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History of the Tuxedo

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The tuxedo today is a symbol of power, money, and importance. It is worn for fancy parties and weddings, and by super spies and celebrities. Like everything else we see in the world of fashion, the tuxedo has a backstory.

The 1860’s began in increased popularity of activities taken place outside for the English middle and upper class. This led to the lounge suit (known in the US today as a standard suit)as an alternative to formal day wear and the evening tailcoat. Another ancestor of the tuxedo is the silk smoking jacket and matching pants ordered by the Prince of Wales (Edward VII).

The tuxedo concept (alternatives for a dress coat) was initially introduced to North America in the fall and summer of 1886. The style varied between waist length and the more conventional suit jacket cut. Tuxedo Park in upstate New York featured some guests attending the Autumn Ball wearing a dress coat which did not contain a tail as commonly worn. It may have been a mess jacket or a more conventional dinner jacket, but the lack of tailcoats paved the way for the modern tuxedo.

Early tuxedo jackets featured two buttons or no buttons with a shawl collar faced in satin or ribbed silk. Later, in the 20th century, the peaked lapel was introduced and became popular and the style utilizing a single button became the standard. At this time, the Oxford grey or a shade of dark blue was highly common. During WWI and again in the 1930’s, midnight blue became a popular alternative to favor with tuxedos . Notch lapels became popular in the 1920’s. Around the 1930’s, the stripe of braid covering the out seam on the legs of the trousers became standard and both the double breasted jacket and white jackets became popular during warmer weather.

Variants of color began popping out in the 1950’s for warmer seasons and by the 1960’s, colors were worn throughout the year and notch lapels came back into fashion. The 1970’s brought on a wide variety of colors for rental purposes. The 1980’s interestingly brought back the classic black style tuxedos (which is surprising due to the love of neon in the 80’s). During this time, the notch lapels returned and have not left. The 1990’s brought in some more traits resembling business suits , including 2-3 button syles, flap pockets, and centre vents. While much of the structure and colors have remained popular since the 1980’s, Midnight blue has once again become a popular option.

Regardless of what era your love of tuxedos stems from, Rose Tuxedo will do what we can to meet your tuxedo needs, whether you want a more classic black or midnight blue or you want to delve into the 1970’s powder blue or other interesting colors. Contact us to schedule a fitting and check out our selection for all of your suit and tuxedo needs. While the tuxedo and suit fashion has changed, the general idea is still the same: men look great in suits and tuxedos!

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10 Costume Ideas with Suits and Tuxedos!

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Halloween is fast approaching! We already discussed how to use a suit to look and feel like a super spy, but today we’ll throw out some ideas for a Halloween costume that will make you look amazing and be of a higher quality than those Costume-In-A-Bag rip offs! High quality and better fitting costume ideas are here with Rose Tuxedo Rentals!

    1. Super Heroes: Toss on a Superman shirt under your shirt and suit and unbutton the shirt just enough to let the logo shine through. Or, put on the suit and tell people you’re Batman when he’s not being Batman. It can also give you a good excuse to leave a conversation early by saying “My city needs me!” and showing your super hero shirt underneath and dashing away.
    2. Sterling Archer: The FX show Archer features a spy who sometimes doesn’t know what he’s doing but manages to be hilarious and successful anyway. Rent a black suit and tie and carry around a drink or flask at all times, slick back your hair, and you’re Archer.
  1. Slenderman: The hit horror video game features a faceless being in a black suit and tie. Simple and terrifying for those who have played the game!
  2. Barney Stinson: NPH in his classic suit attire on the hit show How I Met Your Mother is the perfect costume idea. Who doesn’t look amazing in a suit? Be a lady killer and be dressed up for Halloween at the same time.
  3. Office Zombie: Rent a basic, boring suit and pop on some zombie makeup and walk around like your leg is broken and you’ve got the perfect costume for the office party!
  4. Blues Brothers: Get your buddies together and rent matching suits and carry around guitar cases and live your dreams of being one of the infamous Blues Brothers, just don’t forget the hats and sunglasses.
  5. Men in Black: Speaking of sunglasses, fashion up one of those memory-erasing devices and get a classy suit and run around talking about aliens—even better if someone’s at the party dressed as some being from outer space!
  6. Anthropomorphized Penguin: Everyone says penguins look like they’re wearing a tuxedo. Use some face paint or get a mask and you will be the best dressed penguin at the whole party.
  7. Psy from Gangnam Style: Blue suit jacket with black trim and black slacks and you can run around doing the Gangnam Style dance and be the hit of the party. The song may not be going viral anymore, but bring that back!
  8. Steam Punk: Rent a three-piece suit or just the pants and vest and spruce it up with some Steam Punk gadgets (homemade or store bought) and pop some metal goggles on a top hat and watch the ladies swoon! This is done best with dark browns with leather and metal accents.

