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Jim’s Formal Wear Phoenix AZ

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Who is Jim’s Formal Wear? Well, for starters they just celebrated over 50 years in the Men’s formal wear business. Their website Jim’s Formal Wear says- 1922 Starting the family business. Leo Davis founded the Davis Family Clothing in Trenton, Illinois, a small city outside of St. Louis. Providing quality clothing and accessories for men and boys, Davis Family Clothing quickly became a modest success. After Leo’s death, his son Jim takes over the store, renaming it Jim’s Men’s and Boys’ Shop.  Jim, working with his brother, Allen, focus on providing their community with quality menswear products and excellent service at a fair price. 1964 Jim’s Formal Wear Launches Responding to his customers’ needs for quality formal wear rentals, Jim opened “Jim’s Formal Wear”. He purchased 200 black coats, 200 white coats, 600 formal shirts and a 900 square foot house near the men’s store in downtown Trenton as a tuxedo distribution center. He and his wife, Betty, took orders on a pad by the house’s kitchen phone. Doing business in a small town means that you really can’t afford to lose one customer and they spent all their effort providing exceptional service and expanding their customer base.  1964-1970’s: A family Affair Jim and his family members take orders, hem sleeves and pants, and assemble tuxedo orders. They even deliver the orders from the back of the family station wagon! Their example established the company’s culture of hard work and dedication to the customer.


Rapid growth occurs, due to the quality of Jim’s inventory and the impressive customer service demonstrated by the Davis family and the JFW employees. During this time, JFW expands to seven regional service centers in six states. 


Jim’s youngest son Gary and his wife June purchase Jim’s Formal Wear. Under their guidance, they grew the business to over seven times its size by making acquisitions, improving infrastructure, and investing in the latest technologies. So all of the above is taken from the Jim’s Formal Wear site. But what does this mean to you the consumer and all the Tuxedo Specialist around the States? It means your getting a great Men’s formal Wear product and service, the best out there.  So let me explain a little and help share what lots of Men’s formal Wear Specialist go through. Rose Tuxedo and other tuxedo shops buy the latest style and color tuxedos and men’s suits that come out every year. Also the latest designer formal wear vest and ties and bow ties. We even buy the newest style formal wear shoes that come out. Lately it’s been Brown shoes. We try to stock up with all the sizes that we need to fill multiple weddings and events each weekend. But, you can never own every size for every event and timing. It would be nice if every Tuxedo specialist could own every size in stock and available for many events each week.  So what does a Tuxedo Specialist do when they don’t own every Tuxedo rental or suit in stock and they need some? We use a Men’s formal Wear wholesaler to help fill our orders. That’s when Jim’s Formal Wear comes through for us and you the Tuxedo consumer, or better known as our awesome customers. Jim’s Formal Wear like so may other Formal Wear wholesalers carry a huge selection of sizes and designer styles in stock for just that reason, to ship them to Tuxedo specialist around the States. As you read above from Jim’s home page, they have grown and perfected this system down so that we can give you the same great product and service. They are the Tuxedo specialist life line and Jim’s has been doing an awesome job for over 50 years. Thank you Jim’s!! We love you and couldn’t do what we do best with out you. We you will see Jim’ catalog in many different locations around your state, bridal stores and more. When you do just remember all they do and they truly our a sign of quality. Rose Tuxedo has been using Jim’s formal wear in all 3 of our location for over 30 years. Quality, service and just great people over there. Happy Holidays to everyone at Jim’s and to everyone out there. Jim’s formal Wear model OUR PROMISE TO YOU IS TO PROVIDE QUALITY TUXEDOS WITH EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AT A FAIR PRICE. IT’S THE GUIDING PRINCIPLE BEHIND JFW FOR OVER 50 YEARS AND SOMETHING WE’LL ALWAYS BELIEVE IN.

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Tuxedo rentals from Catalogs

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Tuxedo rentals from Catalogs, things you should know.

So it’s time to rent a tuxedo or suit for a wedding, prom or some special event, you’ve done your research online or you know a local tuxedo rental shop your going to check out. When you get there you see some very nice designer tuxedos and suits on display but you don’t see the one you might be looking for. You ask the tuxedo specialist your working with if they have any more tuxedos to choose from or know of the one you want, here comes the Tuxedo Catalog with all the designer names, Ike Evening by Ike Behar, Jean Yves tuxedos, Ralph Lauren tuxs, Michael Kors Men’s formal Wear for rental, Joseph Abboud black tuxedo, After Six, Perry Ellis suits and Calvin Klein tuxedos


Why do some tuxedo and bridal shops use Tuxedo Catalogs?

