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Tuxedo Rental for Fall Weddings

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Summer is an amazing time of the year. And that is for a whole lot of reasons. The warmth, the blue sky… It’s borderline magical. Sometimes the heat of summer gets so much, it makes you begin considering the benefits of fall. Some couples looking to tie the knot this year are probably thinking the same thing. Well, fall weddings are just around the corner and the time to pick your wedding tuxedo is now.

Vibrantly colored leaves. Leaves falling. Crisp air. Cool day. The sweet smell of burning leaves in the distance. Halloween. Home coming. Clear blue skies.

They all make up that awesome beautiful autumn backdrop you crave in a Fall Wedding.

Bride and Groom

Let us help you match the groom’s tuxedo accents to the wedding color scheme! Cummerbunds, ties, pocket squares, and more; we have a huge collection of colors for even the pickiest bride’s theme! Our high-quality  tuxedos will make your future husband look the best he ever has. He’ll look so great in a fitted suit rental you’ll beg him to buy it or start wearing at least a suit more often!

Bridal Party

Match your groomsmen to the bridesmaids or have one side of the party in one color from the theme and the other half of the party in another. You can even try a multi-colored approach! Choose a few different colors and pair off groomsmen and bridesmaids for a rainbow affect or any combination of colors in the color spectrum. The only limit is your imagination! Tuxes or suits, the groomsmen will look amazing without outshining the bride or groom. Try a classic look or something more modern!


Wearing a suit to a wedding is generally accepted. You can’t go wrong with a basic black-and-white ensemble for a wedding. Try a little pop of color for weddings in summer. Try a pink shirt, a baby-blue tie, a yellow pocket square, or ask an associate at Rose Tuxedo what’s popular this summer! Avoid a tuxedo unless told otherwise. Reserve the tuxes for the groom and his men on this special day.

Rent vs. Purchase

Renting a tuxedo is always a great idea. Most people don’t have many occasions to wear a tux, so renting is a great option. You can buy a suit if you wish, but really, how often would you wear one? Renting from Rose Tuxedo is good for your wallet and your style.

A suit, however, can be worn for so many occasions and can be dressed up or down. If you’re a wedding guest and you have several to attend to this summer it may be cost effective to purchase a basic, classic suit and stock up on some colorful shirts, ties, and other accessories so you can attend even the nicest wedding at the last second. Dress it up with a vest or tone it down by losing the tie or leaving the coat at home.

Get your suits from Rose Tuxedo and celebrate with your friends and family members in their union. Help them make that occasion one to remember for a very long time. We also offer men’s warehouse style of purchasing.

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Preparing for a Fall Wedding

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Preparing For A Fall Wedding

Autumn is a wonderful season for a wedding, which is why fall weddings are becoming more popular. With milder temperatures during the day and chilly evenings, the weather is usually not an issue. These temperature variations make fall the perfect time to have a day to evening wedding. You can have a harvest sunset ceremony and follow up with dining and dancing in an evening wedding reception that celebrates your union.

Love a Fall Wedding!

Love a Fall Wedding!

You can technically do this any time of year, however, in the fall, it is just more magical and memorable. The sun sets earlier in the autumn months, which means that your evening wedding celebration can begin sooner so you have more time to enjoy yourself under the stars and moonlight.

Because summer is the traditional wedding season, wedding vendors are usually very busy. However, during the fall, they are more likely to be ready to cut you a break. You may find vendors who are willing to lower their rate to get business during their off season. If you keep your eyes open and ask for a discount, you can often pay less for many of the things you will need.

Consider an Outdoor Wedding Venue

Best colors of the year!!

Best colors of the year!!

Outdoor weddings this time of the year can offer beautiful scenery and color. Changing leaves and beautiful landscaping can be used as a decorative element, courtesy of Mother nature. A scenic outdoor wedding during the peak of the fall foliage can make a special treat for your loved ones. What better time to have a cocktail party reception to behold the beauty of nature.

While fall weather is moderate, you have to be prepared for a temperature drop. Outdoor venues will need to be heated if it gets cold outside to keep you and your guests comfortable. Heat lamps can be used if necessary. If the venue allows it, you can also use fire pits to make cozy areas for people to gather.

