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How To Be the Best Groom!

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  1. Planning: Be involved, but be prepared for ideas to be shot down. Consider her wants (needs) for the wedding. Chances are, she’s been planning this since she was 6, so let her have the final say. Hold back on your desire for a beer keg, ice sculpture of the Bat Symbol, or suggesting sports team colors.
  2. Choose battles wisely: If you have an idea that you desperately want to come true in your wedding, tell her how important it is to you and maybe you’ll get your way. On the flip side, if she wants something you don’t want in the wedding it’s your job to speak out. It’s your wedding, too.
  3. Attire: If your bride-to-be wants you and your groomsmen to wear cummerbunds it wont kill you to wear them. It’s one night and surely she wants to see you at your best. She has spent hours looking for the perfect dress so wearing something you’re not a fan of won’t kill you. Chances are, you will look better in the full tux than you ever have in your life, so give it a chance.
  4. Choosing a tux/suit rental place: Suggest Rose Tuxedo . We’ll guarantee you love your service and  selection of suits and tuxedos .
  5. Posture and attitude: Make sure you are standing up straight and poised for your wedding. Do not slouch, do not high five your friends when she walks down the aisle, and do not act like a wild animal when you kiss your bride at the altar.
    Act like the gentleman your woman deserves. You can act like a fool another time.
  6. Enjoy yourself: After helping with the plans and worrying over details, let the wedding happen and enjoy the best day of your life and cherish the memories. Spend the party with your new bride, but also make sure to mingle with friends and family. Share this moment with those around you. Don’t hide in a corner with your bride or your groomsmen .
  7. On Worrying: You’ll probably have cold feet but remember something. This is the woman you want to spend your life with, the woman you planned this with. Grooms get nervous all the time and your groomsmen will help you through this.
  8. Saving Money: Shop around, look for bargains, ask friends and family for assistance (baking cakes, making decorations, etc).
  9. Spontaneity: At some point during the wedding or reception, do something to surprise your bride and guests. Plan something with your groomsmen (and maybe even the bridesmaids) like a choreographed dance, an announcement, a story shared with the party, or a small token of your love to her.
  10. Breathe: When you first see your bride walk down the aisle you may fall short of breath. In a less literal sense, be in the moment, relax, and let things happen. All your planning means there will be people to worry about details so you and your bride wont have to. This is your night, so just breathe.


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How To Be a Great Best Man

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  1. Help your best friend prepare: This can be as simple as helping him get ready, setting up the bachelor party, calming him down if he gets cold feet, or helping with general planning. You’re not likely to be heavily involved in the planning, but you’ll be needed in the execution.
  2. Prepare a toast: You are expected to give a toast after the ceremony, before the meal. Keep it truthful, from the heart, but avoid stories of his past lovers, wild parties, or anything else incriminating. It also wouldn’t hurt to compliment the bride a little.
  3. Have a stash of the Groom’s favorite alcohol: Your best friend is incredibly nervous. Keep a couple airplane bottles or a small flask with just enough alcohol to help him get through the jitters. If he’s not into alcohol, come up with something to calm his nerves (tea, soda, cigars, cigarettes, etc.). DO NOT let him get drunk before the wedding starts.
  4. Coordinate: When possible, talk with the Maid of Honor and the Bride. This keeps your guys from getting blind sides or confused. The bride and her girls are more likely to talk to you than the other groomsmen and the groom. If possible, get a female who isn’t in the bridal party to parlay messages if possible. Coordination keeps the bride and groom from getting overwhelmed and allows them to focus on the events to come.
  5. Know the wedding party and guests: Know who is who and who is doing what job. Make sure you know who doesn’t get along (in-laws, rival family members, etc.) and get others in the bridal party involved in diffusing drama, fights, and keep everything rolling smoothly.
  6. Be aware of the time table: Help keep everyone in the grooms party on schedule. Don’t let them get behind, causing the bride to wait at the altar for the groom to finish getting dressed.
  7. Look the part: Make sure your tux or suit is in great shape for the whole party. Be wary of stain creating factors, make sure your clothes are clean, ironed, and in pristine condition. Do what you can to ensure your guys are looking their best as well. Check for stains, wrinkles, and other imperfections in their attire. Keep some sort of emergency spot remover, scissors, and someone on standby who can fix buttons or minor tears.
  8. Have fun!: Once the wedding starts it’s time to relax a little. After the ceremony you may want to be aware of the aforementioned worrisome groups but let yourself have a few drinks or allow yourself to get involved in conversations and party activities to relax. It’s a part, after all! You’ve done your work, now reap the benefits.
  9. Recommend Rose Tuxedo to the bride and groom!: If tuxedo rentals are in order, keep us in mind! You’ll get the best service, fantastic clothing, and timely adjustments and more.

