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You Still Have Time to Get Ready for Prom! Rent your Tuxedo, Man!

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Prom Tuxedos

It’s never too late to get yourself ready for prom.  So what if you have put it off ’til now?  Everybody knows it’s not over ’til it’s over, right? Take a look at this coupon and tell me if you can find a better deal than this anywhere in the Phoenix area.  You can’t, we promise you that.

prom tuxedo coupon special 2014


And on top of that take a look at this tremendous promotion:

Starting at $69.95 (one style and  shoes and vest not included) $99.95

Classic Collection Tuxedo Rentals , Complete-8 Styles; (plus tax & waiver)

Prices good through April 29th, 2014. “Your going to love, the way you save.”

NW – 602 375-8280, Central Phx – 602 957-0089, Mesa – 480 831-5255

Arizona’s Prom Store

Email me directly with any questions: service@rosetuxedoaz.com

O.K., now that we have that part settled, let me tell you what happened to a friend of mine.  He had everything ready for prom, and I do mean everything.



Dinner reservations…check

Tux …check

When he got in the limo with the other guys to pick up their dates, one of the other guys asked him if he had his prom tickets.  He said, “What?”.  The guys asked him to stop joking around and go back in the house and get his prom tickets. My friend turned pale and said, “I forgot to get tickets.  They’ll let me buy them at the door, right?”.  The guys all shouted in one loud voice, “NO!”.  You had to get your tickets by last Thursday, they informed him.  They were so desperate at this point that one of them called their principal to ask if there was some way to get around this problem.  The principal basically said” tough bananas”.

The moral of the story is get your tickets tomorrow.

Here’s one more true prom story.  Another friend of mine got reservations for his posse and their dates at a great seafood restaurant.  It was very fancy and impressed the girls beyond their expectations.  My friend was being all debonair and cool, and asked his girlfriend what she would like to eat, and she said lobster.  That made him a little nervous since it was the most expensive thing on the menu, but, hey, you only live once, right?

When everyone was finished, they get back in the limo, and then were off to the dance.  My friend’s date is having a ball.  He looks over at her, delighted that she is having so much fun, and, to his horror, her face had swollen to double its normal size. About this time, everyone notices what was happening, and their looks of terror make the girl go crazy.  When she looked in a mirror and saw her face, she started boo-hooing.

The limo driver takes off for the nearest emergency room, and the minute she walks in, one of the nurses says,”Have you eaten any shellfish tonight?”  Yep, she was having an allergic reaction.  The rest of the crew went on to the dance, and my friend’s date had to spend the night in the hospital.  She did tell my friend to go to the dance and have fun, and he did.  By the next day she was fine.

The moral to that story is that prom night is always an adventure.

Call Rose Tuxedo Arizona and rent your tux, then you can see how your prom night turns out.

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Prom Night, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Prom Night: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

promYes, we have talked about this before, but now you have let it slip up on you and you are freaking out.  What are we talking about?  Prom, Mr. Clueless, prom is what we are talking about.   If you don’t have a date by now, you need to ask someone, pronto.  But, truly, you can go to the prom with some of your posse, too.  It’s O.K. to go to prom without a date.  You could even say it might be a little more fun because you can dance with all the girls and no one will be upset. Plus, you can still do all the fun things with your friends.  Remember, prom is like a rite of passage.  Everybody can remember their prom night, even when they get old.  So, don’t miss it, even though you forgot to get a date.

Another cool thing about prom night is you get dressed up.  Trust me, it’s fun.  If you can afford it, GO!  If money is tight, it never hurts to ask for a discount on your tuxedo rental.  You never know ’til you ask.

If you have a date, but you’re worried about the financial challenge of it all, ask the flower folks for a discount; the restaurant folks for a discount; find some promotions you can use to lessen the price of the meal.  Most businesses will bend over backwards to help you.  Remember what I said about never forgetting your prom night?

I have a nephew who is a Senior and he’s talking about not going because he asked a few girls and they already had dates. If that happens, check with some of your friends, guys or girls,  because they may know another person who wants to go, but , just like you, doesn’t have a date.  Most importantly, never, I repeat, never miss prom because you are too shy, embarrassed, or nervous to ask a girl.  Every guy feels that way.  Even the ones who look so cool and suave.   Get over it!  The school year is almost over, and it may be a long time before you see some of your friends  Then you’ll get an invitation to your ten year reunion, and see that girl that you wanted to ask to prom, but just couldn’t.  And, believe me, you’ll say to yourself,”What the heck was wrong with me?”

