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Groomsman Tuxedo and suit rentals

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The Wedding Groomsman’s Duties and Dress

Groomsman Tuxedo, Besides the Bride, the Groom, and the Maid of Honor and Best Man, all eyes of those attending any wedding are on the entire wedding party lined up on the outside of the altar up front in a church, or on a beautiful sandy beach. Groomsmen are a special part of the group in that they are standing up for their Groom, and escorting the bride’s party back down the aisle after the vows are spoken. This demands a graceful presence and demeanor, and never upstaging the Groom. groomsmen tuxedos

Groomsmen are expected to attend all pre-wedding functions, including ceremony rehearsals, rehearsal dinners, groom parties, and of course, the traditional wedding-night-eve bachelor party. This means meeting with the Best Man to help plan and organize. This may mean helping choose a venue for any of the possible celebrations, being available to help set up or drive other party members to and from the chosen place, if they need a ride, or be ready to make a quick, emergency shopping trip should anything be needed that comes up.

Helping with decorating the wedding-honeymoon getaway-car with bridesmaids is a fun, and maybe silly tradition, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be in a new and exciting way, or with a theme that has special meaning for the special couple. groomsmen tux rentals

They help usher guests to their seats and on their side of the aisle, usually seating bride guests on the left, groom guests on the right as you face the church front.

Purchasing a gift for the Groom, either on their own or in collaboration with other wedding party members is an unspoken but probably expected courtesy. It can be in addition to a regular wedding gift, or just for the groom personally. Having a “bro party” which is the flip coin of the bride’s shower is a great idea!

At the reception, they will be in the receiving line to greet guests, they will sit at the wedding couple’s table, and may be asked to dance with the bridesmaids or other single women on their own at the reception.

Groomsmen also pay for the rental of their own tux. Awaiting special instructions by the groom regarding style and color, there are many styles for the groom to choose from. Ties, pocket squares, cummerbunds and shoes are all part of the suit,and should look uniform if that is the preference of the groom. Boutineers are pinned to the left lapel and usually match other Groomsmen but the groom traditionally sports a more extravagant style.

There are as many shops and sites for wedding wear as there are weddings, but you will want to go with what the groom and/or best man directs. Prices for rentals can range from $75 all the way up to the $1000’s, but the average price to date is $150. Some rent the whole tuxedo together as one unit, and some rent out each part separately. groomsmen attire

Jean Yves has created a brand new tuxedo line called, “Allure Men” which brings together bright colors and vibrant hues and encourages mixing-it-up to step away from the traditional “they all look alike” attitude of wedding parties gone by.

Latest trends in tuxes should be in your finer department stores, such as Macys, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Hugo Boss, etc. There are now online budget and clearance prices on purchase and rental of tuxes. Theblacktux.com, generationtux.com, theknot.com, and designer suits at menguin.com, rosetuxedo.com. In most cases, the groom or best man will direct all Groomsmen to rent from the same shop. As always, the best tuxedos are custom fit to look great on each Groomsman. Our past blogs always say to beware with online tuxedo rentals because they just don’t fit perfect, shop local and save and get a great tuxedo rental or suit rental at a great price. Rose Tuxedo has tailors on staff everyday to make major or minor tux alterations and suit alterations. Call now for a free quote on any Men’s formal wear needs. 602 957-0089