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How To Be a Good Groomsman

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  1. Don’t be jealous: this mainly goes or those groomsmen who thought they would be the best man. Just because you weren’t picked at best man doesn’t mean the groom doesn’t think you’re amazing and treasure you. Just think, you can enjoy the wedding without the stress of being expected to give a speech and you got to enjoy the bachelor party without being the main planner. But if you’re asked to help, don’t be a jerk and refuse since you weren’t chosen as Best Man.
    2. Don’t get drunk and act a fool: Whether the wedding is open bar or someone sneaks alcohol in, wait untl  after the ceremony to have more than a drink or two. Know your drinking limits and avoid even getting tipsy. Your man needs you at your best for the most important night of his life.
    3. Suit or Tux rules: After you’ve probably rented a tuxedo or suit to match your fellow groomsmen (from Rose Tuxedo we hope) there are a few things to remember,
    A. If you have it before the wedding, keep it hanging and make sure it’s wrinkle free for the big day.
    B. Ensure everything is worn correctly. This goes for the style of knot for the tie, location and shape off pocket squares, cufflinks, cummerbunds, hats, and more.
    C. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished if that is how the groom wants them.
    D. Avoid adding extra personal touches because you need to blend in with the other groomsmen.
    4. Stay composed: A stray tear here and there is fine, but try to avoid audible sobs, loud cheers, or other outburst during the ceremony.
    5. Be a gentleman: Most weddings pair off groomsmen and bridesmaids– no matter who you’re paired with, be courteous, even if it’s someone you dislike or if you preferred to be paired with another bridesmaid. There’s a reason you were paired with her. Respect the choices of your friend and his bride
    6. Posture: this should go without saying, but here’s a friendly reminder– stand up straight and communicate with the bride and groom about stances (such as military stances, distance from others, etc.)
    7. Have fun: This is a big day for your friends or family, so once the party begins, don’t be afraid to let loose a little. Still be a gentleman and have some composure, but throw back a few drinks, mingle with people, cheer loudly, snag your buddies for group photos, etc.
    8. Tell her she is beautiful: Simple. Tell the bride and her bridesmaids and the mother of the bride how beautiful they are. This is especially sweet to the bridesmaids if the dresses were a strange choice.
    9. Recommend a song: This goes for the DJ or before the party when the bride and groom are making a song lists. A song you and the groom sing in the car, a song you think the bride will love, or a great dance track to show off your moves.
    10. Consider getting a group gift for the bride and groom with the other groomsmen: Wedding gifts can be tough, Get everyone in the bridal party to pitch in and get something the bride and groom really want or need. Give them gift cards for nice dinners out on their honey moon, or surprise them with an upgrade to their limo or other transportation to or from the wedding. Make it special– not just something boring on their registry,

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A New Year: A New You

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image_18_large2015 is nearly here! Chances are, you didn’t accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. Whether they were too lofty of goals, or you just stopped trying there’s no need to fret! This year is the year of change! With our help, you can become a better person just by wearing suits! Your New Year’s Resolution should be to wear more suits, and we’ll tell you how that can improve your life.*

Here’s some reasons wearing a suit or tuxedo will improve your life in 2015!

