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Tuxedo Vs. Suit: What Should I Wear?

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So many people are not aware of the actual differences between a suit and a tuxedo . To some, the difference is involving colors, occasions for which it’s worn, or accessories. While those differentiations are involved, they are not the determining factor. The biggest determiner is the material. A tux will feature satin accents found in the lapel, trouser sides, buttons, and pocket trims, with a jacket sometimes made of silk. These accents really make the entire outfit pop—they grab the attention. Tuxedos also often feature bow ties, cuff links, and cummerbunds or low cut waist coats. Tuxedos are traditionally primarily black (with black accessories and accents) but can be made and found in different colors including semi-popular shades of gray. Unlike suits, the button-down shirts worn with tuxedos usually feature a pleated front and it is most acceptable to wear patent leather shoes. Tuxedos are usually worn by a groom and often the bridal party but can also be found at proms and high profile events like award ceremonies and charity events . They are worn to make a statement, often one implying pride in one’s appearance and being of importance in the event. As amazing as nearly any man looks in a tux, they are not appropriate everywhere. When a tuxedo is not to be worn, a suit is your new best friend to help you look your best.

Everyone knows about suits. While the difference between suits and tuxedos eludes some, most people consider suits to be the catch-all for formal attire. Suits are best worn for semi-formal events, jobs, and more. Suits can feature a bow tie, but are more traditionally worn with a necktie. Common collared shirts are worn with suits, no special pleating needed. The designs, cuts, and material van vary and they usually come in two or three pieces (the third being any type of vest or waist coat). The jackets come in either one or two-breasted, meaning one or two rows of buttons. Both styles look different depending on body type—to don’t be afraid to try both on. Buttons can be made of different materials, including plastic, metal, wood, and more. Unlike the lapels in tuxedos, the lapels in suits tend to match the material from the rest of the suit and the most common colors/patterns are: black, dark gray, navy blue, brown, and pinstripe. Other colors can be found or made, but are uncommon. Suit trousers may be cuffed, and will usually have belt loops for a thin dress belt. As for shoes, suits allow for more styles of sensibly chosen situation appropriate shoes including Oxfords, derbies, or any other style of dress shoes. Most suits are work for formal events (like a wedding or party guest) where the wearer is not the center of attention or for semi-formal events where the wearer wishes to have more attention drawn. Suits can and do look very polished, well put together, and professional.

Overall, investing in a couple good suits is never a bad idea, but save the tuxedos for special events—there’s no point in buying a tuxedo for your wedding and passing it off as work attire. Leave the tuxedos for the big events. If you don’t want to buy one, contact Rose Tuxedo for rental questions. Similarly, if you want to wear a suit but have no need of buying one or just want to try something new, we’ve got you covered there, too. Contact us today so you can look your best tomorrow. Just clear it with the Missus first—you don’t need to be over-dressed or underdressed.

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Why Should I Rent a Suit or Tuxedo?

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When someone mentions suits you probably think of weddings and proms first. At Rose Tuxedo we specialize in tuxedo rentals for special occasions but that doesn’t mean you have to get married or get asked to Winter Formal to rent a tuxedo.

What woman doesn’t love a man who can look sharp? Tuxedos and suits will always be in style, so we will always be at your disposal for your classy needs. Classic suit and tie not your thing? We have western styled tuxedos, and you can come in one day and leave with nearly any kind of suit. One day? No problem.

For most of these situations discussed here you would ideally want to buy a suit or two if you will have the need regularly.  If it is a one-time thing, you can rent from us, but seeing as you’ll love or quality so much you might as well buy a couple if you can. Today we’ll focus on the perks of renting as opposed to purchasing.

Job interviews: Rent a suit if you have an interview for a company that requires formal attire but you don’t want to spend the money for a whole suit until you have that cushy job or you just really want to impress them with how amazing you look in a suit (and be honest, who doesn’t look and feel amazing in a tuxedo or nice suit?).

Office parties: We all know what happens at the work Christmas party stays at the work Christmas party.  That is until the morning and you have to get your suit cleaned. Rent an extra snazzy suit or tux to impress your boss and by renting you won’t have to find closet space for it between big shindigs.

Hot date at a 5 star restaurant: If you are trying to impress a classy lady by taking her out to eat at the swankiest place in town, you have to dress the part. At Rose Tuxedo, we have accessories to match nearly any color, so you can match her dress, your car, or the color of the napkins in the restaurant.

