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Cómo y cuándo vestir Tuxedos de color blanco

En la actualidad existen infinidad de estilos y de colores de Tuxedos para hombres, pero desde Rose Tuxedo hoy les hablaremos sobre un color que, seguramente es uno de los más difíciles de utilizar de cuantos se tienen a disposición. ¿Y por qué decimos que es difícil? Pues porque mayormente es utilizado en estaciones como el verano y el otoño, por el cuidado que requiere para que mantenga su color y limpieza y por la exigencia de saber cómo combinarlo para que cause el efecto correcto. Pero hablemos mejor de sus principales ventajas, y es que su uso diferenciará –absolutamente- y aportará una frescura -en varios sentidos y no podemos tener mejores razones que esas para tenerlo en cuenta y dedicarle un post.

quince tux

quince tux

¿En que época usar este tipo de Tuxedos?

Pues ya hemos dicho al comienzo del post que mayormente se utiliza en verano y otoño. El color blanco y los materiales con los que usualmente están hechos (lino o algún material que no sea grueso), dan un toque de frescura exclusivo. También porque uno de los estilos para usarlo y que hoy se lleva mucho, es desenfadado y esto ayuda a combinar cualquier look con éxito, especialmente en estas épocas.

quinceanera tux

tuxedos for quince

¿En que ocasión?

Las ocasiones más apropiadas para usarlos serian en aquellas que se realicen al aire libre ya que está más relacionado con el ocio y la diversión; como para fiestas y acontecimientos en el medio rural o marino y, aunque este color casi siempre está reservado para la novia, no es ningún pecado que lo usen los novios o los testigos también, especialmente cuando la ceremonia se realice en exteriores.

tuxedo burgundy

burgundy tuxedo

Posibles combinaciones

Es un color que se debe llevar de forma muy sencilla y buscando un equilibrio. Si quisieras encontrarlo en Rose Tuxedo Phoenix AZ no tendrías ningún problema pues en nuestros servicios siempre te aconsejaremos sobre este aspecto, pero, desde ya te contamos que no conviene recargarlo con otros colores y no es nada recomendable combinarlo con cadenas o accesorios dorados o llamativos pues no querrás llevarlo al estilo mafioso. Siempre es mejor optar por blancos rotos, blancos crema o incluso marrones claros, darán un toque más refinado al look y al mismo tiempo seguirá aportando la frescura característica. Algunas opciones pueden ser:

tuxedo shirts colored

tux shirt colors

  • Camisa blanca o alguna con detalles muy sencillos como rallas bien finas en otro color bien claro como azul marino. Descartar por completo colores que hagan algún contraste fuerte, no es lo más correcto.
  • En cuanto a la corbata y al pañuelo tendrás que ser muy cuidadoso si escogiste una camisa blanca pues es uno de los pocos detalles que se recomiendan llevarlos en contraste y este te pueden proporcionar un toque realmente elegante, si es lo que estás buscando. No se recomiendan en este caso blancos o muy claros.
  • Los calcetines se pueden usar blanco, el mismo color del traje.
  • Los zapatos no son recomendables llevarlo de color blanco, pero sí apostamos por colores claros como color miel o marrón. Además, como se le puede considerar un traje un poco informal esto nos da posibilidades de usar algunos zapatos también informales como algún tipo de mocasín, por ejemplo, de color azul y no sería tan grande, el traspié.


Para finalizar queremos resaltar desde Rose Tuxedo Phoenix AZ que, si bien podemos decir que el negro es un color para llevar a cualquier situación sumamente formal, el blanco es mucho más flexible y perfectamente puede ser ese look que estás buscando para alguna ceremonia o acontecimiento en el verano o el otoño que se aproxima ?. 602 957-0089 15 different color tuxedo shirts, tuxedo color shirts.