  1. Be more impressive to EVERYONE. Whether you’re trying to impress your boss, mother, in-laws, girlfriend, or strangers, a well-fitted suit will make you look and feel better. Maybe you’ll get that raise you’ve been wanting, or finally get the respectful handshake from your girlfriend’s father. Wearing a suit can change the way others view you. More importantly, a suit can make you just feel so much better. When you look good, you feel good.
  2. Be the talk of the parties! Show up to a New Year’s party in a slick suit and tie and you may get to kiss your future wife when the ball drops! Forget the Christmas sweaters and goofy glasses. Dress to impress. This also works with suits at office parties, weddings, and more.
  3. Land that new job! Wearing a suit to an interview can show you mean business! Renting a suit is even better! If you’re not expected to wear a suit at the job, rent a suit to show them you have the Tux11ability to rock a suit and look amazing.
  4. Kick those profile pictures up a knotch! Whether you’re trying online dating or just like showing off on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, improve your pictures ten-fold with a nice suit-selfie.
  5. Opt for a tuxedo for the wedding! If you’re getting married this year, splurge a little and get an actual tuxedo. You’ll look amazing and no one will forget how wonderful you looked next to your beautiful bride.

Whatever you do this New Year (New Year’s Eve/Day or any other time in 2015) be careful, and remember: Rose Tuxedo is here to make you look good! Our suits and tuxedos are the best around and our number one priority is to make our customers happy. Come rent a suit for the night or start upping your game by buying suits and suit pieces to make your wardrobe work harder for you! Keep up with our blogs or check out some posts from earlier this year for ideas on staying up with fashion and keeping the timeless look of suits and tuxedos alive!

*Rose Tuxedo is not fully responsible for your self-improvement, we’re just here to help you look awesome.

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10 Ways to Turn Your Winter Romantic Life from Cold to Steamy

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Be it a blind date, first date, second date, or 50th date, there’s always something you can do better. Whether you need to dress better, act better, or have better conversations there’s always something you can do to sweep her off her feet. Take this colder weather as an opportunity to woo your lady friend this winter. While Arizona doesn’t have winter like a lot of the rest of the country, it still gets a little chilly, so take these hints for those cooler nights out.

  1. “Because every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.” ZZ Top says is best. The better you look, the better she’ll look and the more jealous looks the two of you will get. Show up to her door (be it the bedroom door or front door) in a sleek, fitted suit and look like the man of her dreams. If this is the first date it’ll be a great way to impress her and she’ll ask for a date #2. If you’re an established couple it’ll remind her why she fell for you in the first place.

  2. Sweater Weather: As The Neighborhood says in their song, “Use the sleeves of my sweater/Let’s have an adventure.” Pair a suit jacket and slacks with a v-neck classy sweater and impress her with your fashion sense, and it’s a little toned down from a suit and tie. This is perfect for outside-dates.
  3. Sharing: Sure, you look great in your full suit, but if your lady gets a little chilly, put your blazer on her. Not only will it smell like you, but it shows you’re considerate.
  4. Festive ties: Use a Santa or Snowman tie to spark up a conversation. If you’re married to your date, wear a tie she picked out or the kids picked out last Christmas. A silly tie is also a great way to break the ice for a first date.
  5. Festive colors: Throw on a poinsettia-red tie or shirt, or a Santa-Clause red sweater. Or throw in some forest green like a Christmas tree. Keep it bold and a little holiday-appropriate.
  6. Bring the Winter to her: Whether she’s an Arizona Native or from a state where it snows, show her what winter can be. Take her ice skating, or find a ski slope nearby with artificial snow. Build a snowman. Buy some fake snow and give her a pair of gloves and a scarf and play in a winter wonderland.
  7. Fireplace and Fondue: Stay cozy in front of the fireplace and pull out some chocolate fondue and snuggle up with your sweetheart to make her melt into your arms.
  8. Decorate the house for Christmas: Buy some new decorations or bring home red, white, and green paper, glitter, and cotton to make some homemade decorations. She’ll love your crafty stay-in-date.
  9. Tell her you’ll make Christmas dinner: or at least help. Tell her this on a date and she’s all yours for the rest of time. Just don’t make a promise you can’t keep.
  10. Bring her to Rose Tuxedo: If you and your lovely lady are looking to get married (especially this Winter) take her with you to Rose Tuxedo and pick out wedding colors, pocket squares, and let her help pick out the perfect suit or tux for the big day. She’ll love seeing the vast array of colors we offer and we can match your apparel to the wedding colors of her dreams.


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