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Prom 2017

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Make Prom 2017 Great for Everyone
Prom is easily one of the most anticipated events of high school. For most high school students, especially the young ladies, it is a magical night filled with beautiful dresses, elegant hairstyles, amazing decorations, and of course, dinner and dancing with that special someone. Given the anticipation that builds up for months, or maybe even years, over prom, it is easy to forget that it is just one night in your life. It is easy to forget that this one evening, while special, and important, will not define your character as you grow into adulthood. What will define your character as you grow into adulthood will be how you handle bumps in the road to prom, how you treat your date, how you treat fellow prom attendees, and perhaps most importantly, how you treat yourself.

Not everyone is going to have the same expectations, or aspirations, for prom. That is okay, in fact, it should be encouraged. The world is a big, amazing place, filled with millions of people with different expectations, and aspirations. That is what makes it miraculous. All of these people co-existing to make the world a better place for everyone, particularly young people growing into adulthood. Prom is a metaphor for that world that you are about to step into.

There will be girls that choose a ten-dollar, vintage, thrift-store dress, over an expensive gown from an exclusive boutique. Applaud their resourcefulness. Applaud their individuality. There will be girls that decide on a simple updo that they do themselves, instead of going to a trendy hair salon. Applaud their creativity. Applaud their do-it-yourself attitude. There will be guys that decide on a powder blue tuxedo with a ruffled shirt. Applaud their confidence. Applaud their uniqueness.
There will be guys that cannot afford to take their date to the most expensive restaurant before prom. Applaud their being thrifty. Applaud their doing the best that they can.

There will be girls that have an expensive gown from an exclusive boutique. Applaud their style. Applaud their eye for beauty. There will be girls with intricate hairstyles done by a trendy hair salon. Applaud their vision. Applaud their confidence to stand out. There will be guys in classic black tuxedos . Applaud their regal style. Applaud how handsome all guys look in a tuxedo . There will be guys that can afford to take their date to an expensive restaurant before prom. Applaud their ability to splurge once in awhile. Applaud them doing the best that they can. Also be careful with the Tuxedo Shops that offer $40 off your Prom Suits , it’s usually because their charging more to give you that discount.

Let prom be what you want it to be. Don’t let other people define your prom experience for you. Don’t try to define other people’s prom experience. It is a right of passage for everyone at the same time. Be kind, respect each other, marvel in each prom attendees uniqueness, individuality, and contribution to the evening. Prom is a magical evening that will be gone too quickly. The memories however will stay with you for a lifetime. Help foster amazing memories for everyone. Help everyone that attends have a memory that they will look back on years from now and cherish. Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget, if you know a handsome gentleman looking for the perfect prom tuxedo, Rose Tuxedo has been renting for prom since 1982. We also rent lady tuxedos if you know a beautiful young lady looking for something a bit different than a traditional prom dress. Call us anytime for your Prom Suit. 602 957-0089

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last minute prom tuxedo

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Last minute prom tuxedo? Is this you? What do you do?

Do you go get something flashy at the thrift store or go hit a rental place for a quick fix in stock black tuxedo at a high price because they charge a rush fee? I hope not. If you have not already noticed prom season in the Men’s formal wear business can be a very busy time of year. The big box Tuxedo shops don’t usually carry same day tux rentals and if they have to order from a catalog you are the one who is going to pay the outrageous price. Just because you need a
last minute Prom Tuxedo doesn’t mean the tux rental fee should break the bank. Follow some tips below and you can still find a cheap prom tux rental.
Prom tux
It’s always good to plan ahead! We recommend placing the order for your tuxedo as soon as possible, though if you are one for procrastination, try to get it done no less than 14 days before prom. This allows time for delivery and ample time for try-on and exchanges in case something doesn’t fit quite right. And if this is still not you then you are very lucky if you live in the Phoenix Arizona area and surrounding cities because WE CARRY IN STATE AND IN STOCK designer tuxedo and suit rentals for the same day and usually with no rush fee and at a great price. It should not cost you the cost of a new Tuxedo just to rent one for one night. Follow some simple rules and finding your perfect last minute prom tuxedo will be as easy as buying lunch at a restaurant.
1. Try to shop local, local tuxedo shops carry lots of tux’s or some inventory and usually will have one for you
2. Try to be flexible if you waited to the last minute, you can’t have everything anymore but you can find a affordable Prom Tux rental.
3. You can always ask for a better tuxedo rental price, it never hurts to ask.
4. Google-Same day tuxedo rentals, this should probably number one.
5. Maybe your dad’s suit will fit and all you need is to rent a vest and bow tie or long tie in a color to match your girls dress.

Do I have to spend a lot of money on a prom tuxedo at the last minute? moneybowtie

Not if you order it from a local tux specialist. While you can expect to pay no less than $100 for a nice tuxedo from your local tuxedo rental shop, If you’re looking to go high end, your probably in more luck because not as many people rent the high end sometimes and they could have one in stock for you.  even our best tuxedos only go for $169.00 (the same tuxedo you would pay well over $200 for elsewhere) and there are plenty options in between. Discount Prom Tux’s can be rented even at the last minute.

Try to stay away from online tuxedo rentals in a pain and usually not cheaper and forget about trying to sleep that night wondering if your prom tux will arrive and fit and will be wrinkled. Local Tuxedo rental shops have your prom tuxedos ready to go and we can alter the coat sleeve or the pants while you wait. If your shirt is too baggy we can grab you another, if your shoes are too small, hold on and will hand you another pair. Don’t use a tux shop that charges a rush fee unless it’s reasonable, if they have the prom tux in stock than it should not cost much more to put you order together, it doesn’t matter what they say, if they want the business they will put a tux together at the last minute. Your selection maybe limited but they will have a tux and prom vest for you.

