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tuxedo rental phoenix prices, some are scary

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Tuxedo Pricing, a Formal Fright

The Tuxedo is one heck of an outfit. For men, there is nothing more formal or elegant than a well made and well fit tuxedo. Whether it’s for the prom, a formal event, a wedding, or any other decorous ritual, the complex stitching and precise manufacture of the tuxedo stands out as the last word in male attire. Tuxedo rental phoenix prices at the Big Box stores can be very scary. Why pay more? Same tux rental at a local Tuxedo shop and awesome service and products.

scary tux rental prices!

However the complex and precise nature of the tuxedo comes at a cost, quite literally! Unless you are a high powered lawyer or wealthy businessman, the tuxedo will almost certainly be the most expensive outfit you hang on your body in any given year. With a decent ensemble starting in the mid 400 dollar range and skyrocketing from there, affordable tuxedos can be hard to find. Furthermore, as stunning as a tuxedo can be, there are very few situations when such formal dress is expected or appropriate. Add to that the danger that a bit of weight gained or lost could render your investment valueless, and suddenly that shiny suit is looking more like a boat anchor than a rainmaker.

So what can one do when faced with extremely high prices for something that gets very little use? In a word, rent! Tuxedos may cost an arm and a leg, but donning someone else’s duds for a day can be the answer for men without a full calendar of formal events. The question now is how much do you pay to rent? Many locations will rent you a good outfit, but getting a good outfit is not the same as getting a good deal. Tuxedo rental Phoenix prices don’t have to be scary.

Scary Suit rental prices

Take Men’s Warehouse for example. One might assume that being a clothing supplier, they would be in a prime position to offer competitive rates, however a look through their website tells a different story. After adding in all the necessary options, taxes, and fees, your rental could end up costing upwards of 250 dollars! That is almost half the value of buying something brand new from display! Forget Halloween, that price tag is enough of a fright for anyone.

Affordable tuxedos do exist however, and rentals are still a good idea. One way to save is to shop smart and local. Look for a business that is designed and built around clothing rental, and you will almost certainly find prices a good deal lower than the big chain stores. Not only will you get a better price and more personalized service, you will likely get styles and options that a big department store won’t match. So if you are going out in formal style this Halloween, abandon Suit Factory #321 and save some cash and stress by visiting a local rental service instead at one of our awesome Rose tuxedo location open 7 days a week and never a rush fee, all inventory is in stock so you don’t have to pay those scary tuxedo rental prices and if you have a budget just let us know and will make your rental happen at the same great service and products.

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Stock Market wealth effect on consumption

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Stock Market wealth effect on consumption and the Men’s formal wear business.

For all those that may have lost money this week with the Stock Market in their 401k accounts or if you owned individual stocks it can effect how you spend money going forward.

They have names for it but simply put-people feel less rich sometimes when the stock market goes down because they are affected by it in the long run and short run in many different ways. Even though the US economy is doing great and no changes may take place over the years when the stock market has big swings like it did last week some businesses will cut back on their spending, less power lunches, less formal wear holiday parties or less formal ones (suit rentals instead of Tuxedos). Rose Tuxedo has been in been in the formal wear business for over 25 years and we have seen customers wanting to rent more suits over Tuxedos when the economy is down to make it feel just a little less formal. The stock markets drastic changes can also bring more people together and create bigger celebrations. I heard one news person say today “that when the stock market goes down people don’t go running out to buy a new pair of shoes at Nordstroms” You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a tuxedo rental at Men’s Ware house just visit a local Tuxedo rental Specialist and they will work with most budgets.