Here’s another thing.  When you are deciding what to wear to prom, you don’t have to be all matchy, matchy with your date.  A fun idea is to go with the theme of prom.  Like if it’s tropical islands, ask someone to help you pick a white suit; or if it’s movie star night, wear a fancy schmancy tuxedo.  If you don’t want to be noticed too much, your best idea would be to wear a basic, black tuxedo.  It’s not expensive to rent, and you’ll mix in with everybody else.  Plus, the girls will love it.

If you can possibly go, then you must go.  Stand up straight, put your shoulders back, chin up, and have a great big smile on your face.  You’re almost out of school.  You have terrific adventures before you.  If you can’t possibly make it, that’s O.K., too.  Don’t worry about it.  Hey, you are about to graduate.  Have fun and be happy.  Let me tell you because I know, this is one of the best times of your life in many ways.  If you do go…HAVE FUN!

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Rose Tuxedo: Pretty Soon You’re Going to Need a Tuxedo

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Rose Tuxedo: Pretty Soon You’re Going to Need a Tuxedo

Rose tuxedo Grey suit or tuxedoThis is one of those times of year that is going to be full of events that will require formal wear.  What with proms, weddings, graduation parties, now is the time for you to think about renting what you are going to need for these special occasions.  Lucky for you, if you live in the greater Phoenix area, you have access to one of the most experienced and reputable tuxedo rental businesses anywhere in the country.  That’s right, Phoenix’s very own formal wear experts, Rose Tuxedo.  Don’t even think of renting your tux anywhere else.  The reasons are:

  • Rose knows how to dress men from Arizona because we have been doing just that for over 25 years.
  • The big box stores like Men’s Wearhouse, Bridal Shops,  and Mobile Tuxedo Company, don’t get their tuxedos  in until late in the day on Thursdays and Fridays.  Thursday or Friday, depending on which weekend date the event is going to take place, is one day before the special event.  Local rental businesses, like Tuxedo Specialists, can get the tuxedos  ready early because we have our own stock. Do you want to wait one day before your wedding, prom, or party to try on your tuxedo?  The answer is “NO”.
  • You are going to get personal attention at Rose Tuxedo.  The fitting takes place right in the store.  Alterations are quick and easy.  This is another reason it is best to rent from a reputable local company like Rose Tuxedo.  Everyone makes mistakes, right?  If, after you get your measurements taken, you try on the tuxedo and it isn’t right, Rose can fix it in no time flat. Not so with the non-local stores.  Remember, our alterations are done on-sight, and we have the largest tuxedo inventory in the state.The men and women of Rose’s are going to assist you until you are satisfied with your garments.
  • Rose Tuxedo has a tremendous inventory of formal suits, tuxedos, vests, ties, bow ties, and shoes.  What you want to wear, you will find at Rose Tuxedo.  Think the color you want won’t be available?  Certainly not the case because Rose has any color, style, type, and size that you can come up with.
  • Did the bride, or your date, tell you what color pocket handkerchief, vest, or tie should be?  Have you never heard of such a color?  Not to worry, Rose Tuxedo has heard of it and can make sure you have it for the event.  We want to keep the ladies happy, right?
  • Also, another reason your lady will be glad you chose Rose Tuxedo is because we have our style choices on Pinterest.  Trust us, she will be tickled pink; or maybe lavender, dusty rose, or mauve.
  • Rose Tuxedo is affordable.  We have rentals for $40 less than the big box stores.
  • Ever heard of a Western tuxedo?  Look on Pinterest.  If you’re a western kind of dude, you will love this style of tuxedo, and Rose Tuxedo has them.

Call Rose Tuxedo, Phoenix, or browse around our website.  When you decide what you want, come on down to one of our three convenient locations and we will have you fixed up in a flash.


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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Prom, but were Afraid to Ask

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Prom Tuxedos

Prom TuxedosEverybody knows that prom night is one of the most special nights ever.  Rose tuxedo is the place to go for expert advice, beautiful formal wear, and the latest trends.  Those who want to prom tuxedos need to get on the ball.  It’s really a very easy process.  Getting ready for the prom goes a little something like this:

1.  Find the right girl.  This can be difficult because you want to make sure that you get a “yes”, so ask now!

2.    Keep those grades up , because you don’t want to get grounded before the big day.  Also, stay out of trouble for the same reason.

3. O.K., you have the most important things out of the way.  Now it is time to think about how much money you are going to need for the prom.  Once you have your finances in order, it’s time to look for some “around the house jobs” you could do, or get a part-time job at the grocery store, your pick.

