Waistcoat Tips with a Tuxedo

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Waistcoat Tips with a Tuxedo

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Waistcoat Tips with a Tuxedo

Men in tuxedos are always an interesting sight. But because it isn’t a very common thing to see men in a waistcoat or vest (at least not anymore nowadays), not everyone who wears a tuxedo knows how to dress right. This is very unfortunate for them because when men wear a tuxedo, women will immediately be attracted to them. But if they don’t know what to wear the tuxedo with, they end up with disappointed dates.

Here are some tips that you can follow when wearing a waistcoat with your rental tuxedo :

When to Wear a Vest

It is very disappointing to see men wearing a waistcoat with just about any tuxedo. Unfortunately, the right way to wear a waistcoat is when you’re wearing it with a single-breasted tux. This is mainly to conceal the visible white fabric between your waistband and jacket button.

Choose the Right Size

When you wear a vest with a tuxedo, it can instantly make your whole look sharper. However, you have to see to it that your waistcoat has been fully tailored to your size. If it doesn’t, the effect will reveal itself when you’re standing up or sitting down.

Mixing Fabrics

You need to match the lining of the tuxedo along with the color you use for the back part of the waistcoat. This is simply because when you mix different colors, it will not look smart or elegant; especially for a black tie event.

What Not to Do

Cummerbunds, together with waistcoats, are currently becoming a trend. But this doesn’t mean you should wear them both at the same time. Otherwise, you will be overly decorative and end up mismatched.

When you wear a tuxedo, you make yourself look sharp and presentable. If you are unable to wear it right, you’ll clash and people will not think you are as smooth as you dress. Check out our collection of tuxedos to wear for a special occasion. Suits for rent in Arizona

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Tuxedo Accessory: What You Need to Know

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Tuxedo with accessories

When it comes to wearing a tuxedo, men need to look dashing and smooth so that they can attract the opposite sex. No matter what event you are wearing a tuxedo to it is really a good idea to look your best. Through the use of accessories, you can boost your appeal in no time.


But how do you accessorize a tuxedo? When do you know too much is too much? Compared to women, men cannot just choose any type of accessory and add it to their tuxedo. Instead of this, they need to carefully assess whether the accessories they are using is a good idea for the tuxedo they chose to wear.

Here are some important things you need to know when deciding which accessories to use with your tuxedo:

First things first: What does your invitation say?

One of the most important things you have to remember about wearing a tuxedo is that they are not always the same. Small things like ‘White Tie’ or ‘Creative Black Tie’ actually mean something when dressing with a tuxedo. In the very simplest form of the word, you have to follow what is written on the invite. So if you received an invitation for a ‘White Tie’ event, this plainly means you have to wear a white tie.

Should you use a bow or a tie?

After you have determined what type of event you have been invited to, your next pick will be between a bow and a tie. For formal events, the usual pick is a bow tie; just make sure that you don’t use the clip-ons. Meanwhile, if you decide to use a tie, it’s best that you use a plain, black silk tie with your tuxedo. Don’t go for the striped or patterned ties, as they are usually associated with work.

Appropriate jewelry pieces for men

The best and most appropriate jewelry you can use with a tuxedo is a classic style watch. Make sure that you avoid using the rubber and digital watch you use when you’re at doing some sports. Instead, opt for a slick watch with a black leather band. This will complete the look of your tuxedo for any occasion!

Compared to women, men do not need to wear too much accessory with a tuxedo. The simple it is, the better the appeal. As long as you wear a smooth, wrinkle-free tuxedo and brush your hair, you can already make the ladies swoon!

Check out our available tuxedo rentals that you may use for a special occasion. Follow our above-mentioned tips to ensure that you look smooth and suave with your rented tuxedo! Tuxedo and Suit rentals in Phoenix AZ

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How Does Your Bride Choose Her Wedding Dress?

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Wedding dress

Wedding Dress:Photographers_Gray_Photography

How Does Your Bride Choose Her Wedding Dress?

When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, your soon-to-be bride goes through a number of fittings just so she can wear the perfect dress. She wants to make sure that you will love the dress that she is wearing and at the same time, she will feel good about herself. This is why she goes the extra mile to pick out the right dress.

Here are just some of the factors that your fiancé considers in choosing the right dress:

Weather: While it may not be a big deal, your fiancé needs to pick out the right dress, depending on the season of the big day. Since most bridal dresses have exposed shoulders or empty backs, she needs to make sure that the dress she chooses will keep her warm despite the cool air. The same goes for a summer wedding.  Arizona Weddings enjoy some of the best weather 8 months a year so a Groom can wear a light weight wool Tuxedo or Suit for his wedding.

