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Are you ready for Prom 2017?

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Spring is amost over, guys, are you ready for graduation yet? This is an important stage in your life and you’re undergoing a major transition. And you should mark it in grand style. Hence, the prom

Are you ready for prom night 2017? Ready to say goodbye to all of your teachers and to those class mates that you know you will not be staying in touch with? Are you ready to climb the next step of your evolution? Are you ready to end a great and confusing and wonderful time of your life just to start another one?

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Well, these are things that, fortunately you still have a bit of time to think about. However, you also need to think about graduation day and the preparations you need to make for it, especially if you are supposed to give a speech and speak in front of the entire school. If you really are going to give that speech, than you should be prepared and, most importantly, you should make sure to look absolutely amazing. However, you should make a point out of looking absolutely amazing even if you are not giving that speech.

Now, we all know that the traditional attire for any high school graduation ceremony is the classic cap and gown. However, even if you are somehow covered by them, you should still wear something incredibly classy underneath. A cap and gown will never go well with shorts and flip flops, but with a great looking graduation suit . You should definitely think long and hard about what you want to wear on your graduation day.

First of all, a classy looking graduation suit will also look amazing in photos. This way you can take all the selfies you want, because you will look absolutely fabulous in all of them. More than that, wearing an amazing graduation suit will also mean that your parents and relatives could get a great reminder out of it.


Second of all, we all know that graduations never end with everyone going back home and watching TV. There will surely be a party or some sort of a gathering at someone’s place. So wouldn’t you rather show up in your amazing graduation suit? Just think of what all the girls are going to say and think just how much you will be admired and even envied. So if you want to make a great impression at the after party, an amazing graduation suit is the way to go.

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Middle School Graduation Suits!

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While the colleges have all graduated by now there’s still some public schools who have not yet let out, so you may only have a few more days (or weeks) to rent a suit for graduation!

Eighth grade graduation often gets left out in the celebrations. Kingergarten is a big deal with a lot of families and sometimes elementary school graduation is celebrated because the graduate is about to enter an entirely new realm of school. The jump from middle school to high school isn’t often seen as a big deal, but it is! You’re going from a mid-level school to a school that will be directly preparing you for adulthood! Puberty is in full swing (or nearing completion) and it’s time to start thinking about sports, colleges, careers, and maybe even a job by the end of high school! Graduating from 8th grade is a big deal and your graduate should look his best for this great day.

Not all middle schools have a graduation with a cap and gown, so either way, your young men should look their best. Some schools require a sense of uniformity for graduates (like black pants with shite shirts or school colors) so get in touch with your school before purchasing or renting the proper attire.

If the ceremony is indoors maybe consider forgoing the suit jacket until dinner that night or the after-party. Indoor ceremonies should include a jacket, or at least consider it as a viable option. Dress slacks and a nice shirt should be worn, especially to prepare these young men for the school formal dances they’ll encounter in high school!

Not everyone makes these graduations up to be a big deal and that’s ok. But if your child’s school is having a ceremony it wouldn’t hurt to rent a suit (or suit sans jacket) so he can blend in. There’s nothing worse than sticking out and it could serve him well to teach him that sometimes it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. If your graduate doesn’t want a big party (or you don’t want to, or can’t, throw one) it’s not a big deal, but don’t let him graduate wearing jeans and a t-shirt!

Middle school and elementary school graduation parties might be a good idea if you have an older graduate who either just graduated or is about to around the same time. Celebrating the achievements of high school and above but not the graduations of the stepping stones that came before can make a younger child feel left out of unimportant. This isn’t to say you need to throw two (or more) huge parties, but make your young man feel special by renting a suit, giving him a small gift, or having some of his fellow-graduates come over for a celebratory party.

Whatever your suit and tuxedo needs, Rose Tuxedo is here for all sizes, shapes, colors, and style so formal wear for every occasion!


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