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Fall Weddings work Tradition into the Seasons!

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We all know the little poem brides cling to for superstitious and traditional reasons: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. With Fall underway, you may want to think of some new and interesting ways to incorporate the season with the tradition for a wedding everyone will remember!

Something Old: Work in some leaves which have changed to their orange, red, and brown fall color shift. Press some leaves early in the season and work them into the bouquet and maybe even place some leaves (real or fake) throughout the table settings. For the guys: take the pocket scarf and use “autumn” colors and maybe work in the leaf shape somewhere.

Something New: It’s a new season, with new fashion trends for men and women. Use this to your advantage. Take this time to buy a new piece of jewelry for your lady for her to wear, or purchase a scarf/sash for her dress to go with the fall theme. Fall represents things dying off, but it also means losing something to regain vitality. Leaves die so new ones can grow in stronger and greener than before. Your wedding marks the end of one era so a new one can begin with the two of you. Respect her wishes and even if she asks for something insane, remember that your new partnership will require both of you “losing” a few things to gain something better in return.

Something Borrowed: One cute way to accommodate this is in the fashion. You or your bride can borrow something from each others wardrobe, or “borrow” something from the previous season of fashion.

Something Blue: When you think of autumn, you probably do not think of blue. However, have you ever noticed just how bright blue the sky is in the fall when the skies are clear? Even the night sky tends to adopt a dark blue instead of black. Mountains take on a blue hue, lakes and rivers grow with rain, and blue can definitely be a festive color for the fashion conscious. Try Cobalt, cerulean, navy, turquoise, azure, teal, and other blues with purple or green tints. Several of these compliment all complexions and will look great as accent pieces, decorations, flowers, and more.

Tips for Grooms to bring in the autumn feeling with their tuxedos:

  • Black and white for the tux is traditional, but discuss adding a pop of orange or a deep red (crimson, burgundy, etc) instead of black, white, and fire-engine-red may show her how much you really care about looking great.
  • Outside weddings in a leafy environment in the fall can be incredibly beautiful, just have a backup in case your venue is in an area expecting heavy rain in the fall.
  • Pocket squares, ties, vests, socks, and watches can add a great pop of color regardless of color scheme. You don’t have to have your men in random colored shirts when the tie and pocket square will look better on everyone.
  • Seasonal colors for a wedding will decrease the chance of you forgetting the date of the anniversary. If you see a picture on your desk with fall colors at your wedding, September will come around and you’ll remember it’s coming up. Fall Weddings in Arizona are a beautiful time of year.

Never underestimate the power of colorful accents in a wedding. Call us today to set up an appointment to look at our suit and tuxedo rentals and ask us about our color varieties.

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Embrace Fall With Suits

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It’s been officially Fall for a few days now, and styles for you gentlemen will be changing rapidly. This week we’ll discuss some tips for dressing for the season and some new trends popping up in men’s suits.

Things that never change:

  1. Suits (that fit) will always look great.
  2. Slim fit, two-buttoned suits are always in.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

What to expect this season:

The one-button suit is becoming somewhat popular again. Collars are beginning to follow the peaking fashion while getting bigger with new textures breaking through. Suit-wearers are looking for staying warm and looking great, so tweed, wool, and cashmere are coming back to keep gentlemen comfortable. These re-emerging fabrics lead to increased texture which can add thickness and detail for an intriguing look.

