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Halloween Costumes Rose Tuxedo

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Halloween Costumes Made From Formal Wear

Our business at Rose Tuxedo can help you get ready for Halloween by giving you clothes that will look good as Halloween costumes, but these are still things that you can wear during the year. You have to make sure that you have looked at all the different kinds of outfits you can make, and then you will notice that it is a lot easier for you to work this out when you come into the store. Affordable tuxedo rentals for Halloween. tuxedocostume4

We know that you could be anyone from a waitress to Batman, and you should make sure that you have figured out what the best option is for your costume. You can create something that will be different, but you can still be someone for Halloween. This means that you are in a place where you can get the costume that you want, but you can bring it home and use it for other things in the future. Rent a suit or buy one and your done for Halloween and it’s a great look. Women Tuxedo rentals only at Rose Tuxedo .sexy-tuxedo-bunny-costume

The best part of this is that we have a lot of colors and styles that you can choose from. The choices that you get all the right costumes will help everyone in the family. You will have girls in the family who can get something that is formal for what they want to wear, and there is someone who needs to be sure that they will be able to use the costumes in the shop to make something brand new. We try to keep as many different costumes in the shop as we can, and we welcome all your creativity when you buy from us. skyfall_daniel_craig

We are excited to find out what it will look like when you are done with your costumes, and we know that we can help you find the right colors and cuts. We have a massive selection that will help you, and you need to be sure that you have asked us how we can help you. We have a great staff in the shop that will show you every single thing that you could ever need. That is why you want to ask us for help so that you can blow away the Halloween party with what you wear. That means that a woman and a man can get their costumes for their next party. You will both look great, and you can buy as much as you need right from our shop to help you look smashing this Halloween. You still have time, Rose Tuxedo has same day rentals, no rush fee and special discount tuxedo rentals for Halloween. Call now for your style 602 957-0089tuxedo costume

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Men’s Wearhouse vs Rose Tuxedo

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Men’s Wearhouse vs Rose Tuxedo or most over small Tuxedo shops.

Rose Tuxedo has been in the Men’s formal Wear business since 1980. We started with one location on 36th street and Indian School and we currently have 3 valley location. I wanted to write this blog to show some of the unique differences that a small Tuxedo operator has over the big box Tuxedo shops like Men’s Wear house. I thought because the Olympics are on I would compare some important things that a Bride and Groom, Prom Students and others want when looking to rent Men’s formal Wear.

We learned years ago that bigger is not always better and I’m not writing this blog to put Men’s Wearhouse down, I just wanted to share some facts that I know by shopping them and others and having 3 tuxedo shops in Arizona. I have been going to the Tuxedo Convention-IFA for over 25 years and I know what us little Tuxedo Specialist can do for your wedding tuxedos or Prom.

Prices-Men’s Wearhouse vs Rose Tuxedo

The Gold Medal goes to Rose Tuxedo and here is why. I shopped Men’s Wear house this week for the 2 most popular color and style tuxedos right now. Slim Fit Tuxedos are huge and so is Navy Tux’s and Grey Tuxedos. Men’s Wear house to rent a Grey or Navy tux complete was roughly $240.00 and that’s after you sign up for their Perfect Measurement gimmick. It’s their way of putting you in their system so they can send you email specials and mailers. You get $30 off your rental which still makes the fee $210. Rose Tuxedo for the same Navy Blue Tuxedo or Grey rental with everything included is $170. MW gets you for every little fee and it’s usually very expensive to rent a suit or tuxedo, check them out for yourself. Like I tell some of our customers that say we at Rose Tuxedo are cheap, maybe it’s because others are just way too expensive. rose tuxedo

Customer Service-Men’s Wearhouse vs. Rose Tuxedo

In my humble opinion the Gold Medal goes to Rose Tuxedo. Why? Because we are family owned and operated and we own all of our tuxedos in state. We can change a coat, pant or alter anything right then in there in every one of our stores with expert tailors. MW inventory comes from out of state every time. They don’t have back up inventory in the stores, if something does not fit right and they can’t alter it they have to have it shipped out again and that can be scary for a bride and groom or prom student. They may mean well and work hard but there’s nothing like having a million dollars of Tuxedo inventory in your local wear house. mens wearhouse

