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Wedding Planning

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Begin Your Wedding Planning With a Bridal Show

So you’ve found your Prince Charming and are on your way to your happily ever after. He proposed, you’ve accepted and things are looking great. Except it’s now time to plan the wedding and depending on your budget and level of expertise in such things, it can be a little intimidating. In addition, the idea of spending your free time locating and visiting vendors with or without the help of a wedding planner sounds like a lot of work. Well, lucky for you, not only is it wedding season, but also it’s also bridal show season and a simple check on the internet will show you one in your area. wedding planning AZ

A bridal show for those of you not in the know is a trade show for bridal vendors. Instead of jumping in your car and going from place to place, you can go to the show and find all your wedding needs under one roof. Bridal shows can be a lot of fun not only for the bride to be but also for anyone looking to be a bride in future. Bridal shows are also a good place to get ideas for new and innovative weddings for brides looking for something other than the traditional wedding. bridal show

When you walk into the hall for the show, it can be a little intimidating, so doing some reconnaissance can help. Check out the list of vendors either online before you go or when you get there so you can make sure to see what you’re there to see. If you’re looking for things for your groom, a vendor like Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix, AZ with 3 locations with great Wedding Tuxedo and Suit rentals is a must see.

Why pay more for the same tuxedo rental?

Why pay more for the same tuxedo rental ?

Other great tips include wearing comfortable clothes, especially shoes as you will end up doing a lot of walking. A small purse or belly bag for money, ID and a pen will also come in handy and will be more comfortable to carry than a larger purse. Most trade shows provide bags at the door for collecting cards and samples, and your pen will come in handy for taking notes to remind you of what you’ve seen and been told by vendors. Overall, a bridal show is a great way to begin your wedding planning and get you on the right track to the wedding of your dreams. Check out all we offer at www.rosetuxedoaz.com and our live tuxedo chat 24 hours a day. Call for Summer hours and free bridal show tickets for the next event.

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Cheap Tuxedo rentals

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Cheap tuxedo rentals Phoenix AZ

Find Affordable Tuxedo Rentals for Your Special Day

Planning for a wedding can be one of the most hectic and stressful times of your life. The list of things that need to be ordered and arranged can seem both endless and overwhelming at the exact same time. Therefore, one of the last things that you want to have to worry about the tuxedo that you are going to wear for the big day. This is why it is best to get it taken care of so that all you have to do is get dressed and show up.

Sweet tux deal

Sweet tux deal

Why You Should Rent a Tuxedo

While some grooms may choose to purchase their own tuxedo, many choose to rent one instead. While purchasing a tuxedo may be ideal because you can use it again in the future, is also very expensive. Therefore, if you do not think that you will ever have another time where you will need to wear a tuxedo then it is a waste of money to buy one. In addition, if you are on a tight budget, renting a tuxedo will be a much more affordable option for you. A cheap tuxedo rental doesn’t mean a bad tuxedo.

Look how good they look? Cheap can still be awesome

Look how good they look? Cheap can still be awesome

Is Tuxedo Rental Expensive:

Many people may think that finding affordable tuxedo rentals will be difficult. However, that is not true at all. We make it easy for you to find the tuxedo that you want or need to rent at an affordable price. No matter what your budget is, we have a tuxedo available that you can afford. You will not have to worry about going over your budget and spending more than you have or more than you want to spend. You won’t need to go to a place like Men’s Wearhouse that charges high prices to offset their advertising costs and huge building cost. We advertise at bridal shows and on the internet so that we can keep our prices very low for our customers and after 30 years in the Tuxedo rental business in Phoenix and Mesa Arizona we get lots of referrals.

Why pay more for the same tuxedo rental?

Why pay more for the same tuxedo rental?

Find the Style and Color You Want

Some people are looking for a particular style of tuxedo. For example, you may want a coat and tails tuxedo. We carry a variety of tuxedo styles for you to choose from. Are you looking for a particular color of tuxedo? Perhaps you want a color other than black. With tuxedos available in grey, white, and other colors. We also carry a wide variety of colors for bow ties and cummerbunds and most popular men’s formal vest.

Rose Tuxedo has 3 locations in the valley to serve you. That way you can choose a location that is convenient to you so that you do not have to drive a long way to rent your tuxedo. In addition, we can provide last minute rentals if you need one on short notice or have forgotten to order one in advance. We are here to help you find just the right tuxedo for your wedding or other formal event. Contact us today to schedule your affordable tuxedo rentals and fitting! Give us a call now for your next tuxedo rental discount. Thank you Rose 602 3275-8280

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tuxedo rental phoenix prices, some are scary

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Tuxedo Pricing, a Formal Fright

The Tuxedo is one heck of an outfit. For men, there is nothing more formal or elegant than a well made and well fit tuxedo. Whether it’s for the prom, a formal event, a wedding, or any other decorous ritual, the complex stitching and precise manufacture of the tuxedo stands out as the last word in male attire. Tuxedo rental phoenix prices at the Big Box stores can be very scary. Why pay more? Same tux rental at a local Tuxedo shop and awesome service and products.

scary tux rental prices!