Class reunions: No matter what clique or niche you fit into during school, a tuxedo rental from us will make you look like a million bucks! Make your ex-girlfriends regret leaving you for the football quarterback by looking like you stepped out of a James Bond movie.

Any time you just want to look fancy! Who says you need a special event to look nice? No one looks awful in a suit or tuxedo. Sure, it might be weird if you rent a tux just for laughs, but it’s none of our business why you rent from us. If you want some professional head shots taken while you try out your skills in acting, who knows? Our tuxes might make you the next NPH.

By no means is this a comprehensive list of reasons to own, rent, or enjoy a suit. We stand by our products and wish you the best in your endeavors, because we’ll do our part by making you look the best you will ever look.


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You Still Have Time to Get Ready for Prom! Rent your Tuxedo, Man!

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Prom Tuxedos

It’s never too late to get yourself ready for prom.  So what if you have put it off ’til now?  Everybody knows it’s not over ’til it’s over, right? Take a look at this coupon and tell me if you can find a better deal than this anywhere in the Phoenix area.  You can’t, we promise you that.

prom tuxedo coupon special 2014


And on top of that take a look at this tremendous promotion:

Starting at $69.95 (one style and  shoes and vest not included) $99.95

Classic Collection Tuxedo Rentals, Complete-8 Styles; (plus tax & waiver)

Prices good through April 29th, 2014. “Your going to love, the way you save.”

NW – 602 375-8280, Central Phx – 602 957-0089, Mesa – 480 831-5255

Arizona’s Prom Store

Email me directly with any questions: service@rosetuxedoaz.com

O.K., now that we have that part settled, let me tell you what happened to a friend of mine.  He had everything ready for prom, and I do mean everything.



Dinner reservations…check


When he got in the limo with the other guys to pick up their dates, one of the other guys asked him if he had his prom tickets.  He said, “What?”.  The guys asked him to stop joking around and go back in the house and get his prom tickets. My friend turned pale and said, “I forgot to get tickets.  They’ll let me buy them at the door, right?”.  The guys all shouted in one loud voice, “NO!”.  You had to get your tickets by last Thursday, they informed him.  They were so desperate at this point that one of them called their principal to ask if there was some way to get around this problem.  The principal basically said” tough bananas”.

The moral of the story is get your tickets tomorrow.

Here’s one more true prom story.  Another friend of mine got reservations for his posse and their dates at a great seafood restaurant.  It was very fancy and impressed the girls beyond their expectations.  My friend was being all debonair and cool, and asked his girlfriend what she would like to eat, and she said lobster.  That made him a little nervous since it was the most expensive thing on the menu, but, hey, you only live once, right?

When everyone was finished, they get back in the limo, and then were off to the dance.  My friend’s date is having a ball.  He looks over at her, delighted that she is having so much fun, and, to his horror, her face had swollen to double its normal size. About this time, everyone notices what was happening, and their looks of terror make the girl go crazy.  When she looked in a mirror and saw her face, she started boo-hooing.

The limo driver takes off for the nearest emergency room, and the minute she walks in, one of the nurses says,”Have you eaten any shellfish tonight?”  Yep, she was having an allergic reaction.  The rest of the crew went on to the dance, and my friend’s date had to spend the night in the hospital.  She did tell my friend to go to the dance and have fun, and he did.  By the next day she was fine.

The moral to that story is that prom night is always an adventure.

Call Rose Tuxedo Arizona and rent your tux, then you can see how your prom night turns out.

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Wedding Tuxedo Rentals, Phoenix

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Wedding Tuxedo Rentals, Phoenix

Wedding Tuxedo RentalsThere is only one place to choose when it comes to wedding tuxedo rentals in the greater Phoenix area and that’s Rose Tuxedo.  Generally, the groom and the wedding party, speaking of the men, of course, wear tuxedos.  Rose Tuxedo of Phoenix  has been doing wedding tuxedo rentals for three decades and has tuxedos of every type, style, color and size.  You name it; they’ve got it.