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How To Be a Good Groomsman

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  1. Don’t be jealous: this mainly goes or those groomsmen who thought they would be the best man. Just because you weren’t picked at best man doesn’t mean the groom doesn’t think you’re amazing and treasure you. Just think, you can enjoy the wedding without the stress of being expected to give a speech and you got to enjoy the bachelor party without being the main planner. But if you’re asked to help, don’t be a jerk and refuse since you weren’t chosen as Best Man.
    2. Don’t get drunk and act a fool: Whether the wedding is open bar or someone sneaks alcohol in, wait untl  after the ceremony to have more than a drink or two. Know your drinking limits and avoid even getting tipsy. Your man needs you at your best for the most important night of his life.
    3. Suit or Tux rules: After you’ve probably rented a tuxedo or suit to match your fellow groomsmen (from Rose Tuxedo we hope) there are a few things to remember,
    A. If you have it before the wedding, keep it hanging and make sure it’s wrinkle free for the big day.
    B. Ensure everything is worn correctly. This goes for the style of knot for the tie, location and shape off pocket squares, cufflinks, cummerbunds, hats, and more.
    C. Make sure your shoes are clean and polished if that is how the groom wants them.
    D. Avoid adding extra personal touches because you need to blend in with the other groomsmen.
    4. Stay composed: A stray tear here and there is fine, but try to avoid audible sobs, loud cheers, or other outburst during the ceremony.
    5. Be a gentleman: Most weddings pair off groomsmen and bridesmaids– no matter who you’re paired with, be courteous, even if it’s someone you dislike or if you preferred to be paired with another bridesmaid. There’s a reason you were paired with her. Respect the choices of your friend and his bride
    6. Posture: this should go without saying, but here’s a friendly reminder– stand up straight and communicate with the bride and groom about stances (such as military stances, distance from others, etc.)
    7. Have fun: This is a big day for your friends or family, so once the party begins, don’t be afraid to let loose a little. Still be a gentleman and have some composure, but throw back a few drinks, mingle with people, cheer loudly, snag your buddies for group photos, etc.
    8. Tell her she is beautiful: Simple. Tell the bride and her bridesmaids and the mother of the bride how beautiful they are. This is especially sweet to the bridesmaids if the dresses were a strange choice.
    9. Recommend a song: This goes for the DJ or before the party when the bride and groom are making a song lists. A song you and the groom sing in the car, a song you think the bride will love, or a great dance track to show off your moves.
    10. Consider getting a group gift for the bride and groom with the other groomsmen: Wedding gifts can be tough, Get everyone in the bridal party to pitch in and get something the bride and groom really want or need. Give them gift cards for nice dinners out on their honey moon, or surprise them with an upgrade to their limo or other transportation to or from the wedding. Make it special– not just something boring on their registry,

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Tuxedo Fitting Days With Rose’s Experts

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Tuxedo Fitting Days

So much is said about a bride’s fitting days, but the groom will also need to have a final fitting for his tuxedo or suit. It’s far more than just checking that the jacket fits, though.

The usual time to schedule a fitting day, or try-on day, for your wedding attire is two or three days before your big day. In general, if your wedding is on a Saturday, you should plan on doing the final fitting on the Thursday before. You can come in any time, but the busiest times are always before noon and after 4pm.

tuxedo rosetux-fitting

When you come in for your fitting, you will go into a dressing and put everything on. Here at Rose Tuxedo we have a tailor on duty, so that if something needs alterations it can be done right away. In most cases, it can be done while you wait.

Having formal wear experts on hand is important. We know what to look for when it comes to the proper fit of a tuxedo or suit. We make sure that every part of your suit or tuxedo fits you properly, from your coat to your shoes.

The most common alterations that need to be made are the coat sleeves or pant length needing to be taken up or down. Having a tailor on hand means this can be handled without any stress. Similarly, having plenty of local stock means that if you find you need a different size for your shirt or shoes, there’s no problem in changing it.

When you come for your final fitting, you shouldn’t leave until everything fits correctly and is comfortable. We want all of our customers to dance the night away and take lots of pictures. We want you to look great, whether you’re the groom, the best man, or a guest. After all, you never know who you’ll meet and who might be getting married next!

The first step to finding the perfect suit or tuxedo for your wedding is finding the right formal wear shop. At Rose Tuxedos, we have locations around Arizona and all of our stock is kept in-state. Glendale AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Phoenix AZ, Gilbert AZ. Come by one of our shops or give us a call to find out more about the services we offer.


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