However the complex and precise nature of the tuxedo comes at a cost, quite literally! Unless you are a high powered lawyer or wealthy businessman, the tuxedo will almost certainly be the most expensive outfit you hang on your body in any given year. With a decent ensemble starting in the mid 400 dollar range and skyrocketing from there, affordable tuxedos can be hard to find. Furthermore, as stunning as a tuxedo can be, there are very few situations when such formal dress is expected or appropriate. Add to that the danger that a bit of weight gained or lost could render your investment valueless, and suddenly that shiny suit is looking more like a boat anchor than a rainmaker.

So what can one do when faced with extremely high prices for something that gets very little use? In a word, rent! Tuxedos may cost an arm and a leg, but donning someone else’s duds for a day can be the answer for men without a full calendar of formal events. The question now is how much do you pay to rent? Many locations will rent you a good outfit, but getting a good outfit is not the same as getting a good deal. Tuxedo rental Phoenix prices don’t have to be scary.

Scary Suit rental prices

Take Men’s Warehouse for example. One might assume that being a clothing supplier, they would be in a prime position to offer competitive rates, however a look through their website tells a different story. After adding in all the necessary options, taxes, and fees, your rental could end up costing upwards of 250 dollars! That is almost half the value of buying something brand new from display! Forget Halloween, that price tag is enough of a fright for anyone.

Affordable tuxedos do exist however, and rentals are still a good idea. One way to save is to shop smart and local. Look for a business that is designed and built around clothing rental, and you will almost certainly find prices a good deal lower than the big chain stores. Not only will you get a better price and more personalized service, you will likely get styles and options that a big department store won’t match. So if you are going out in formal style this Halloween, abandon Suit Factory #321 and save some cash and stress by visiting a local rental service instead at one of our awesome Rose tuxedo location open 7 days a week and never a rush fee, all inventory is in stock so you don’t have to pay those scary tuxedo rental prices and if you have a budget just let us know and will make your rental happen at the same great service and products.

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Weddings on a Budget

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Gently used wedding dresses

Gently used wedding dresses

Summer is a wonderful time for a wedding, but not every couple has the funds for an extravagant event with crystal drink ware, high fashion dresses, and fancy venues. Getting married on a lower budget shouldn’t mean you make a ton of sacrifices, it just means you have to think smart and make the most out of what is easily available to you. Today we’ll give you some ideas to make your wedding extra special without taking out thousands of dollars in loans! Your wedding doesn’t need to cost as much as your home!

  1. Rent the Tuxedos: This may seem obvious to some, but rented tuxedos from the right shop (like Rose Tuxedo) can save you and your partner a fortune! Our high quality suits and tuxedos can match any budget without sacrificing style and comfort. Choose from a wide array of colors and styles to look like a million bucks!
  2. Hire Students: For photographs, live entertainment, hair, and makeup you can usually find students who will work for much cheaper than professionals without sacrificing quality. You also may have some friends who can help out as well for nearly anything from photos to floral arrangements.
  3. Get A Friend Ordained: For a small fee and with very little effort, nearly anyone can become an ordained minister to perform perfectly legal marriages! This can save you money on booking a priest, pastor, or minister and you can get someone important to you and your future spouse to perform the ceremony.
  4. Borrowing: For jewelry and other accessories, or even center pieces, you may be able to find friends, relatives, or neighbors who have pieces you are looking for to save a little bit of money.
  5. Go Simple: Some venues will be so beautiful you may hardly need to decorate– especially for the ceremony. Outdoor weddings near gardens or water features can make for a memorable wedding.
  6. Choose Dates Wisely: A lot of people want to get married on the weekend (especially Saturdays) but choosing a weekday, or otherwise uncommon date, may save you a lot of money in booking the venue.
  7. wedding dj

    wedding dj

    DIY: Flower arrangements, center pieces, invitations, and other decor can be pricey! Pinterest is full of great DIY ideas to make great pieces or how to re-purpose things you already have to decorate your wedding. You can even start a garden when you get engaged and tend it throughout your wait for the wedding and use those flowers for the bouquet or decorative pieces and they will be cheaper and more meaningful.

  8. Budget, Out of Season, and Gently Used Gowns: Every bride deserves to feel special, but wearing a dress that costs as much as a vacation but you can find barely worn (or, sadly, never worn) gowns on consignment, in thrift stores, through friends, or online! If it doesn’t fit quite right you can find a tailor to fix it up and no one will know you spent next to nothing on it.
  9. Get Some Help: If you have friends or family members who love to cook or bake you may want to consider having them help out with the food! Catered food and wedding cakes can cost a pretty penny.

Make your special day memorable without breaking the bank. If you have a high budget and it’s not going to bankrupt you, go for it! But you don’t need to put off such a special event so far ahead because you can’t afford everything brand new and from the most famous caterers around.


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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