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How to smoothly mix Bridal colors and Groomsmen tuxedo

A lot of people don’t know this. But you are about to know it. Bridal colors influence the choice of groomsmen tuxedo a great deal. You don’t just dress the groomsmen and bridesmaids like they are opposing teams on a football pitch. There has to be that unity yet distinction between them. And this has to be done with the best combination of colors. This will go a long way to contributing to a colorful wedding ceremony for posterity to learn from.

groomsmen attire


Groomsmen Tuxedo

As the groom, you just have to get the tuxedo, right? Think again! You’ll also need to match the bridal colors. While you might think pink is pink, getting the right shade is very important to the look of your wedding.

Matching the vest and tie to the bridal colors has long been a challenge in the tuxedo rental business. There are many different shades of any color the bride will have chosen for her bridesmaids, and we need to do all we can to get an exact match for you and the groomsmen tuxedo.

Of course, many grooms do opt for a traditional black, white, or silver vest. Much like the white gown allows the bride to stand out from the rest of her party; this allows the groom to be the center of attention.

When you come to find the perfect tuxedos or suits for your wedding, working with an excellent supplier can make things much easier for you. We do everything we can to help you find the exact shade of color you need, whether it’s a dusty rose, a sunset yellow, or a deep emerald.  Rose Tuxedo has one of the largest selection of wedding vest and ties and bows in-stock. We have been suiting the Valley of Phoenix for over 25 years and we go to the Men’s formal wear convention every year to buy the latest colors and styles. This year solid color vest is pretty hot and bow ties have made a strong come back. And if we don’t have a vest color you’re looking for we will try to buy it from our long list of Tuxedo and Vest manufactures. They carry everything from solid vest to pattern vest and in every wedding color you can imagine to match your groomsmen tuxedo.

To find out more about how to match the bridal colors, and to start finding the perfect look for your wedding, give us a call or come by one of our convenient Arizona locations today!

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September Weddings

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September Weddings

As September is approaching, there are many brides and grooms that are planning their wedding. It may become stressful to get all the details down the way you want them, but all-in-all it’s a happy occasion. We all strive to have our weddings to be just right with every detail down to the bridal dress and the groom’s tuxedo. When planning your color contrast, keep it simple and don’t overdo your theme. It is best to, start with traditional colors that fit who you are and then add a little fall contrast to fit the season. And you can never go wrong with nice inexpensive designer tuxedos to rent for your wedding. fall wedding in AZ

Therefore, you could just add a center piece that pertains to fall or something as simple as plates and napkins with fall designs on them. Fall Weddings are a great time of the year for an outdoor wedding, with the temperature being just right and the fall colors surrounding you. However, the theme is only part of the planning. After you have established a color Contrast Theme, of fall, you can start working on what the wedding party will wear, for the special event.fall wedding

It’s usually best to stay as traditional as possible but still, coordinate with your fall color theme. As a bride, you may want to go to a bridal shop with your bridesmaids to pick out what you are going to wear to your special event. They can help take away some the stress by lending a hand with their expert advice on colored coordination and accessories. Also, with their expertise they can match up with what your groom intends to wear. Renting a suit in Phoenix, AZ is easier that you can imagine and should be the same everywhere. fall weddings

There are so many things running through the bride’s mind that you as a groom may want to think twice about putting added pressure on her to help with your color coordination of your tuxedos needed for your side of the wedding party. . Therefore, pay close attention to her colors that she has picked for herself and her bridesmaids. After you have her color theme, stop in at Rose Tuxedo with your best man and the rest of the wedding party that is standing up with you. They will assist in helping you coordinate your colors with your bride and her bridesmaids. fallbridesmaids

Weddings can take a lot of planning for both the bride and groom from the theme, cake, where the wedding is to take place and don’t forget what you’re wearing at your wedding. Rose Tuxedo’s specialists have great ideas for Fall Weddings and just the right style of tuxedos that will match your bride and bridesmaids. They are located in Phoenix, AZ. and have great prices that will fit your income. If you are in need of their assistance, stop by any of their three locations and they will be happy to assist you in all your wedding needs. Have a look at our awesome web site or call us anytime 602 957-0089 and we also have live tuxedo chat 7 days a week.

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Men’s Wearhouse vs Rose Tuxedo

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Men’s Wearhouse vs Rose Tuxedo or most over small Tuxedo shops.

