Why the Bridal Colors Matter to Your Groomsmen Tuxedo

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Why the Bridal Colors Matter to Your Groomsmen Tuxedo

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Groomsmen Tuxedo

As the groom, you just have to get the tuxedo, right? Think again! You’ll also need to match the bridal colors. While you might think pink is pink, getting the right shade is very important to the look of your wedding.

Matching the vest and tie to the bridal colors has long been a challenge in the tuxedo rental business. There are many different shades of any color the bride will have chosen for her bridesmaids, and we need to do all we can to get an exact match for you and the groomsmen tuxedo.

Groomsmen Tuxedo rosetux-matching

Of course, many grooms do opt for a traditional black, white, or silver vest. Much like the white gown allows the bride to stand out from the rest of her party, this allows the groom to be the center of attention.

When you come to find the perfect tuxedos or suits for your wedding, working with an excellent supplier can make things much easier for you. We do everything we can to help you find the exact shade of color you need, whether it’s a dusty rose, a sunset yellow, or a deep emerald.  Rose Tuxedo has one of the largest selection of wedding vest and ties and bows in-stock. We have been suiting the Valley of Phoenix for over 25 years and we go to the Men’s formal wear convention every year to buy the latest colors and styles. This year solid color vest are pretty hot and bow ties have been making a strong come back. And if we don’t have a vest color your looking for we will try to buy it from our long list of Tuxedo and Vest manufactures. They carry everything from solid vest to pattern vest and in every wedding color you can imagine to match your groomsmen tuxedo.

To find out more about how to match the bridal colors, and to start finding the perfect look for your wedding, give us a call or come by one of our convenient Arizona locations today!

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Local Formal Wear Shops: Rose Tuxedo Rental at its Best

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Local Formal Wear Shops: Rose Tuxedo Rental at its Best

Most of us have close friends who are spread across the country, or even across the globe. Your best friend from college may have moved to New York, and your brother is living in Colorado. They’re your top choices for groomsmen tux, but what are you going to do about their tuxedos?

The big national chains want you to believe that they’re your only choice. Just because they have branches all over the country, though, it doesn’t make them your only — or your best — option!

local formal wear shops

Shopping with a local, family-owned company will give you better service, and having in-state stock means you can even have same-day delivery of tuxedos. In many cases, other local formal wear shops will provide courtesy measurements. This means your groomsmen can stop by a local shop, wherever they are in the world, and that shop can send their measurements to us.

We all know that shopping local is impolrtant and that you’ll get more for your money when you do. If you’re looking for the perfect tuxedos for your wedding, give us a call or come by one of our Arizona tuxedo shops to find out how we can help!

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Tux Fittings: Multiple Fittings at Rose Tuxedo

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Tux Fittings

Looking great for your wedding day means having a suit that fits you perfectly. Everyone knows that the bride will have multiple fittings for her dress, but do you know how many Tux fittings the groom will need?

tux rosetux-fittings

A well-fitted suit can make a big difference. Going in for a fitting months ahead of your wedding can give you the right size for you that day, but what if you lose weight or gain weight before the big day arrives? Without another fitting closer to your wedding day, you might have an ill-fitting suit, which can leave you uncomfortable.

Many tux rental companies in Arizona will only allow for one fitting. The result is that you’ll leave tuxedo shopping until the last minute, which can make you and your bride-to-be more stressed. At Rose Tuxedos we have all our stock in-state, meaning that if you change size, we can accommodate your new needs with same day service.

To discuss scheduling multiple fittings, or to get a same-day tuxedo rental, get in touch today or come by one of our three easy to find Arizona locations!

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Grooms Tuxedo Look Matching the Bride’s Style

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Grooms Tuxedo

Seeing the bride’s dress is a special part of your wedding day, but you might need to ask her for some hints before the big day arrives. What you wear for your wedding will need to work well next to her gown, and your groomsmen will need to wear suits that look good next to the bridesmaids.

If your bride is going to wear a big ball gown, or other very formal wedding dress, you will want to opt for a classic tuxedo. There are a lot of varieties of tuxedo, including different colors, different cuts, and different coat lengths. If you want to keep your attire a surprise, too, you can always work with a bridesmaid who knows what will look good next to the wedding gown.

Grooms Tuxedo rosetux-matchstyle

If your bride has opted for something less formal, such as a sheath dress or a shorter gown, you might look overdressed with a full tuxedo. Instead, you can look at less formal suit styles, or lighter colors.

Another thing to remember is your wedding colors. These are commonly reflected through your vest, waistcoat, cummerbund, or tie, though there are other ways to bring a splash of color to your attire.

To find out more about matching your wedding attire to what your bride will be wearing, come by one of our Arizona tuxedo shops or give us a call today!

