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Wedding Planners AZ

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Narrowing In On What Matters In Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There are so many choices and details to be attended to that one can easily lose sight of what is most important on the big day. Read on for three guiding questions to consider when you are lost in the wilderness of wedding planning.

1. What do you value?

Wedding Planning AZ

Wedding Planning AZ

This question–what do you value?–can serve as a North Star when you are deep in the sea of decisions. Do you and your partner love food? Then perhaps you want to spend your time and resources choosing a reputable caterer and designing a mouthwatering menu. Is your family your constant? How will you engage them and make each person feel appreciated on that special day? Perhaps you find the most peace in nature. Then the search for a breathtaking outdoor ceremony setting is deserving of your attention especially for all Wedding Planners AZ.

2. How will the ceremony represent your intention for your married life?

The wedding marks day one of a lifelong journey. Although the ceremony and reception may be the all-consuming topics of your daily existence at this point time, it is important to remember that the marriage ultimately trumps the wedding day. With this in mind, how will the wedding day reflect your intentions for your marriage? Is the wedding shaping up to be extravagant and expensive? Then you may be setting that tone for the life of your relationship. If you ultimately long for simplicity, why not pare down and express that intention from the get-go. Will your bridal and wedding party include only lifelong friends or are you incorporating  people that exist on the peripheral of your actual life? How does the bridal and wedding party reflect who you want to be involved in your marriage and your life when the party is over?

Do yourself? or Hire someone?

Do yourself? or Hire someone?

3. Why are you getting married?

Wedding ceremonies and celebrations are such ingrained traditions in our culture that it is to take the purpose of getting married for granted. Why get married? Each individual certainly has unique reasons for making a lifelong commitment to another and it can be a powerful practice to sit down and consider this question. Perhaps you’ll want to write your thoughts down and share them your partner privately or as your public vows during the ceremony. Good Wedding Planners AZ or just planning your own wedding will take all this into consideration. At Rose Tuxedos we have wedding suits for any occasion to help you during your wedding planning. We have destination tuxedos and suit rentals for every budget. Shop local at www.rosetuxedoaz.com. Thank you and happy holidays to all. wedding couples planning

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Weddings on a Budget

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Gently used wedding dresses

Gently used wedding dresses

Summer is a wonderful time for a wedding, but not every couple has the funds for an extravagant event with crystal drink ware, high fashion dresses, and fancy venues. Getting married on a lower budget shouldn’t mean you make a ton of sacrifices, it just means you have to think smart and make the most out of what is easily available to you. Today we’ll give you some ideas to make your wedding extra special without taking out thousands of dollars in loans! Your wedding doesn’t need to cost as much as your home!

  1. Rent the Tuxedos: This may seem obvious to some, but rented tuxedos from the right shop (like Rose Tuxedo) can save you and your partner a fortune! Our high quality suits and tuxedos can match any budget without sacrificing style and comfort. Choose from a wide array of colors and styles to look like a million bucks!
  2. Hire Students: For photographs, live entertainment, hair, and makeup you can usually find students who will work for much cheaper than professionals without sacrificing quality. You also may have some friends who can help out as well for nearly anything from photos to floral arrangements.
  3. Get A Friend Ordained: For a small fee and with very little effort, nearly anyone can become an ordained minister to perform perfectly legal marriages! This can save you money on booking a priest, pastor, or minister and you can get someone important to you and your future spouse to perform the ceremony.
  4. Borrowing: For jewelry and other accessories, or even center pieces, you may be able to find friends, relatives, or neighbors who have pieces you are looking for to save a little bit of money.
  5. Go Simple: Some venues will be so beautiful you may hardly need to decorate– especially for the ceremony. Outdoor weddings near gardens or water features can make for a memorable wedding.
  6. Choose Dates Wisely: A lot of people want to get married on the weekend (especially Saturdays) but choosing a weekday, or otherwise uncommon date, may save you a lot of money in booking the venue.
  7. wedding dj

    wedding dj

    DIY: Flower arrangements, center pieces, invitations, and other decor can be pricey! Pinterest is full of great DIY ideas to make great pieces or how to re-purpose things you already have to decorate your wedding. You can even start a garden when you get engaged and tend it throughout your wait for the wedding and use those flowers for the bouquet or decorative pieces and they will be cheaper and more meaningful.

  8. Budget, Out of Season, and Gently Used Gowns: Every bride deserves to feel special, but wearing a dress that costs as much as a vacation but you can find barely worn (or, sadly, never worn) gowns on consignment, in thrift stores, through friends, or online! If it doesn’t fit quite right you can find a tailor to fix it up and no one will know you spent next to nothing on it.
  9. Get Some Help: If you have friends or family members who love to cook or bake you may want to consider having them help out with the food! Catered food and wedding cakes can cost a pretty penny.

Make your special day memorable without breaking the bank. If you have a high budget and it’s not going to bankrupt you, go for it! But you don’t need to put off such a special event so far ahead because you can’t afford everything brand new and from the most famous caterers around.


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