves are the perfect length and that you don’t look too big in it.

Complement your bride’s dress. If your bride is wearing a white wedding dress, see to it that your shirt is the same color. Make sure you coordinate with your bride-to-be and discuss the theme you want for your wedding. Otherwise, the two of you will look mismatched when you’re standing together in front of the altar.

If you can’t afford to buy a new tuxedo, make sure that you don’t end up borrowing a tuxedo that used to be your brother’s. While your sizes will not be the same, the style of the tuxedo is also not as fresh as it is. The next best option is to go for a tuxedo rental company.

Check out our tuxedo rental options today so you can find one that you can wear for your wedding day. As always, make sure you that you rock the tuxedo rental by looking your best and smiling—that always seals the deal!

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New Tuxedo and Suit Styles: Wedding Season 2014

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Tuxedo and Suit Styles

With so many formal events approaching with summer weddings to proms, there are a number of reasons why it’s important to stay current on the latest tuxedo and suit styles to look fashionable and trendy at either a wedding or prom. For men, it can be easy to blend in and allow the girls to stand out, but by choosing the right look it will ensure that you look sharp and cutting-edge.

Tuxedo and Suit

Instead of wearing classic black tuxedos that are standard at most events, gray tuxedos are the latest style for 2014 and offer a refreshing look that stands out for both personal and professional attire. Grey tuxedo’s also work well with different skin tones and can paired with most vest or tie colors for a look that is both striking and subtle. The gray suit is also a clothing item that can be worn for a lifetime as it’s a style that can be seen in prior decades, even in films shot in the 1920s.
To complete any suit, add a poppy tie and a fresh poppy square for a look that offers a few accessories without appearing too flashy. Double-breasted suits are also currently trending for the coming year and will provide a slimming silhouette when properly fitted.For those who want a classic tux or suit that doesn’t appear too flashy, blue tuxedo and suit are another popular item to rent for men who want a sophisticated style when attending prom or a wedding. White tuxedo’s are also in style for 2014 and will look high-end and masculine for both the groom and groomsmen. Pair it with a black bow tie or polka-dot tie for added detail that is trendy and anything but conventional.For Arizona wedding tuxedo’s, young men can rent tux’s that have striking lines on the jacket with a chambray button-up underneath, all paired with a bow tie. It will truly stand out and still offer added comfort for events where a standard tux may appear too formal. A checkered button-up can also be worn underneath the jacket for a trendy style that is still classy.
For Arizona weddings, a button-up vest with a tucked-in tie will offer a masculine look that can be used for an outdoor event. Renting a tux or suit with large lapels is an additional trend for men’s formal wear in the coming year for a spin on classic looks that doesn’t appear too loud. This look has currently been seen at a handful of award shows by celebs who want to appear classy without inappropriate.Men’s formal attire has been used for several decades, but has relaxed and become less conventional in the West. Bowler hats have now replaced top hats that were seen in the early 1900s, and men often prefer to attend black tie events sans a cane. Although the styles and trends have certainly evolved, the staple suit and tux with sharp lines and a vest continues to rein in popularity.
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