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Tuxedo fitting tips

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So we hear so much about fitted Tuxedos and suits these days and it’s not about the customer asking for change that’s why I don’t understand why the formal wear industry talks about fitted tuxedos and suits as a current trend or what’s new. Here are some tuxedo fitting tips. Tuxedo and suit rentals or retail outfits should always fit, right? For years if you bought a suit it had a pant that came with the size of the suit but now the big thing is you can buy separates so that the pants fit maybe a little better. Sometimes the suit pant that came with the suit had a pant size that didn’t work and you were stuck with it even after a little tailoring. The difference in the Men’s formal wear business and dealing with a local tuxedo specialist you got what was considered a tailored fit because the pants were adjustable and we could just go up or down a size. Suit rentals included. skinny tuxedo pants

Also the fitted tuxedo shirt and suit shirt came a long. Just like a T-shirt should be one with a athletic fit and nonboxy cut that hugs your biceps and chest but not your middle. A nice cotton stretch blend in both T and Tuxedo shirt that provides ease of movement and minimizes wrinkles is what you want. Most Tuxedo specialist have these in stock and can go up or down a size to give you the fit you want. I must add in the formal wear business when you neck size goes up so does the mid section of your shit, it’s never a perfect science. (but can you imagine ordering a tuxedo online what you might get, always keep that in mine and use a local specialist when ever possible, plus shopping local keeps you money in the state and helps everyone)


The fit makes the man is what everybody should be saying and looking for in all your clothes. Every guy knows if his clothes fit, some may like a loser fit and others a more fitted look weather it’s jeans, T-shirt or dress slacks and sports coats. But if you want to look great in this day and age and feel good in a tuxedo or suit then here are a few things you should be looking for. A Tuxedo jacket or any nice fitted coat will not need a tape measure to get it right, heres a few things to look for.

Heather Grey Aspen

Heather Grey Aspen

  1. When your arm’s are at your sides each jacket sleeve should end at the break of your wrist. Your tuxedo shirt cuff should extend a quarter inch below it. (just a little white cuff showing is perfect and not your whole hand)
  2. The shoulders of the tux or suit jacket should meet your arm’s, you should be able to take a straight object and go right down the side with out any bulge. You should feel the seam of your shirt or tux jacket. If it drops lower it’s too big and won’t look great.
  3. As for your dress pants and tux pants. With your waist 2 inches below your belly (or 1 inch for dress pants, your pants should hit your dress shoes with just a single break. Think of it as a small V on the bottom not a bunch or pant clothing.

Our core customers in the Tuxedo and suit rental business may only rent once a year if were lucky and that could be for a wedding or a Prom or for any occasion. Some customers are so easy because they just want the event to be over with and looking perfect is not the priority (we get it) but for the local Tuxedo specialist it’s about our customers looking good so others will use our services and product and awesome affordable pricing. We feature tuxedos in black, white and silver and grey. Unfortunately, there’s no hot item or new trend but always a great outfit and great pricing. Slim fit pants for Prom Students started last year and will be popular again this year but it’s not always a great look for everyone. We can help you make the right choice at anyone of our local Rose Tuxedo shops. www.rosetuxedoaz.com have a look at our awesome selection and the biggest tuxedo inventory and formal full back vest in the state. Have a great Wedding or Prom and let us know if we can help. Rose Tuxedo 4023`1

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Bridesmaid Dresses Phoenix AZ

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Match Your Bridesmaid Dress To Our Vests For Guys At Rose Tuxedo

Selecting the perfect wedding ensemble is a fun yet daunting pursuit for many future brides. At Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix, Arizona, matching Bridesmaid Dresses to the color of a guy’s vest is an extremely simple process as this premier tuxedo rental shop maintains an extensive collection of complementary colors such as watermelon, wine, holly, champagne, latte, and silver. However, before this coordination is considered, brides should decide on the best attire for their maids.
Phoenix Bridal shops

Phoenix Bridal shops

The first step in choosing the most flattering outfits is to discuss budget options with the bridesmaids. Because most wedding participants would like to obtain an item that is easily worn at many different occasions, purchasing once in a lifetime garments with expensive price tags is usually not ideal. Traditionally, each female is expected to purchase her dress; therefore, an agreed reasonable budget is strongly recommended.Next, brides are strongly encouraged to match the wedding attire to the theme of the event. Although some of the industry’s best-selling shades are navy, purple, black, and espresso, the most stunning outfits reflect the color scheme as well as the personality, figures, and complexion of the ladies. In order to encourage active participation among the females, brides can simply decide on the main theme of the wedding while the bridesmaids are presented with the opportunity to select their dress length, cut, and style. This inclusive approach is sure to create a wedding ensemble with individuality and personal expression, which will definitely complement a bride’s gown.