Prom Tuxedo Styles

classy suit

Rose Tuxedo designer tuxedo’s

Are you at a complete loss when it comes to men’s formal fashion? It’s ok! Being a fashion expert is not a requirement for wearing a prom tux, especially when you shop a local tuxedo specialist because it’s all we do!! While most guys attending prom will be wearing the classic black and white tuxedo, opting for different color options are great choices if you prefer to stand out but your last minute prom tuxedo rental maybe limited. Most tuxedo shops carry the latest styles and black is still always the most popular. A grey tuxedo rental maybe nice if you want to be different but for last minute rentals it maybe too late. Call around or Google Tuxedo rental shop near me and who knows you could still wear a grey prom tux.

Best for family friendly service

Rose Tuxedos has been a family run rental service for over 25 years. , we experienced great service and loved the fact they could make same-day adjustments and have a huge variety of vests in loads of different colors and cuts. Dig about on the net and you can also get money-off vouchers. Want quick, friendly service, then this is the place to go. Well worth a look for tuxedo rental , advice and more. When it comes to a personal service, an incredible range and Prom Special Deals, this is the place to go. Rose Tuxedos staff works with every customer to determine their specific taste, style and needs. Then there are a range of tux rental packages, ranging from Classice Collection tuxes to Budget Collection options, so there’s sure to be an option to suit you. Call anyone of our 3 Phoenix and Mesa Arizona Rose Tuxedo locations or just come on in. You can even live Chat with us 7 days a week, ask us any questions you want anytime you want and if were awake will reply. Thanks and have a great Prom and be safe. www.rosetuxedoaz.com 602 375-8280 Best prices, best service and the best selection of Prom Tuxedos in Arizona.


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Prom Dresses 2016

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The In Vogue Prom Dresses of 2016

As the seasons change from winter into spring the distinct smell of spring -or prom- is in the air. Teens throughout the country fall into prom fever and start searching for prom inspirations, or otherwise known as promspirations by those heavily inflicted with prom fever. Where do promspirations come from? Potentially these little bits of inspirations for the perfect prom 2016 look come from a teen or fashion magazine, Pinterest or from a celebrity award show broadcast on television. The top prom dresses of 2016 are the oh-so-nineties slip dress, the modern sheer skirt dresses, the 2000’s throwback crop top dress and the elegant old Hollywood look of a curve hugging dress with plenty of lace detailing. Never forget though that your prom dress doesn’t necessarily have to be what’s most popular. You should select the prom dress that you like the most based on your opinion not just basing it on what the hottest prom dress trends are. Rose Tuxedo has a prom vest in every color to match every David’s Bridal dresses and more. promdress3

The nineties slip dress started having a revival of popularity based on the large amount of nineties nostalgia among many teens and young adults of today. The pop singer, actress and model Selena Gomez has often been seen in a black or white long slip dress. Reality TV personality Kylie Jenner has taken to wearing slip dresses and she often wears other nineties fashion statements as well. Pop singer and model Rihanna has worn many different colored long slip dress at public appearances recently. A long silk or velvet slip dress is a simple, but highly chic prom look that everyone can look beautiful in. prom dresses 2016

Prom dresses with sheer or see through skirts are very big this year. This dress design has popped up on runways and at celebrity award shows. It isn’t the entire skirt that is see through. There is usually solid fabric that is about knee high or right above the knee that is a part of the dress and then the rest of the dress length is sheer fabric with sometimes flowers or other adornment on the hemline. Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, Amandla Stenberg have all wore this trend at celebrity events and Amandla Stenberg actually wore one of these dresses to her prom with actor Jaden Smith as her date. Her dress was a shimmery olive green with the bottom length of her dress a sheer black fabric.

prom dress 2016

Pop and country singer Taylor Swift has popularized the crop top for everyday casual wear, concert wear and as formal event wear. The last Music Grammy Awards she attended she showed up in an orange crop top and a full, long pink skirt. The actresses Jessica Alba and Sarah Hyland have also taken to turning the crop top into formal wear at events they’ve been to. It’s no wonder that this is a very popular look for prom 2016 with so many famous musicians and actresses wearing a crop top and full skirt as formal wear. A variety of colors that are can be complementary, contrasting or even matching can be used for a crop top and full skirt look for prom. The only particular style thing to remember to follow is the Taylor Swift “rule of thumb” for crop tops as formal wear; do not displaying your belly button. How about the Prom Tuxedo styles 2016 to match your Dress? Locally owned Tuxedo shops can do just that.

prom dresses 2016

Prom dresses that the figure and have lace, pearls or gauzy detailing over the decollete are popular. It’s bit of a princess or old Hollywood/Audrey Hepburn kind of look. Ironically the actress Lily James wore a dress like this while promoting her movie Cinderella where she plays princess/queen Cinderella. She had long sleeves however and prom dresses in this style typically have no sleeves. Princess Kate Middleton has also worn a similar style dress to this. It definitely is the princess prom dress style. The best look for this as a prom dress is a form fitting top half of the dress with a full skirt for the bottom of the dress. Although a figure hugging or mermaid skirt will also look beautiful. Rose Tuxedo has some great bridal shops on our web site that carry some awesome Prom Dresses for 2016 and don’t for get us in Phoenix AZ for your Prom Tuxedo rentals, best prices, best service and best selections. 602 957 0089


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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