Designer Tuxedos and Styles-Rose Tuxedo vs MW

What I learned when I shopped them for styles and prices is the MW does have some top designer tuxedo brand names but so does Rose Tuxedo. MW has Vera Wang and Rose Tuxedo has Micheal Kors available to them. Both Tuxedo shops have Tuxedo and suit rentals in Grey and Navy blue and of course Designer Black Tuxedos. Rose Tuxedo had a huge selection with over 30 different styles and colors and a catalog that you can order from with another 30 different styles. So we could call this category a tie but I say Rose Tuxedo gets the Gold for more options to choose from. mw

Location, location, location MW vs Rose Tuxedo rose tuxedo

Without going into too much detail this one is obvious, Men’s Wearhouse has hundreds of locations and they are in every state. That is nice if you have out of state wedding guest who need to rent a tuxedo of suit for your wedding in another state. They can go into any one of MW stores and get measured and their tux will match the wedding party that has a file in another state. But don’t let this fool you, EVERY small tuxedo operator has been dealing with this way before MW ever decided to rent tuxedos. It’s free, you can go into ANY small tuxedo shop across the USA and have your measurements done for free and then all you have to do is mail them, call them in, fax them or text and your tuxedo or suit will be hanging in the shop where ever it is across the USA. Usually at a better tux rental price and service. Winner goes to MW for locations but not for being better at out of state guest. mens wearhouse

I will leave it at these topics for now because most of them are why a bride and Groom or Prom students chooses a Tuxedo shop to do business with. Rose Tuxedo could be any small tuxedo store across the USA so don’t get hung up on that. Bigger is not always better and small has a lot to offer especially when it comes to the service business of any kind. Shop local and usually save big. Rose Tuxedo is always there for you, call us or email any questions you may have. Thank you Rose www.rosetuxedoaz.com




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For those of you who still need an excuse to wear a suit

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You should know that May is a very eventful month and that it has the potential of making you look absolutely fabulous in a suit. There are plenty occasions where you could suit up (just like Barney Stinson would like to put it) and simply amaze everyone with your looks. Everybody (especially the ladies) goes crazy over a guy in a perfectly fitted suit, so it might be time to get one or to simply take it out of the closet and show it to the world. Here are some occasions where you could impress your family and your friends and when you could even raise the admiration of complete strangers.

Picture 1840

  1. Cinco de Mayo

We hope you have not forgotten about the Mexican Holiday that is on May the 5th. If you are sick of sombreros, tacos and tequila, you might want to get your friends together and throw a classy party. Mexican traditions and Mexican culture are absolutely amazing, but you could also enjoy them in a different manner than you do each year.

  1. Mother’s day

We have already reminded you last time that this year Mother’s Day will be on May the 8th. This means that you absolutely must give your mother the chance to see how you shine in a suit. Everybody knows that there is nothing that mothers love more than their sons in a suit, so you should definitely not deny her this opportunity. Suit up and take her out at a nice restaurant and she will remember this day for the rest of her life.

black savannah

  1. Graduations

Spring is almost over, which means that you might have to attend a series of graduations, if you yourself are not a terminal year. Let your friends know just how great you look in the suit and dress for the occasion. Everybody will be thrilled to see you looking smart and you will love being the center of attention.

  1. Weddings

Now that spring is almost over, the wedding season is upon us. This means that you will probably have to attend multiple weddings. Of course, there is no other appropriate attire for such an occasion other than a suit or even a tuxedo.

These are just a few of the occasions that you might want to take advantage of this month. You should always have your suit ready so that you can look and feel fabulous. And in case you have not yet included a suit in your wardrobe, there is always time to purchase one or even to rent. Either way, Rose Tuxedo has is doors open for you. We guarantee that here you will be able to find the most modern and best fitting suits that are ideal for any occasion.

