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Make Room for Suits and Tuxedos in Your Wardrobe

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Let’s get to fixing that wardrobe and messy closet, fellas! This week we’ll talk about items you need to remove from your life and why you should replace some of those items with suits , suit pieces, slacks, and more! Don’t forget that Rose Tuxedo offers options to purchase suits , shirts, and more!

The One Year Rule

All over the internet, you can find people coming up with ways to tell if you’ve worn an item for a year, or telling you to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year or more. This is a great way to clear out space in your closet. If you can’t remember the last time you wore an item—get rid of it. This goes for things that don’t fit, are out of style, or you shouldn’t have bought in the first place!

Take everything out

Spread as many of your pieces of clothing out as possible. Seeing how much you have can help you realize what you do and don’t need. Seeing it in a drawer or hanging in your closet doesn’t really make you realize HOW MUCH you have.


If you have 3 of a nearly identical shirt (and it’s not a staple like white or solid colors ) maybe it’s time to remove some. You don’t need 3 of the same sweater, or 6 pairs of sweatpants, or 3 t-shirts with lame jokes on them.


If you’ve kept a shirt, jacket, or some other item of clothing for sentimental value, maybe it’s time to take it out of the closet. If it’s that important to you, you can put it in a shadow box or find a more useful method of storing it (primarily if you can’t or don’t wear it anymore).

When to Donate

If you have an item of clothing that you don’t wear anymore but it’s still in good shape maybe you can donate it to a thrift store or to a friend or family member who’d wear it.

When to Toss

Items with major stains, holes, or structural damage do not need to be donated. Consider cutting them up for scraps and rags or tossing it in the trash (or to a recycling center if you can find one that deals with clothes and fabrics).

Get creative

If you have a shirt you can’t wear or jeans that aren’t appropriate for daily wear you can get creative. Make a shirt into a pillow or turn some old jeans into a purse or bag (these ideas may require the help from someone who knows how to sew, but it would make great gifts or home-décor).

Some Suits never go out of style

Suits look great on nearly all men! You also can’t go wrong with having a couple 3-piece suits you can piece out and use creatively. Owning a couple different suits, ties, dress shirts, jackets, and slacks means you’re ready for just about anything. We’re not saying to get rid of your jeans, but help make your wardrobe more mature by replacing some of those t-shirts with collared shirts and those tattered jeans with slacks!

Stay organized

The internet is crawling with storage ideas from how to use shoe trees to hanger hacks to storage hacks. Don’t be afraid to experiment with storage ideas.

Be you

If you love an item in your wardrobe, don’t listen to anything anyone says. If you wear it, keep it. Just remember that there is always a better option. But never stop being you!

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Valentine’s Day, suits for men cheap!

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slim fit tux pantsValentine’s Day! Who needs suit for men cheap? You know what that means? Suits, ties, slacks, sports coats, and more! Let us get you dressed to impress for anything from a first date to celebrating decades of Valentine’s Days past! Look your best for your lady, and make all of her friends jealous. Don’t forget, Ladies; you can wear a suit or suit pieces too! Men can’t have all the fun, can they?

Everyone admits that Valentine’s Day has become very commercial, but make it special for your lady by taking her somewhere unexpected– skip the dinner and a movie thing (even though we all know there are some good movies coming out around that time) and show her the real you. Put on a suit from Rose Tuxedo and look sharper than you ever have. Keep her attention on you the entire night– without breaking the bank. Our suit and tux rentals are affordable and of the best quality.

We’re going to give you some ideas on how to make February 14th, 2016 stand out a little more, and not just by your wardrobe, though looking great will help.

  1. What’s Her Favorite Movie? We all know of a certain author who makes very romantic movies with certain types of rugged and hard to access men, usually set in a time where tweed pants, suspenders, and rolled sleeves dominated men’s fashion. If she’s a sucker for these films, you could get us to help you recreate such looks to floor her! Then take her to a lake, garden, or other beautiful location for a picnic, drinks, or dinner.
  2. Double Dates: For newer couples, this could be a great way to decrease the pressure of planning. It’s hard to balance the right amount of romance for new flames, so if you don’t want to overdo it but want to make it special, go for a group date, but dress to the nines. She’ll see that you took the extra time to look great for her, without making a huge fuss with a lot of planning.
  3. Classic 2 button Notch

    Classic 2 button Notch

    Dancing: A perfect date for established couples could be a night on the town dancing, or some ballroom dancing lessons. We have the men’s wear for you for any night of dancing!

  4. Less-Formal: Piece out a three-piece suit for a more casual and modern look for dinner at home, a night out with friends, or time spent with family.
  5. Single Folks: Put on a suit, ladies and gents, and go out there! Other singles will be out and about at your local pubs, bars, restaurants, and more! Get your flirt on while you’re looking your best with a suit or suit pieces from Rose Tuxedo.


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