A great idea is to offer your guests monogrammed blankets with the bride and groom’s initials on them. You can also provide throws and shawls so people can bundle up. If you think the temperature may drop on your wedding day, you can have the caterer prepare a hot beverage station with coffee and cocoa.

When it comes to your floral arrangements look for seasonal flowers and plants. Think of the harvest. Look at what’s in season during the fall. You can also decorate with ornamental gourds or pumpkins, dried vegetables, dried corn, crabapples, cotton plants and changing leaves.

Great time of year for a wedding!

Great time of year for a wedding!

One thing you must consider before planning your wedding is that fall is a busy time for most families. There are many holidays during this time of year, including Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Also, remember this is the time when kids go back to school.

All the wedding flowers!

All the wedding flowers!

Consider these holidays and events when planning your wedding. There will always be people who are not happy with the day you choose, however, you just need to make sure that you can accommodate most of the important people in your life.

Before setting the day, choose a few potential dates and check these against the schedules of the most important people in your lives. See which date makes the most sense for the most people. After you’ve determined the best date, book your venue immediately and send out your Save the Dates cards. If possible, include the time and location of the wedding on your Save the Dates. This information can help people begin to make their arrangements.

Because fall has cooler weather, you have more options when it comes to fabric for your wedding décor. You can use heavier fabrics in rich colors and textures, which can make your wedding venue elegant.

The drinks you serve at your reception can range from hot spiked cider to hot toddies. You can include several flavored coffees for your guests to enjoy after dinner.

All the Fall Flavors

All the Fall Flavors

Of course, what would a fall wedding be without autumn-inspired food choices, especially for desert. Be sure to incorporate pumpkin pie and apple pie into your dessert menu as a seasonal treat for your guests.

You can use the colorful autumn backdrop to create a simple elegant outdoor wedding that will hold a special place in your memories for years to come. Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix and Mesa Arizona have all your Fall Wedding Tuxedos and Suits. We carry the largest selection of designer formal Vest in the state and we can help match your #FallWeddingcolors. www.rosetuxedoaz.com Tuxedo rentals in 85035 Thank you D. More for this great Blog. fall weddings

D. More is a successful businessman and helps to operate the website, www.heatherfloral.com

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Fall Weddings: Plans, Tips, and Perks

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Michael Kors vs Vera Wang!

Michael Kors vs Vera Wang!

Autumn is a month away and it may be time to start cracking down on those wedding plans! Fall weddings don’t get a lot of credit. They can be truly beautiful, but summer and spring get all the focus and attention. At Rose Tuxedo we love to focus on every customer and keep up with fashions and seasons to ensure your wedding is as beautiful as your dreams. Today we’ll talk about why a fall wedding just might be the best decision you ever made.

  1. Options: The start of a season is a great time to have a wedding because the newest and best suits, tuxedos, dresses, decorations, and other items are fresh on the market. You can also try out things from “last season” which may have a year-round appeal but are cheaper, on sale, or clearanced to clear out space for new merchandise.
  2. Cost: Venues, hotels, and other rental items and property can be cheaper in this “off season” because fewer bookings of wedding venues during a specific month or week leads to owners lowering prices to fill the gaps and get a paycheck. You can take advantage of these dates and get hotels and banquet halls at a fraction of the cost you would in the middle of summer.
  3. Taking time off: It’s common for both members of a couple to be working full time right up until the day of the wedding, so asking for a few days off or a week or so away from work may be easier in the first half of fall because the summer crowd has already taken their vacation days and the crowd wanting holidays off are awaiting their vacation days.
  4. Weather: While the temperature difference isn’t drastic between seasons here in Arizona, there may be just enough of a different to have a more comfortable outdoor ceremony.
  5. Uniqueness: The themes you can come up with during fall (fall colors are bold, but you have milder options as well) are only limited to your imagination. Bold reds, burgundy, and oranges lend themselves well to dramatic themes, and the brown tones can lead to great sports or earthy toned fairy-tale themes.
  6. Red Suspenders with Match Bow-Prom!!

    Red Suspenders with Match Bow-Prom!!

