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wedding cakes phoenix

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Rose Tuxedo ’s thoughts on Popular Wedding Cake Trends! Enjoy, keep it fun!

From flowers to centerpieces, there are a number of factors that determine the overall style and quality of a wedding. Many couples spend an average of one year when carefully choosing each detail of the event and allowing every aspect to stand out. Wedding cakes are just as important when it comes to making a lasting impression and there are a few styles that currently stand out.
Ruffled Cakes
Ruffled cakes have increased in popularity in the last few years due to the formality and elegance that they offer. Many people choose ruffled cakes as a dramatic design that is untraditional while others choose to add ombre colors to the ruffles. The style looks even more dramatic when paired with fresh flowers that are piled on the top layer of the cake.Naked Cakes

As more people are choosing to have rustic and bohemian weddings, naked cakes have made a comeback as one of the most popular looks for the main dessert of the event. The unconventional style is a hit for those who don’t prefer to have a large amount of icing. It also exudes an organic look that provides a sneak peak on the inside of the cake with added details that can include fruit and sprinkles in each layer.

Hand-Painted Illustrations

Illustrated wedding cakes allow couples to have various drawings on the icing of each layer. Many people prefer to have illustrations of flowers, lace, or even cartoon drawings of the happy couple. It makes for a great way of personalizing the wedding cake and truly making it your own on the special day with the use of sketches that are completely edible.

Rosette Designs

Rosettes are considered a modern take on the traditional wedding flower for cakes with a feminine look that adds a touch of beauty to the event. The rosettes can different sizes and grouped on different portions of the cake or on a single layer. Many people also paint the rosettes for a beautiful look that adds a pop of color to the dessert.

Colored Cake

For a secret addition of color that makes for a surprise after the couple cuts their cake, many people choose to add food coloring to their vanilla wedding cake. This can even be done on each layer for a dramatic style that is innovative and truly creative.

We you need your car fixed you go to a good mechanic, when you need Wedding Tuxedos for your groomsman and groom or a suit rental for dad or a ring barrier’s tuxedo come to anyone of our Rose Tuxedo locations. But in my humble opinion when you need a good wedding cake you can count on CC’s Sensations or Sue Jacob cakes for the Valleys best Wedding Cakes Phoenix. Call them you will be happy.

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Men’s Summer Fashions

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The Summer Solstice falls on Father’s Day this year, so let’s get ready for Father’s Day and Summer with a little help from Rose Tuxedo! This week we’ll talk about what to expect for the summer fashion trends so you can show up to any event stylish and confident. It could also help you pick out a tie for your dad that he actually wants to wear!

STATEMENT STRIPES: According to the Fashion Beans website, stripes are going to be big this summer for both casual and formal wear. This isn’t a big surprise, but it’s something to keep in mind. Try out some striped pants to go with a basic sports coat or suit jacket, or opt for a striped polo with some khakis for a more casual event during the day.

RED: Bring out those bright colors you might not have wanted to wear during spring. Red screams excitement, vibrancy, energy, and “look at me!” Try a red suit jacket or tie to bring some attention to your ensemble or go for a red shirt, pants, or shorts, for a pop of color. It doesn’t have to be crimson, it can be a more muted or faded red if that suits your desires.

GREEN AND BLUE: This color pair works for so many seasons it’s ridiculous. Different shades or green and blue can be paired for a sense of matching without being a perfect match. Pair green pants with a blue shirt or blue pants with a green jacket and look put together, fun, and ready for summer. Don’t be afraid to play with different shades of these colors to stand out more or blend in with the crowd a little. These colors can be incorporated into your wardrobe throughout the year, so check out some blue or green pants that aren’t jeans or slacks to add a little variety.

FLORAL PRINT: The flowers are in full bloom all around you, so throw on some floral prints to match your surroundings. It’s been a print for ladies, but it’s coming into the masculine world in full force! Pick a piece with floral print for a focal point, and don’t overdo it. A shirt, jacket, or pants paired with some more basic pieces will do wonders! Great Men’s Summer Fashions.

DENIM: Your favorite material is back, guys! Denim is comfortable, casual, and can be dressed up to suit your needs for most occasions. Invest in some nice pieces that will work for a dinner out with the family for Father’s Day or a casual outdoors day wedding for a friend or just another casual Friday at work!

Many of these trends are the same as the past few seasons and years, but that’s the glory of men’s fashion! You don’t have to completely change your wardrobe every year. You can add a new piece or two every season and recycle some older looks to keep your wardrobe fresh but everything you have in your closet will come back around in another season or two, probably.

Add some of these color and material trend into your daily wardrobe or try out something new in your formal wear for work or celebrations. Pop on a floral print shirt for a less formal wedding, add some red, green, or blue to an interview outfit this summer, and have fun with fashion—who says women are the only ones who can have fun with clothes?



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Mens Wearhouse Coupons 2015 for Prom tux? Trick?

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Come save money at Rose Tuxedo, don’t fall for this and don’t wait hours in line at MW for a Prom Tuxedo, we carry a lot of the same tuxedos for half the price.  

“The Men’s Wearhouse Prom Tuxedo Discount Gimmick”?

Special occassions happen frequently throughout our life time. When such an event presents itself the proper attire is needed to attend the formal event. The first department store people often think about when it comes to tuxedos is Men’s Warehouse. This business is successful and provides many colors, styles, and brands of tuxedos to choose from. Customers of Men’s Warehouse for Prom often recieve discounts from ton’s of Prom students that pass out discount cards and post on their personal social media sites when they choose to rent or buy a tuxedo from here. This business is one that is popular and familiar nation wide so it’s no surprise why so many people shop there. Men’s warehouse claims to have tuxedo discount deals and often offers coupons to their customers for up to $40-$50 off. What customers do not realize is that Men’s Wearhouse significantly overcharge for their tuxedos which is how they are able to afford providing such large discounts. Men’s Wearhouse gives you these Discounts on Prom Tuxedo when the total prom tux rental is usually over $200 which is very common. You don’t get $40.00 off on a $100.00 Prom Tuxedo rental because their is no such thing. So $40.00 off a $200.00 Prom Rental is still $160.00 and Rose Tuxedo will rent you the same designer tuxedos for $116.00 complete out the door.Why not choose Rose Tuxedo for all your formal event needs? Rose tuxedo is a family owned business whos main goal is to have the customer looking and feeling confident while also providing low prices and saving them plenty of money. Customers who shop at Rose Tuxedo will recieve a $10 discount when they like or share posts on social media about the business. The cost of a tuxedo with the coupon factored in still is significantly lower than the cost of a Tuxedo at Men’s Warehouse even with the $50 coupon they offer. You will save over $80.00 at Rose Tuxedo even with your $40.00 off at MW.Anyone in the Pheonix and Meza Arizona areas need to check out Rose Tuxedo for all your special event needs. We have a wide selection of colors which will also match any of David Bridals colors, and they also provide terrific styles at a low cost. Why waste your money at one of the larger department stores when the same suit or Tuxedo can be rented for a much lower price? Going to Prom is expensive and you can save big at smaller tuxedo shops.

Men’s Warehouse is a huge chain so they can afford to lower their prices but they choose not to. They are scamming their customers providing what seems like great discounts, but in reality they just over price all their items and hope people will fall for the deal.

Rose Tuxedo will not have their customers break the bank in order to look great. Come for a visit us and you will be pleased with your choice. Arizona Tuxedos largest selection with 2 Phoenix AZ Tuxedo locations and Mesa Arizona.


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