Because it’s very hard to carry all of the latest style of designer tuxedos and suits rentals in stock. Most Tux specialist attend the IFA show (International Formal Wear Association) or meet with Formal Wear Sales person who comes through town and shows you all the latest tuxedos to choose from and purchase for the following year. This is when it gets hard for the Tuxedo shop owner, what styles and colors should they buy, what’s going to be popular, and what will customers be coming in and asking for. It’s never easy and unfortunately we can’t buy everything.

But the Tuxedo wholesaler buys almost every new style that comes out because they want to service every little Tuxedo operator across the USA. One and two store tuxedo shops use the Formal Wear wholesalers Catalog to offer their customers a wide range of Tuxedos and suits to choose from that they didn’t buy, but all this service comes with a nice price tag. paulmurrell

So you like a designer tuxedo rental from a Catalog

Jim’s Formal Wear or Paul Morrell catalog tuxedo rentals may have what your looking for, now what? The Tuxedo specialist will quote you a rental price from the catalog which is usually higher than any tuxedo or suit rental that they carry in stock, why? Because if you own something you can rent in or sell it much cheaper than if you have to pay a middle man (Tuxedo Wholesaler) for their product. A typical fee for the Tuxedo specialist to sub-rent a tuxedo from a catalog is $85 and that is usually does not included shoes (shoes weigh the shipping box down a lot, and the price goes up). Paying the sub rental price and shipping fees the local Tuxedo specialist has to make some money and will charge you a lot more. Every tuxedo shop varies their catalog tuxedo rental price depending on their over head and more. I’ve seen some tux shops charge from $125 to $250 for the same tuxedo rental out of the book. These are the same Tux Catalogs that every tux shop account owner gets.jimsformalwear

Some of the issues that a customer should be a ware

The big question when ordering a sub rental tuxedo from a Tux shops catalog is “how soon will the tuxedo arrive before the day of use”. The answer is usually 2 days before the event, one day before is also very common and the reason is, the Wholesaler does not ship out the suit rental or tux until the Monday before the weekend because they were possibly suing it the weekend before yours (most tux rental outfits are worn on the weekends) so even though you may order it one month before it still won’t not arrive until 2 days before you need it, scary right? Yes. Why? what if you were not measured correctly and something doesn’t fit? or what if the shipping box doesn’t arrive or gets lost? These are not fun things to think about before a big formal event. Formal Knight is a men’s formal wear wholesaler and they ship from California and that helps us at Rose Tuxedo get faster service in AZ. Rose Tuxedo has been in the men’s formal wear business since 1980 and is also a Premier account with all it’s Tux and suit Wholesale companies so we get special tux pricing and vip shipping, that helps our customers get their outfits faster and we can pass the rental savings on to you. formal-knight-tuxedos-logo

In my humbler opinion after 30 years in the Men’s formal Wear industry,

always try to find something a local Tuxedo shop has in stock. Most owners have bought some of the latest designer tuxedos and suit rentals available and you can usually get a better tuxedo rental price when it’s a suit or tux they own and carry in stock, plus same day rentals and easy tuxedo measurement corrections. But if you don’t see what your looking for then go for the catalog tuxedo rental and most of the time everything usually works out fine.

For those who don’t know

Men’s Wearhouse doesn’t own any of their Tuxedo or Suit rentals in stock, you heard that right. They have New tuxedo and suits you can buy on the racks but no rentals in the back room or racks, just ask them. Men’s Wear house gets all their tuxedo and suit rentals from their Tuxedo plant out of state. They have one or two big Men’s Wearhouse big plant’s that puts all the tux and suit rentals together and then ship them to their Men’s Wearhouse location’s across the United States, this is more scary than getting a tuxedo rental from a catalog.menswearhouse4

One of the other nice benefits of renting tux’s local

The money you spend in State stays in the economy, and most of the time you can pick up your tux outfit a day early if you ask or return it a day late, because it doesn’t need to be shipped back to anyone. I hope this helps you in your men’s formal wear renting process and if anything it should give you some idea on how the process is all done, and ease your mind on dressing up on some of the most important day and times of your life. Happy Holidays to all and Rose Tuxedo has 3 tuxedo shops in Arizona ready to help you for any Men’s formal wear need. You can also live chat me 7 days a week and ask a question or get a tuxedo rental quote. www.rosetuxedoaz.com tuxedo rentals



November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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