    Attire options: due to the lowered temperatures and general acceptance of indoor weddings during the fall, full sleeved gowns are a great option and men may be more comfortable in full suits than in the two previous seasons.

  7. Children: while early fall could mean families could pull children from school for a day or two for destination weddings, it could also mean you could limit the number of school-age children at your wedding without stating your lack of desire for children to be present. Keep it on a weekday when school is in session, in the afternoon.

It’s your day, so make the best of it and make sure the groom and his groomsmen look their best for your wonderful wedding this fall.

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should i hire a dj for my wedding

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Should you hire a DJ or a band?

wedding bands

wedding bands

wedding dj

wedding dj


This is a question we here from Bride and Groom’s all the time. The simple answer people think is, if you can afford a band then why not. I’ve been too a lot of wedding’s over my years in the Bridal and Tuxedo business and I love live music but sometimes having a DJ is not only cheaper but you can keep the music going and have all the songs you desire played, and when you want them played.


Some songs do sound way better when played by a live band and you can’t beat the reaction of the guest when some songs are play. Very hard to create with a DJ but some DJ really interacts and tries very hard to get the guest in the mood.


When you hire a DJ you usually meet with them way before the wedding and share your desired music you want played. One of the downsides of hiring a band is they maybe limited with the selection of music they offer. They maybe a great band but they may not know much about 80’s music or current vibes.


What people also forget is when you hire a DJ you also get an Emcee kind of. Usually a good DJ will keep the guest involved and help with all the formalities that go along with weddings, like toast, first dance, bride and Dad dance and the throwing Garter and flowers.


Space for a DJ or Band is also a huge concern. If the venue is big then you can go either way but if you’re wedding reception is in your back yard it maybe too small for even a drum set and the neighbors may not like either.


Can you skip a DJ and Band and create your own playlist and let it rip? Sure. This may save you a lot of money but like my friend Tony say’s from System Mobile DJ in Phoenix, AZ, playing your own music always has it’s issues and have more to deal with during a wedding reception than keeping the music flowing.


At Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix and Mesa we can help make your DJ look good with a Tuxedo that matches your theme or a vest and bow tie. And of course we can take care of your entire wedding guest with the latest designer tuxedos, from the Grey Allure tuxedo to a Blue slate tux and even some old school Double Breasted suits. We have 3 locations to serve you and the best Fall Wedding Tuxedo rental prices and selection. Best wishes to all. We also have a preferred Wedding vendor page on our Rose Tuxedo web site that can help you choose a great DJ, Wedding Cake company and more.

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social media wedding planning

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The Bride, The Groom and Social Media social-media-sites-for-your-wedding (1)

The tools available to assist bride and grooms in their wedding preparations have greatly increased since the advancement of technology with computers, laptops, smart phones and the creation of social media sites. Once upon a time a future bride had to pour over a stack of wedding magazines for hours looking for the perfect dress. She would have to spend countless hours driving to wedding locations looking over the selections for her price range and fit. It was a daunting task not to mention all the planning that had to be completed as well as the search for the groom’s attire.Today compared to yesteryear is a piece of cake, wedding cake that is. With the explosion of social media sites engaged couples can find everything from event planning, creative cake ideas, wedding gowns, tux selection, wedding party attire, reception ideas, music selections and honeymoon destinations. With the convenience of social networking, brides can find practically everything they need from start to finish without leaving the house. Not to leave the groom out, Rose Tuxedo makes every effort to make his search for the right tuxedo effortless with the availability of a constantly updated website and weekly blogs. The groom will look his best as Rose Tuxedo specializes in the latest designer men formal wear styles.

There are numerous social media sites that can assist a couple in wedding planning including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tublr, Twitter, Youtube and more. A bride can find wedding ideas, diy projects, color schemes, gown photos and more on Pinterest. A groom may follow Rose Tuxedo or visit numerous wedding vendors on Instagram and Twitter. The happy couple may get ideas from friends and relatives’ news feeds on Facebook. All of these social media sites are also a great way to select a wedding photographer as a couple can view much of their portfolio online. The possibilities are endless and Rose Tuxedo is part of this social media revolution with weekly blogs, updates and wedding information to assist the future bride and groom in their wedding planning needs. Never has it been so easy to say “I Do.”


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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