Rose carries in their huge warehouses (no, not Men’s Warehouse, which will be at least $40 more than Rose’s price) the following:



  • Tuxedos
  • Dinner Jackets
  • Tuxes of every color, texture and pattern
  • Two, three, and three button tuxes
  • Notched lapel tuxedos
  • Satin or grosgrain lapels
  • Silkened striped trousers
  • Bow ties
  •  Cumberbunds
  • Tuxes with tails
  • White ties
  • Suits
  • Morning coats and vest
  • Vests
  • Neckties
  • Shoes

As you can tell, you have many choices and plenty of deciding to do.  In Arizona, it is not unusual for men to go with a Western wear suit.  Rose has those, too.  Not only all of this, but Rose Tuxedo also pledges to match any bridal color from any bridal shop in the country.   One more thing, Rose Tuxedos rents men’s suits.  Whatever the style of the wedding; whatever the bride wants; whatever the time of day, Rose Tuxedo is just a call away. Do you know what this will mean to your bride?  She will be more than delighted.

When you rent from Rose Tuxedo, which is handily close wherever you live in the Phoenix area, you have the confidence that you will get what you want; that it is going to fit you like a glove; that you will have all the necessary accessories; and that you will look like a million dollars at the event itself. Go with the tried and true wedding tuxedos rental company of Phoenix.  You will be treated like a friend.

Don’t worry if you have groomsmen who will be coming from out-of-town.  They can send in their measurements (most tuxedo rental stores will do this at no cost as a complementary exchange for other tuxedo stores) so that the store can put aside a tux that is close to the right size for the out-of-towners.  A few days before the wedding, they can go to the nearest location of Rose’s and have the last minute alterations done on the spot.

It’s not often that you have at your disposal a company that is invested in providing the best service and the best prices to its customers.  That describes Rose Tuxedo to a “t”.  Give them a try and see what good service and long-time experience is all about.  You and your bride deserve it.

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It’s Wedding Tuxedo Time

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Wedding Tuxedo

Wedding TuxedoIt’s wedding time and that means it is time to line up a tuxedo for the groom and, of course,  tuxedos for the groomsmen.   It is also possible that some weddings will include wedding tuxedo for the family members of both the bride and the groom.  On the other hand, it may be that the bride and groom prefer for the men to wear dress suits.  Either way, the time may be drawing nearer to give Rose Tuxedo of Phoenix a call to discuss your wedding plans.  Did you know that Rose has wedding coordinators on staff to assist you in all aspects of your upcoming event?  They most certainly do, and they will be happy to set up an appointment for the bride and groom and any family or friends who would like to be a part of the planning.  These members of the Rose Tuxedo family are well versed in everything to do with weddings.

Whether you decide on a tux or a suit, Rose can rent you what you want and for about $40 less than the big chain menswear stores, like Men’s Warehouse. Rose pledges to always have better prices than the big guys.  Not only can they beat their prices, but they can guarantee that you have the size, the fit, the type, and shoes to go with any tuxedo or men’s suit you choose for the big day.  No matter which of the three convenient locations you decide to use, you will find the same great service and the same hospitality.

Although, historically, formal dress for men meant a tuxedo of some type, today some grooms and brides are opting for a dress suit for the men in the wedding.  Men’s suits for weddings range from black, to shades of gray, to shades of tan.  It may be that the bride or groom would like to modify the suit by adding a complementary color to match the chosen bridesmaids’ dress colors.  They may choose to match or complement the color by way of a tie, a pocket handkerchief, or their boutonnieres.  No matter what the final choice may be, Rose tuxedo can make it happen.

To be absolutely sure that you have exactly what you want for your wedding day, it is a wise idea to make an appointment with  the friendly folks at any one of the Rose Tuxedo store locations (4031 North 24th Street #C, Phoenix; 10625 North 35th Avenue #B, Phoenix;  1245 W. Baseline Rd., Mesa, Arizona). Once everything has been chosen, Rose Tuxedo will take it from there.  They will have the clothing ready to fit several days before the wedding.  They might ask for the out-of-town members of the wedding party send in their measurements so that they can get a head start on making sure any alterations will be minimal.

You can see that using a home town  entity like Rose Tuxedo can save you money, time, and worry.  Call them soon.

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November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

Live Chat most hours
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NW Phoenix 10625 N. 35th ave. 602 375-8280

Central Phoenix 4031 N. 24th St. 602 957-0089

Mesa 1245 W. Baseline Rd. 480 831-5255

Arizona Tuxedo Headquarters, email me service@rosetuxedoaz.com

3 conveniently located stores in Phoenix and Mesa to service your tuxedo rentals and suit rental needs. When you want the best cost on suits call us 1st!