4.  What about transportation?  If you don’t have a car, it’s time to talk to dad about borrowing his car for the night, if his car is the best car in the family.  If you have your own car, you are lucky.  If you don’t, get with your buddies and decide who you can double-date with.

5.  Find out what color your date’s prom dress is so that you can complement that color through your boutonniere, your pocket handkerchief, your socks, or your bow tie or tie. The exact same color can be very fetching.  Rose Tuxedo has almost every color she can come up with.  This will also earn you points with your date.

6.  Speaking of boutonniere, you are supposed to get the girl a corsage, a wrist corsage, or a hair flower.  Ask her which one she wants and order it now.  The florist will have it ready for you on prom night, and if you order early, you will get exactly what you want.  Your date will probably get your boutonniere for you, but it’s O.K. to ask.

7.Call Rose Tuxedo of Arizona to ask them about tuxes, suits, Western tuxedos, and anything else you need to know.  They will fill you in on when to come in for your fitting, shoes, tux accessories, anything at all you need help with.

8.  Call the restaurant you are going to take your date to, and make a reservation.  If you are going in a group, call to see if someone is going to take care of this part.  Just make sure you are in communication and don’t let anyone drop the ball.  The waiter’s tip should be 20%.  You don’t want to look like a cheapskate, do you?

9.  A day or two before the prom, go to Rose Tuxedo and get your tux, or whatever formal wear you are going to rent, fitted.

10.  The night of the prom, let your mother take your picture.  She will love this.  Your date’s mom is going to want to take your picture, too.  Be polite.  Now go to the prom; use good judgement; be safe and well-mannered; don’t be a goof-ball; and have fun!

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Rent a Tuxedo for Prom?

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 Rent a Tuxedo for Prom TuxedoWearhouse_Quinceanera_Cotillion

Rent a Tuxedo for Prom?

So you want to know how to rent a tuxedo for prom, but you don’t know where   to start? All you have to do is contact your nearest Rose Tuxedo in the Greater Phoenix Area and tell them what you need.  They are experienced in helping deck out guys for prom.  They will answer any questions you have, and they will be glad to assist you in finding and fitting your prom tux or suit.

One terrific help for guys who aren’t sure what kind of formal attire they are going to choose for their high school prom is the Gallery of styles, colors, and fabrics on Rose Tuxedo’s Pinterest page.  After reviewing that page, many of your questions will be answered.  Questions like, “Can you wear colored vests, colored shoes, and suits and tuxedos for prom?  Once you see the Gallery, you will see that the answer is “yes”.

Many young men use prom night to show their individuality, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Rose Tuxedo has plenty of choices, and knows that choices are necessary, since all guys aren’t alike.  Some young men like the idea of being their own person, but, also, really enjoy wearing a classic, timeless tuxedo.  A tuxedo jacket with black tie makes any guy look like a movie star.  At Rose Tuxedo, you can be fitted in a way that makes the tuxedo look like it belongs to you.  High School proms only come around once in a lifetime, so make the most of it by renting formal wear that is absolutely elegant.  The rental on your tux can range from$69.95 to $139.95 depending on what model you choose.  Rose Tuxedo usually runs about $40 less than the big chain stores. That means we can fit your budget without breaking the bank.

As already stated, you can wear a suit to the prom , as well.  Rose Tuxedo can fit you in many different suit colors and types. So the question, “Rent a tux for prom” could just as easily be “Rent a suit for prom?”  Again, look on site or on Pinterest, Rose Tuxedo and see the variety and colors of suits that are available for rental.  It is easier than you think.  Give Rose Tuxedo a week to 3 days notice of what you are going to be wanting, then get with your buddies and drive on down to the nearest Rose Tuxedo location and let them assemble and fit your shoes and suits and tuxedos for prom.  Returns are the next day and you can return at any of the Rose Tuxedo sites.

Just remember, have fun; keep the night safe; be gracious to all your classmates; and make your family proud.  Yes, your mom will probably shed a few tears when she takes your picture before you leave for the prom because that’s what moms do.  Just give her a big hug, take a look in the mirror, and go enjoy your night.

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November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

Live Chat most hours
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Mesa 1245 W. Baseline Rd. 480 831-5255

Arizona Tuxedo Headquarters, email me service@rosetuxedoaz.com

3 conveniently located stores in Phoenix and Mesa to service your tuxedo rentals and suit rental needs. When you want the best cost on suits call us 1st!