Rose Tuxedo has been in the Men’s formal Wear business since 1980. We started with one location on 36th street and Indian School and we currently have 3 valley location. I wanted to write this blog to show some of the unique differences that a small Tuxedo operator has over the big box Tuxedo shops like Men’s Wear house. I thought because the Olympics are on I would compare some important things that a Bride and Groom, Prom Students and others want when looking to rent Men’s formal Wear.

We learned years ago that bigger is not always better and I’m not writing this blog to put Men’s Wearhouse down, I just wanted to share some facts that I know by shopping them and others and having 3 tuxedo shops in Arizona. I have been going to the Tuxedo Convention-IFA for over 25 years and I know what us little Tuxedo Specialist can do for your wedding tuxedos or Prom.

Prices-Men’s Wearhouse vs Rose Tuxedo

The Gold Medal goes to Rose Tuxedo and here is why. I shopped Men’s Wear house this week for the 2 most popular color and style tuxedos right now. Slim Fit Tuxedos are huge and so is Navy Tux’s and Grey Tuxedos. Men’s Wear house to rent a Grey or Navy tux complete was roughly $240.00 and that’s after you sign up for their Perfect Measurement gimmick. It’s their way of putting you in their system so they can send you email specials and mailers. You get $30 off your rental which still makes the fee $210. Rose Tuxedo for the same Navy Blue Tuxedo or Grey rental with everything included is $170. MW gets you for every little fee and it’s usually very expensive to rent a suit or tuxedo, check them out for yourself. Like I tell some of our customers that say we at Rose Tuxedo are cheap, maybe it’s because others are just way too expensive. rose tuxedo

Customer Service-Men’s Wearhouse vs. Rose Tuxedo

In my humble opinion the Gold Medal goes to Rose Tuxedo. Why? Because we are family owned and operated and we own all of our tuxedos in state. We can change a coat, pant or alter anything right then in there in every one of our stores with expert tailors. MW inventory comes from out of state every time. They don’t have back up inventory in the stores, if something does not fit right and they can’t alter it they have to have it shipped out again and that can be scary for a bride and groom or prom student. They may mean well and work hard but there’s nothing like having a million dollars of Tuxedo inventory in your local wear house. mens wearhouse

Designer Tuxedos and Styles-Rose Tuxedo vs MW

What I learned when I shopped them for styles and prices is the MW does have some top designer tuxedo brand names but so does Rose Tuxedo. MW has Vera Wang and Rose Tuxedo has Micheal Kors available to them. Both Tuxedo shops have Tuxedo and suit rentals in Grey and Navy blue and of course Designer Black Tuxedos. Rose Tuxedo had a huge selection with over 30 different styles and colors and a catalog that you can order from with another 30 different styles. So we could call this category a tie but I say Rose Tuxedo gets the Gold for more options to choose from. mw

Location, location, location MW vs Rose Tuxedo rose tuxedo

Without going into too much detail this one is obvious, Men’s Wearhouse has hundreds of locations and they are in every state. That is nice if you have out of state wedding guest who need to rent a tuxedo of suit for your wedding in another state. They can go into any one of MW stores and get measured and their tux will match the wedding party that has a file in another state. But don’t let this fool you, EVERY small tuxedo operator has been dealing with this way before MW ever decided to rent tuxedos. It’s free, you can go into ANY small tuxedo shop across the USA and have your measurements done for free and then all you have to do is mail them, call them in, fax them or text and your tuxedo or suit will be hanging in the shop where ever it is across the USA. Usually at a better tux rental price and service. Winner goes to MW for locations but not for being better at out of state guest. mens wearhouse

I will leave it at these topics for now because most of them are why a bride and Groom or Prom students chooses a Tuxedo shop to do business with. Rose Tuxedo could be any small tuxedo store across the USA so don’t get hung up on that. Bigger is not always better and small has a lot to offer especially when it comes to the service business of any kind. Shop local and usually save big. Rose Tuxedo is always there for you, call us or email any questions you may have. Thank you Rose




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Honeymoons in Arizona

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Watching the Honey Moon on Your Honeymoon

While many couples choose to spend their honeymoons in some secluded faraway location, there are many wonderful honeymoon destinations in Arizona. Staying close to home allows the couple to make the most of their honeymoon time. If this is the right option for you, then consider taking your tuxedo with you after the wedding for you may need it for a romantic night out.
Sedona, Arizona