                Despite the added bulk of suits, shirts, and pants, suits for fall are expected to be slim fitting but are likely to lean towards vintage cuts. These slim and vintage cuts will come close to the body so the added bulk of material does not have our men looking heavy and uncomfortable—movement is key. A slim fit may sound scary, but when tailored correctly you’ll look like a million bucks! Step out of your comfort zone a little and try something new (you can always opt to rent a suit before you buy one).The third piece of the adored three-piece-suit may make a comeback this fall, added warmth and a change-up of style.

Colors will be changing slightly. Showing up in bright floral colors will be replaced with darker hues and more colors resembling the changing leaves. The earth is changing, and so is a gentleman’s expected attire. Bold patterns with floral accents will not be shunned, but solid colors will make a clearer statement. The subtle switch from stripes to solids may make change your fall look drastically. Don’t show up to a Fall wedding in Summer colors; look like the classy man you are and trade that powder blue in for a brown or orange or some green. In a few months the trees will be renewed with fresh green leaves and you can bring back your bright colors but for now, take some notes from nature.

As a reminder, Rose Tuxedo is here for all of your suit and tuxedo rentals (and purchases). Our amazing associates will help you pick out the right color, fit, and style for your next big shindig or your brother’s wedding. Rent a tuxedo for that random event or start adding stylish pieces to your wardrobe you can wear year after year. Women’s fashion tends to change every season and there are few repeats between last fall and this fall, but lucky for you men, you can always invest in the classics and still look trendy, classy, and handsome.

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Wearing A Suit: How To Be A Super-Spy

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A suit or tuxedo can be the best investment a man can make, but it can also be a lot of fun! Rent one for special events or for a Halloween costume. So many Halloween costume ideas are overplayed and make men look frumpy, awkward, or childish. Renting or owning a tuxedo/suit opens the doors to many amazing costume ideas from your Super Spy alter ego to Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, James Bond, or Barney from “How I Met Your Mother.” You’ll look great and everyone will think you’re loaded (figuratively in every sense of the word). Get your suit here for a great Halloween costume and something nice to wear to your cousin’s wedding you’re being forced to go to.

Like any good superspy or covert operations agent, you’ll need a suit or a tuxedo if it won’t draw extra attention to yourself. Don’t show up to a stranger’s wedding or a place of business in a full tuxedo—stick with a suit, maybe even leave the jacket or vest at home. Read here for ways to wear any combination of suit pieces for nearly any occasion!

When picking out your super-spy suit, pick one that is fitted to your body type—this means you may have to have it tailored, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Wearing the right clothing will make you look leaner and more confident when you swagger around looking like James Bond and NPH had a baby.

Suit jackets and vests are great for hiding gear! Mobsters always find great ways to conceal weapons with fancy holsters from head to toe, so you can hide just about anything in the right suit. Hide a radio, recorder, intelligence sheets, and more on your person with jacket or vest pockets, garters, and more. Buy one of those fancy camera pens and put it in your coat pocket and use your Bluetooth headset to look like a busy professional while you’re actually getting information from home base! Or, you know, stalk your buddy to find out what he wants for his birthday.

From firearms to flasks, suit pockets are ideal for concealing items (Warning: smuggling guns or alcohol is dangerous and can cause legal repercussions, proceed with caution). From undercover police or legitimate spies to the average Joe at a “dry” event, a suit may be mildly inconvenient if you’re not used to it but between how amazing you’ll look to all of the ways you can use it to your advantage, it’ll be worth it in the end. Special belts with holsters, breast pockets, and more can hold nearly anything you can imagine. Tips for carrying weapons can just as easily work for other items—especially for covert operations! If dressing up for a costume party, skip the real guns and go with Nerf, paintball/airsoft, water guns, or other fairly-obviously fake weapons to prevent scaring anyone.

No one will recognize you when you’re dressed to the nines in one of our fantastic suits, meaning you can sneak up on your own mother and she won’t realize it’s you until you speak. On the other hand, you can blend in at business functions and spy on your boss to find out if he loves you, hates you, or wants to promote or fire you. Use stealth and blend in to the crowd and no one will be the wiser.



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