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Classy suit for your class reunion

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No matter if you have kept in touch with your high school friends or not, a class reunion is a big deal. Since it is almost March, the end of the school year is closer than you think, and your 10 or maybe 15 year class reunion is just around the corner. This is exactly why you should start getting ready and think of a classy suit to wear for this special occasion.

classy suit

You should choose to wear a classy suit for your class reunion for several reasons. First of all, a classy suit will make you look amazing. If in high school you exclusively wore the blue jeans and t – shirt uniform, then it is about time to let your friends and former classmates see what you are really made of. A classy suit can not only make you stand out in a crowd, but it can also give you a very smart look. No matter where your career is at this point in time, there really is no reason for you not to wear a classy suit, just like the world’s most important CEO. Wearing a classy suit will surely impress everyone.

And speaking of impressing people, how would you like to finally sweep the class cheerleader off her feet with the way you look in your classy suit? In fact, you might even get bonus points if she doesn’t initially recognize you. Wearing a classy suit would be the right way to draw her attention and let everybody know that even the class clown or the geek can get the girl, not only the jock.


In case 10 years were enough for you to get over high school crushes, then a classy suit might help you impress your date. No matter if it is your girlfriend or maybe even your wife, you can surely make her see you in a whole new light. No matter how long you have known each other, letting her know that you can pull off a classy suit is never a bad idea.

One other important feature of a classy suit is the fact that it can make you feel absolutely fabulous. You will surely have more self – confidence and you will be able to properly enjoy this night with your friends and high school classmates. No matter how intimidating meeting everyone again might be, you will definitely not waste any time being self – conscious and you will be able to enjoy this night.

The bottom line is that a classy suit is the best choice you could make for your class reunion. It will make you feel and look amazing, not to mention that you will also be the center of attention. This is why you shouldn’t waste any more time and give us a call. Rose Tuxedo has the widest variety of suits in Arizona. Give us a call today or drop by to pick a classy suit yourself!

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Stock Market wealth effect on consumption

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Stock Market wealth effect on consumption and the Men’s formal wear business.

For all those that may have lost money this week with the Stock Market in their 401k accounts or if you owned individual stocks it can effect how you spend money going forward.

They have names for it but simply put-people feel less rich sometimes when the stock market goes down because they are affected by it in the long run and short run in many different ways. Even though the US economy is doing great and no changes may take place over the years when the stock market has big swings like it did last week some businesses will cut back on their spending, less power lunches, less formal wear holiday parties or less formal ones (suit rentals instead of Tuxedos). Rose Tuxedo has been in been in the formal wear business for over 25 years and we have seen customers wanting to rent more suits over Tuxedos when the economy is down to make it feel just a little less formal. The stock markets drastic changes can also bring more people together and create bigger celebrations. I heard one news person say today “that when the stock market goes down people don’t go running out to buy a new pair of shoes at Nordstroms” You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a tuxedo rental at Men’s Ware house just visit a local Tuxedo rental Specialist and they will work with most budgets.

No matter what affect the stock market issues has on you or your company Rose Tuxedo will work with any budget at anytime. If you’re a high school student this year going to prom 2016 and you want to rent a sharp looking tuxedo then Rose Tuxedo has an affordable Tuxedo or suit waiting for you. We are a family owned formal wear business and all you have to do is share how much you can afford because we have designer tuxedos at discount prices. If you’re a Hispanic Girl or the parents of one who is turning 15 soon and you want to have a nice Quinceanera for your family and her then please let us know what your groups budget is and I promise you we will not let you leave our tux shops until you pick out the Tuxedo rental you want at a tux price you can afford. Same goes for any future weddings. We have tuxedo rental prices that everyone can afford and we would love to have you.

I can’t speak for every Tuxedo rental shop but after being in the Tuxedo rental industry for over 25 years and meeting so many great formal wear operators and Tuxedo specialist they are very compassionate people and love making people happy because that’s the kind of business we are in. So don’t be afraid to let the shop owners know your budget and if they can make you a deal and look sharp I’m sure they will. Some tuxedo rentals cost us more to handle and some are much less so you never now. Happy Quinces, Holiday Parties, Prom and Weddings.


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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