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Tuxedo Rental: Rose’s Guide

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 Tuxedo Rental

Tuxedo Rental

When you are getting ready to attend a special occasion such as a wedding, business convention, corporate event, or evening reception, it is important to get the right tuxedo for the occasion. There are various tuxedos available in the stores for your selection. There are several stores in the city that you can choose for your tuxedo rental. We provide a guide to the tuxedo stores to make it easy for you.

In case the occasion is a wedding, take note that the bride goes to a lot of the responsibility that goes with the wedding it is better to spare her a break and get your tuxedo without much hassle.

A wedding can be quite a daunting task with all the planning, endless phone calls, post-it notes, overwhelming parade of color swatches, and Advil. It can be awfully difficult to find all the answers to the questions and so to relieve you here is some help. Being in the tuxedo industry for many years, here is a simple step by step on how to go about in making a tuxedo rental much simpler.

The fist step is to make an appointment for a style and color matching combination. Make sure that you know the color that you desire and make sure that you have all the information ready like all the people’s names, positions and what they will be wearing. Then get them to come to the store to be measured and all fittings should be completed by the date set by the tuxedo store.

If you are planning for a wedding during the peak season make that you have placed your orders as soon as possible for the number of orders for the tuxedo rental is quite overwhelming. Follow up on the people to attend the wedding confirming on those who have paid and pushing those who haven’t.

It’s always better to stay safe than to have last minute rush to the tuxedo stores. You can call well in advance to make sure everything is in place. Once everything is ordered and confirmed you can breathe easy and wait for the big day.


Great service    posted 11/5/2012 (updated 1/25/2013)

My husband rented his tuxedo from Rose Tuxedo and I absolutely loved how he looked! They’re a small shop and it doesn’t look like much on the outside, but they have a great selection of nice looking suits(colors and styles). The employees were very helpful and friendly. My husband didn’t know his measurements so they fitted him, they focused on him and made sure he was going to like what he wore and wear it with confidence. We were able to snag a good deal for him and his groomsmen, which included everything down to the shoes. I would definetly try out rose tuxedo.

Taylor Swift looked awesome in a White Tail tuxedo on the Grammy’s. For all the ladies that want to copy this style and look hot stop by one of your local Tuxedo Rental shops and just ask to rent a White Tail Coat. The rental feel will be reasonable and you can buy your own cute shorts and boots or hi heels. Or stop on over to Rose Tuxedo and will show you how to rock this look.  So sexy, stylish, unique and a huge savings.
Fashion Slims fit coats are in again this year and we own them.  Jean Yves 2 button Peak.  A great look  for some guys.  Stop by any one of our 3 valley location in Arizona. Have a great wedding and prom season.

The Oscars 2013, it’s always a big black tie even and here are some thoughts and observations.
The Academy Awards 85th Annual Oscar Awards Show was held Sunday
February 24th and Bow TIES are BACK!!
Our unofficial tallying we do each year on bow/long ties and lapels the men chose
makes it official bow ties are back! We can only count the gentlemen who walk on
the stage which of course does not take in to account the audience. This years
show had 55 guys in bow ties verses 18 in long ties. During the performance for
Les Miserables a group of performers were on stage with NO tie and too numerous
to be sure of the count.
Lapels styles as you may have guessed were overwhelmingly in the Peak lapel as
style of choice for the men’s designers. Again taking into account the Les
Miserables group which were hard to count, the totals are:
Peak Lapel: 43
Notch Lapel: 26
Shawl Lapel: 8
While again overwhelmingly black for this occasion Midnight Blue and Grey were
also very much present.
The International Formalwear Association would like to salute Hollywood on
coming out dressed to honor the formality of the occasion, and very much looking the part.

With prom season here,
“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Our time to leave the young students with a positive experience is now.

The overwhelming process for first time prom customers to make a choice to match their wants and needs for individuality and mom and dad’s price range can be daunting. Rose Tuxedo is always prepared for the increase in seasonal business. We have added part time help at all of our 3 valley locations, Mesa, Scottsdale Tuxedo’s and Phoenix Tuxedos.

The more consumers are a
part of your brand or organization, the more they will love, trust, and respect you, and the more you’ll earn their
loyalty and long term business.
So, when it comes to that all important first impression, what will they be telling their friends? Stop by any Rose Tuxedo shop in Phoenix, AZ one of our locations to rent a tux or just say hello. Rose Tuxedo has same day tuxedo rentals and no rush fee. Rose Tuxedo has one of the largest selection of colored vest to match every prom girls dress and we have the best tuxedo rental prices in Arizona. Thank you Rose and have a safe Prom to all.

Rose Tuxedo for Prom Tuxedo 2013 save over 40 percent off our competitors  prices. We have a vest color in stock to match every dress color and if we don’t we will get it. We have 3 valley locations in Arizona, Phoenix, Mesa and Glendale. Rose Tuxedo has tuxedo’s now and our tux’s are in state and no rush fee ever. We can suit up any last minute prom goer and his friends. So stop by and rent a tux in one of our Greater Phoenix locations. You will be happy you saved money on your tuxedo rental and the best service and men’s formal wear outfits in the valley at the cheapest tuxedo rental prices. Thank you and have a safe frugal prom. Every high school is welcome.