Fit: Another thing that your bride needs to consider about her dress is how good it fits on her body. You have to remember that all eyes will mostly be on her, compared to you. During the day itself, it is her moment to shine and her beauty will be radiated from the happiness she feels. As such, she needs to feel confident that she looks her best. It also helps that you reassure her this.

Customs: There are also some customs that your bride needs to abide by, especially if it relates to her religion or family tradition. You need to understand her side and support her through it. After all, the wedding day is just the start of your relationship forever. You need to be there for one another.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to worry so much about your tuxedo. You can choose from our selection, make sure it’s the right fit, and rent it. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your tuxedo rental for your wedding.

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Would You Buy a Tuxedo for £2,600 (or $4,200)?

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Would you buy a tuxedo previously owned by your favorite celebrity? Of course you would! But would you buy it for £2,600 (or $4,200)?

In the early part of November, David Beckham donated some clothes to a charity organization as a way to help raise money to send as relief operations following the devastating typhoon in the Philippines.

Days later and the tuxedo was purchased by a 22-year-old Economics student named Jordan Silverstone for £125 ($204). Apparently, Jordan came into a British Red Cross store based in Chelsea and picked up the tuxedo. But just after a few days, the tuxedo was spotted being sold in eBay for £2,600 ($4,200). With the tuxedo rumored to be originally worth £4,000 ($6,500), would this have been a worthy buy?

When people found out about this, they accused the student of profiteering from the purchase. But he shrugged off these accusations saying that he originally bought the suit for his father, whom it did not fit into.

‘It is absolute nonsense. If I keep the suit and leave it in my Dad’s wardrobe never to be worn then that is okay, but if I sell it on to a buyer who really wants it that isn’t?’

He later on added that he was planning to donate a part of his income to a charity. There have been no follow up reports on whether or not he actually did what he promised.

So would you buy a pre-owned tuxedo if it were at a fraction of a price, especially if its previous owner was David Beckham? Browse through our website to look at our tuxedo rentals instead of splurging on one! Arizona Tuxedo shops carry the latest tuxedo and suit styles for rent that won’t break the bank. We even have huge selection of vintage tuxedo’s that can be bought cheap. We serve the Glendale AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Gilbert AZ, Chandler AZ, Surprise AZ area for all your Tuxedo and suit rental needs.

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Tuxedos: Men’s Formal Wear for the Holiday Season

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December is a popular time of the year for wedding engagements. During this time of the year, many couples will pop the question on either Christmas Eve or Christmas day. After the wedding proposal, there is a lot of work to do in order to get ready for a wedding. The men especially have one task that they will need to take care of and that is finding a tuxedo. Of course tuxedos are not only worn at wedding either. Many young men will rent prom tuxedos other kinds of men’s formal wear. However regardless of the occasion there are some basic guidelines to follow for suit rentals.

Tuxedos: Rental Guide

First of all you will need to pick out the tuxedo that you need for your event or wedding. That means you will want to look at the different choices, colors, and styles that are available. You will also want to get a head count for everyone that will be included. Once you have completed this task you will need to place an order for the tuxedos that you want to rent.

The next thing to do is to get measurements to the tuxedo shop. This only takes a few minutes and does not require an appointment. Most tuxedo shops employ highly trained staff and are more than happy to take a quick measurement. Everyone who needs a tuxedo will need to come in for a measurement. You should never attempt to take your own measurement for this. If someone in your party lives out of state and is able to come into the exact tuxedo shops, most tuxedo shops are happy to take measurements either for free or a small fee.

Everyone in the party should look the same. That means items like the overcoat, vest, pants, ties, and shoes should match. Occasionally the father of the bride or the groom might have a slight variation in their outfit to set them apart, but everyone else should look exactly the same. This is why it is very important to rent shoes along with the tuxedo in order to maintain consistency.

When it is time to pick up the tuxedo, it is best to try it one at the shop prior to leaving. While most of the time there is no problem, however you do not want to find out at the last minute that you tuxedo needs an alteration or that there is something missing. Tuxedo shops have staff that are able to do alterations in house if it is needed. Also if they have enough advance notice they will be able to work with you to get the remaining items.

Finally you will need to return the items when you are done using them. Make sure the tuxedos are clean and not damaged. Also be sure to return all of the accessories that came with the tuxedo. If the tuxedo shop is a chain then it should be okay to return a suit to a more convenient location if needed. Otherwise be sure to make arrangements with someone you trust to return the tuxedo.

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