Honeymoon in AZ

Honeymoon in AZ

If there is a full moon, then you may want to head to Sedona, Arizona. Head out into the rocks and cliffs shortly before midnight and the moon will appear especially large lending itself to a romantic evening just for the two of you. Close to the summer solstice, the moon may even appear to be a honey moon in color as the light bounces off dust particles in the earth’s atmosphere. If you are looking for a great place to wear your tuxedo before you head out to the cliffs, then consider dining at L’Auberge Restaurant on Oak Creek that Conde Nash has named one of the top 10 restaurants in the Southwest. During the day, leave time to stroll through the beautiful Tiaquepaque Arts and Craft Village featuring handwork done by Native Americans.
Page, Arizona
Page, Arizona, sits nestled on the shore of Lake Powell making it a great place to watch the honey moon appear above the horizon. A dinner cruise on the lake is a great place to wear your tuxedo if you brought it along after your wedding. During the day, make sure to explore the Rainbow Bridge National Monument. The parabolic arch bridge spans 275 feet across Bridge Creek and is considered sacred by the Native Americans.
Bisbee, Arizona dinner cruise on a lake
Couples going to Bisbee, Arizona, find themselves quickly whisked back to a bygone era. The restored Victorian era buildings lining the quaint streets are lined with art galleries, small cafes, and music studios that welcome you to visit them. The Bisbee Craft school is a great place to learn about a new craft or further explore an old one. Head to the top of the Mule Mountains for amazing views of the honey moon.
Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix, Arizona, welcomes you to rent your tuxedo from them. They understand that the time after a wedding can be very stressful, so they let you take your tuxedo on your honeymoon with you. That way, you can go out to eat, take pictures, or just about anything you want in your tuxedo. Just do not forget to return it after your honeymoon is over. Take a lot of pictures and enjoy, just let us know you want to take your wedding tuxedo on your honeymoon. No extra charge at Rose Tuxedo.



Rose Tuxedo’s blog has a range of Wedding topics from Men’s Tuxedo wear to Honeymoons, woman tuxedos. Follow us for the latest tuxedo styles and colors in the wedding industry. And when you need some wedding suits Rose Tuxedo has one in stock ready for you. We carry men’s formal wear in every size from boy’s to men’s. 602 957-0089


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Spring Weddings and Tuxedos

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Spring Weddings Is What You Deserve

Everyone wants to have the perfect wedding. The wedding day is one day that every couple wants to run smoothly. This is a day that a couple will remember for the rest of their lives. Thus, that is the reason a lot of preparation goes into ensuring that everything is perfect. Spring weddings are considered to be near perfect if not perfect. The weather during spring is neither too hot nor too cold. However, it is paramount to understand that people might put all the necessary plans in place, but it is normal for things to go awry when least expected. Here are some of the things that one should consider to ensure that the wedding goes on as planned.
engagement season

Spring weddings are favored because of many things. They are usually associated with sunny days, flowers blooming and birds all over the sky. Planning a wedding during spring is an enjoyable activity. There are flowers everywhere, and one can be sure that the reception site is bound to be covered by green grass. Due to the sunny spring days, one does not need to bright lights. It is better to have dimmer lights as they will help set the mood as the evening party approaches. spring wedding

First of all, in any wedding, a wedding dress is regarded as one of the most important things. The same goes for tuxedos worn by men. It is understandable that buying several suits to be worn at the wedding might be expensive, and that is why one might consider rentals. It is possible to get tuxedo rentals and suit rentals from Rose Tuxedo at a very fair price. As earlier mentioned, there are various issues that one should consider when planning a wedding in order to ensure that it will not end up becoming a total failure.

One of the first mistakes that a bride should avoid is going shopping for a dress too early. It is an obvious aspect for individuals to court for a long time, but make sure that you do not start shopping for your wedding dress too early. It is fine to make other wedding arrangements first, but for the wedding, it is best to leave it until later. Spring weddings are especially good since one will have all the time to make arrangements during winter and autumn so that by the time spring comes around everything will be ready by then. At Rose Tuxedo you can come in anytime of your wedding planning and will match up all the girls dress colors with one of our vest. Spring, Summer and Autumn weddings are no problem for Rose Tuxedo because we are “Home of the walk-in Wedding” We can suit your whole wedding party the same day or a week before. spring wedding at Rose


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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