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New Years Eve Tuxedo

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New Years Eve Tuxedo
A tuxedo’s a type of clothing that instantaneously takes us back, reminding us of milestones and celebrations of the past. Many of us wish we could wear one again to be reminded of that feeling. Regrettably, there are not many occasions to do so. Luckily, however, this year a new tradition begins: The New Years Eve Tuxedo.

If you think about it, the New Years Eve Tuxedo had a long time coming. A worldwide celebration that’s all about fancy dinners, cocktail parties and glamour, new years eve is the perfect excuse to wear something special. However, because new years eve celebrations are usually formal, it can’t be just anything that’s unique for uniqueness sake. What you really want is something that’s fun and looks good, but also conveys a distinct sense of elegance. Designer tuxedo rentals and designer suit rentals can be rented way less than buying and you don’t have to worry about your tuxedo fitting next year.

There are very good reasons why tuxedos are a symbol of elegance. First of all, they bring back a time when class and formal styles of dressing were the norm in social situations. For that reason, people subconsciously associate tuxedos with elegance, distinction, honor and dignity. At the same time, however, tuxedos have a celebratory side that can’t be denied. This is because, unlike other types of formal suits, they are only worn on special occasions and moments of joy. The result is a perfect combination between formality and fun that’s perfect for a new years eve party. Even a nice tuxedo rental for cruise ship vacation.

As men, we have to admit we are often overshadowed by women when it’s time to dress up. While they put a lot of time and effort making themselves look impeccable, we tend to downplay the whole thing. Since it shows a similar level of effort and dedication, and highlights the fact that you’re participating of the celebration, a tuxedo is a fantastic way to show your commitment and enthusiasm. Not only will it make you look sophisticated and dashing, but it will also increase your arm-candy status by various points. With plenty of good looking people looking for a midnight kiss, new years eve may just be the perfect time to elevate your game for New Years Eve Tuxedo rental 2017. Tuxedo rental Phoenix .

Now, considering it is a special occasion, you will need to adjust your tuxedo to fit it. It may be tempting to try a new fancy style of tuxedo, or a funny variation of the classic style through a funny addition of some sort. You need to resist that temptation at all costs, aiming instead for a timeless and traditional look. However, that doesn’t mean you should go for a generic look. Before anything else, make sure the fit and proportion are right for your height, weight and type of body. It’s highly important that the jacket, trousers, turn down collar shirt, cummerbund and tie work together as a single unit. With tuxedos, the devil is really in the details, and you need to know how to use that in your favor. If you can afford it, get a made-to-measure tuxedo that complements your body type and, of course, allows you to dance all night and Rose Tuxedo can do that for you at a price that won’t break the bank. Same day tuxedo rentals Phoenix www.rosetuxedoaz.com or call us 602 957-0089

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Suit and Tuxedo Rental For This Christmas

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Suit and Tuxedo rental
TV and common opinion has made us to think that Tuxedos and suits are the standard clothing for weddings. And you don’t need it any other time except at a wedding. But that’s not true. You need a tuxedo and suit anytime when you need to look sharp, dapper and professional for any occasion.
holiday tuxedo
As we enter the Christmas season, there are dances and parties that will require the sharp look that you can only get from formal wear. Rentals are also a perfect choice for looking great in your senior yearbook photos. You can rent a suit, or just rent pants, a shirt, and a tie.
Besides it the cold season of winter, and you will need to put on a suit when you go to work to not look professional but keep warm. You can buy a tuxedo or suit to use daily but if your pocket isn’t loaded enough, you may be stuck with one color and one style. For those special occasions, you can rent a tuxedo or suit and present yourself as that good-looking mature man who has his business together.
Buying a suit might not be practical, but renting one always is. You can select a style that’s right for the occasion without the commitment of purchasing it. This is the ideal choice for young men who might not have many times they need to wear a suit or other formal wear.

We’re also approaching the New year and as much as you will be making new year’s resolutions, you should also resolve to look awesome any chance you get. And as your friend who cares, Rose tuxedo is here in Arizona to make sure looking great doesn’t make your wallet shrink.
Try your best to look great at all times. Appearance matters a lot and determines what someone you meet thinks of you. That mean the difference between getting a better job and being stuck in the old one. It can also mean the difference between getting a contract thus making more money and being broke. It could also mean the difference between being able and attracting the woman of your dreams.
The power of a suit or tuxedo in improving your look and impression is immense. You can’t afford to ignore it. Meet the professionals at Rose tuxedo today to fix you up with the best tuxedo rental that fits your unique body frame.

To find out more about renting a suit or tuxedo for a dance or party, get in touch with us today or come by our conveniently located Arizona branches. We have a lot, a whole lot of suits and Tuxedos in stock so you will never run out of choice of color or style.

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New Years Eve Attire

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New Years Eve Attire newyearseve2016

Slim Fit Tuxedo style

Slim Fit Tuxedo style


The holidays are one of the few times during the year that both men and women look forward to getting dressed up for, especially as so many wonderful events, both formal and semi-formal, take place during this time. Along with the usual festivities involving family and friends, many people are invited to office parties and social dinners and events. Although some of these gatherings may be informal, more often than not formal dress is encouraged.

New Years Eve is no exception. In fact, many people right here in Phoenix, AZ, see New Years Eve Attire men and woman as a special annual occasion to go all out with their look. This is especially true for those on the social scene who love to ring in the new year in style.

For Semi-Formal Attire

Semi-formal attire is often hard to define, but it is easiest to pin down as to what you would wear for an office party or dinner party, and you normally would wear a suit if you are a man or a cocktail dress if you are a woman. And regardless of who you are, your New Years Eve attire men and woman must look chic and timeless.

2 Button Fitted

2 Button Fitted

We at Rose Tuxedo have the answer. For both men and women, we have suits that will fit your ever need. From demure and traditional to something bolder, our patterns and colors will single you out for your good taste and timeless attire. And by going on-trend with the menswear tuxedo look, women will look fashionable while remaining at ease in one of our suits for your New Years Eve attire.

Formal Attire Made Possible by Rose Tuxedo

For many people, formal wear is not something they have in their closet, preferring to rent a tuxedo or buy a dress as needed. Here in Phoenix, AZ, the need for a formal dress code for men and women is often reserved for the holidays, when the cooler months make wearing a tuxedo or suit rental a much more enjoyable experience.

Formal events, such as a gala or dinner party, often call for a tuxedo for men, but did you know that the trend is moving towards womenswear too? Women from all walks of life have been caught modeling in the trend, making it a chic and comfortable style statement for the fashionable woman.

Have fun shopping

Have fun shopping

Whatever your formal event need is, whether you need some New Years Eve attire men and woman for a semi-formal or formal event, visit Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix, AZ first for the best Holiday suit rental prices and tux’s. A tux rental from us will cause you to be the talk of your event, without costing you a fortune. Come in and see us today for your New Years 2016 attire!


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