Hello from Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix, Arizona. Prom is still on but it’s also Graduation time. Lost of students want to look sharp when they walk down to receive their diploma. We have been renting Suits to students for years during Graduation’s. We have all white tuxedo’s, suits and so much more. Maybe you just want to wear a nice pair of pants and a crisp clean shirt with a vest and tie. Rose Tuxedo has it all with the best prices and service and product. Stop into one of our 3 valley locations and will suit you up for your occasion. Same day service is no problem and student discounts. You will have the best suit or tux price’s guaranteed.  Student discounts all year. Congratulation’s to all and have a safe fun summer. Rose Tuxedo Arizona
Rose Tuxedo has the newest and greatest Tuxedo to rent. Why pay over $120.00 to rent a tuxedo when you can get the same designers in stock at all of our Rose Tuxedo shops for much less. We rent tuxedo’s to every surrounding city, Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and Glendale with 3 easy to find locations. So come on in and rent a tuxedo now. Summer specials on all of our Summer Wedding Tuxedo’s. Light weight wool so you can stay cool and look your best. Same day tuxedo and suit rentals and never a rush fee. Have a great Summer and we look forward to seeing you and your party soon. Will work with any budget so just let us know and you will get the best deal on your rentals. Thank you.
Men’s Wearhouse fired their founder Goerge Zimmer yesterday and there is lot of speculation as of why.  We could never understand the high prices they charge for a tuxedo rental compared to Rose Tuxedo or most any other tuxedo specialist. We all buy the same tuxedo’s every year from the same manufacturers but Men’s Wearhouse rents theirs for 3 times the rate as others. It’s the TV advertising that draws so many customers to them because it’s not the service. They have so many unhappy customers and were always fixing their problems every weekend. They have no instate inventory but what gets shipped for your wedding is what you have to wear. The little guys keep inventory in stock so we can make changes and corrections at the last minute. It should be interesting when the reason for the firing is known. Visit your local Tuxedo specialist for big savings on tuxedo rentals in Arizona and great service.

Do you have a summer destination wedding? Maybe your going to Las Vegas or to a beautiful beach somewhere to get married. Rose Tuxedo and other Tuxedo specialist carries tuxedo’s that are designed to fit your occasion. We carry a light Tan wool that has been very popular for hot summer weddings or anytime of year. Great for a beach setting, some wedding parties even have the guys wear sandals with the Tuxedo on the beach. Great Tuxedo prices and extended time so you can travel with your tuxedo and enjoy your time away without rushing to bring it back, all for the same price as a normal rental. Like us on Facebook and stop by one of our 3 valley locations and have a look. Thanks and have a great Summer.

Hello, the IFA (International Formal wear Association) 2013 convention is coming up August 2-3 in Chicago, Ill this year. It’s going to be really good and have all the new Tuxedo and Vest styles and colors and all the new trends will be talked about. The past couple of conventions has really shown that the bow tie is making a come back. For years the most popular formal wear neck tie has been a long tie. I’m sure full back vest will still be in style but the cummerbun has been talked about also over the years. Last year Grey Tuxedo’s were still the biggest sellers and it looks like Grey is still in style. Brown Tuxedo’s were big 2 years ago. I will bring you all the info I get at the Tuxedo convention and share all the latest styles and colors and formal wear trends. Thank you

Summer is almost over and for some areas in the US the formal wear business will be picking up.  Home coming formal attire for High School students and College and October, November and December have always been popular months for Brides and Grooms. You still have plenty of time to register your weddings and pick out your outfit’s. It looks like Green is going to be a popular color for vest and ties and the ladies dresses. As for the men’s tuxedo you can never go wrong with a 2 button designer tuxedo with a fullback vest and tie. Bow ties have become very popular the past year and our bookings show it’s 50/50 with bow’s or neck ties. More Tuxedo convention info will be coming up in our next posting. Thank you. Rose Tuxedo

Hello, today I want to share a little more about the Formal Wear Bow Tie. I have written a few times that wearing a bow ties has made a big come back. Years ago that’s pretty much all they wore when it came to wearing a tuxedo. Today it’s still 50/50 between wearing a bow tie or a long tie but one of the calls we get at our tuxedo shops a few times a month is; “do we have self tie bow ties”. Almost all the Tuxedo rental bow ties are already tied and you just hook it in the back, but a cool look is a self tie bow tie just hanging around your neck untied. The big problem with self tie bow ties is they are very hard to tie. I have been in the formal wear business for over 20 years and I still can’t do it but today I’m sharing a video for all of you to practice and learn, click on the link and enjoy-Good luck.  Best wishes to all Fall Weddings. https://vimeo.com/59804651

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November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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