No matter what affect the stock market issues has on you or your company Rose Tuxedo will work with any budget at anytime. If you’re a high school student this year going to prom 2016 and you want to rent a sharp looking tuxedo then Rose Tuxedo has an affordable Tuxedo or suit waiting for you. We are a family owned formal wear business and all you have to do is share how much you can afford because we have designer tuxedos at discount prices. If you’re a Hispanic Girl or the parents of one who is turning 15 soon and you want to have a nice Quinceanera for your family and her then please let us know what your groups budget is and I promise you we will not let you leave our tux shops until you pick out the Tuxedo rental you want at a tux price you can afford. Same goes for any future weddings. We have tuxedo rental prices that everyone can afford and we would love to have you.

I can’t speak for every Tuxedo rental shop but after being in the Tuxedo rental industry for over 25 years and meeting so many great formal wear operators and Tuxedo specialist they are very compassionate people and love making people happy because that’s the kind of business we are in. So don’t be afraid to let the shop owners know your budget and if they can make you a deal and look sharp I’m sure they will. Some tuxedo rentals cost us more to handle and some are much less so you never now. Happy Quinces, Holiday Parties, Prom and Weddings.

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Wedding Tuxedo Someone Needs One

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wedding tuxedoWe are heading full steam toward wedding season.  Ever wonder why June is the month when most weddings take place?  On reason might be that in Roman times, the Roman goddess, Juno, was the goddess of marriage and the marriage household.  Some thought it was good luck to be married in June, the month named after Juno.  In history, if a bride married in June, the likelihood was that a baby would be born in spring.  That would mean that the bride would have the warm summer to recover, and the baby could spend his first months in the warmth and sunshine of the summer days.

In the United States, June is probably a favorite month to have a wedding because the weather is usually fair and outdoor receptions or wedding parties can be planned for outside.  Another reason might be that schools and colleges adjourn for the summer, giving the bride and groom a chance to have all their friends available to come to the wedding, and allowing for a nice, long honeymoon before having to return to college or work.

Because other times of the year are encroaching on the June choice for weddings, you can be sure that there are going to be weddings occurring all through the warm summer months.  And, you know what that means – you’re going to need a tuxedo.  Rose Tuxedo, Arizona is poised to help you get the right type, the right size, the right fit, and the right style of tuxedo the bride and groom have in mind. Wedding Tuxedo when someone needs one Rose Tuxedo will have all the sizes in stock from 3boys to 74reg

Happily, formal wear for 2014 is much more flexible than it was, say 30 years ago.  The bride and groom can choose what they want for their wedding from the many styles, weights, and colors that Rose Tuxedo has to offer.  Some choices include:

  • Jackets

Tuxedo Jacket

Full Dress (tails or tail coat)

Cut-away (morning coat)

Stroller Coat (usually worn in the day-time)

  • Lapels

Notched Lapel

Shawl Collar

Peaked Lapel

  • Trousers

If wearing a tuxedo, your trousers should match the color and style of the jacket.

With a stroller jacket or cut-away jacket you wear gray or pinstriped gray trousers.

  • Shirt Collar

The wing collar is most often worn with a tuxedo.

Crosswycke is a collar that crosses in the front and is fastened with a  button.

The Mandarin collar  is a contemporary style collar and requires no tie.

The spread collar is much like the standard button-down collar, but the tips  of the collar are widely separated.

  • Cuffs

Standard dress-shirt cuffs are held together with cufflinks.

French cuffs which are folded over are then held together with cufflinks.

There are shirts with cuffs that close with a button.

  • Neckwear

A Bowtie is usually always worn with a tuxedo.

A Necktie may be worn with a tuxedo.

The Ascot tie constitutes very formal daytime wear (cut-away coat, striped gray trousers).

A Bolo tie may be worn only with Western wear.

A Euro tie falls somewhere between an ascot and a necktie; not as formal as an ascot,it is designed to be worn with wing or spread collared shirts.

  • Accessories

Vests, also called waistcoats, are optional.

Cummerbunds, worn when not wearing a vest are usually black, but can be matched to the bride’s color scheme.

Cuff links offer a way to show-off your own personality.

Confused?  Don’t worry, Rose Tuxedo has this all under control.

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November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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