Vest to match the dress!

Vest to match the dress!

Comfort is another extremely important consideration when selecting the perfect bridal party attire since most marriage ceremonies are usually lengthy events. Heavy fabrics like wool and linen are great for winter weddings whereas silk and cotton voile are best worn in the spring or summer. The ultimate goal is to purchases Bridesmaid Dresses that are attractive yet appropriate for the season in which the special occurrence is planned.
Lastly, the bridal party should start shopping for their outfits sooner rather than later as each female will need to attend a few fittings in order to ensure that her gown is measured and adjusted appropriately. Alterations are often a long process and, as a result, the wedding participants will experience the best results if they begin searching for their Bridesmaid Dresses many months before the scheduled wedding. Bridesmaid dresses Phoenix AZ can be found at all the great Phoenix Bridal shops.
Have fun shopping

Have fun shopping

After the dresses are selected, bridesmaids will discover the best matching vests at Rose Tuxedo. Call us anytime to see if we have your Bridesmaid dress color, Phoenix Tuxedo 602 957-0089 North Phoenix Rose Tuxedo 602 375-8280 Mesa Rose Tuxedo 480 831-5255
For some nice Bridal Dresses and more you should try Luv Bridal Phoenix
Tell them Rose Tuxedo referred you.

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Fall Wedding ideas

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Unique fall wedding ideas

If your planning a fall wedding there are some things everyone seems to be doing. Jewel tones, bouquets of wildflowers, and simple wedding cakes are definitely in this season, but I’d like to talk about a few themes you may not have considered that work beautifully in the fall.
Fall wedding
First, I’d like to tell you about the woodland theme. The woods are a great place for fall weddings because you have mild temperatures and the leaves changing colors. If you really enjoy the beauty of nature and would like to keep things simple this is a wonderful choice. It’s also good if you would like an intimate gathering with only close family and friends. It can be very budget friendly, giving you more money for that beautiful dress you’ve been eyeing.Another interesting idea for fall weddings is coffee. Fall is a great time for a good cup of coffee. You could have your wedding in a coffee shop, or in a more traditional themed venue with some coffee touches. Depending on your budget, you can make your own coffee bar or hire a barista. Instead of wine glasses, toast your love with personalized mugs. You could also get special mugs for the wedding party.

Weddings in Fall

Fall is synonymous with football, so I have to mention football themed fall weddings. This is another theme with so many possibilities. You could do your engagement shoot on a football field and wear your favorite team jerseys. You could have your wedding or reception on a football field or if you want a more traditional venue, use your favorite team colors for your bridesmaids dresses and add some football touches to your reception. You could serve classic tailgating snacks like beer and chips and dip. You could also use beer steins for your toast.

unique wedding ideas

Another perfect and classy fall theme is wine. You can have grape centerpieces, and even have some grapes in your bouquet. Use purple, red, and pale green or gold for your colors. Your reception could have a good selection of wines and cheeses, and perhaps sparkling grape juice for the kids. This is a great idea if you would like to add a little originality to a more traditional wedding.

I hope you have enjoyed these unique fall wedding ideas. These ideas will ensure that your guests will never forget your wedding. Whatever sort of wedding you decide on, make it your own. This day is all about you. For you Phoenix Tuxedo rentals Rose Tuxedo has all the Fall colors to choose from.

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wedding cakes phoenix

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Rose Tuxedo’s thoughts on Popular Wedding Cake Trends! Enjoy, keep it fun!

From flowers to centerpieces, there are a number of factors that determine the overall style and quality of a wedding. Many couples spend an average of one year when carefully choosing each detail of the event and allowing every aspect to stand out. Wedding cakes are just as important when it comes to making a lasting impression and there are a few styles that currently stand out.
Ruffled Cakes
Ruffled cakes have increased in popularity in the last few years due to the formality and elegance that they offer. Many people choose ruffled cakes as a dramatic design that is untraditional while others choose to add ombre colors to the ruffles. The style looks even more dramatic when paired with fresh flowers that are piled on the top layer of the cake.Naked Cakes

As more people are choosing to have rustic and bohemian weddings, naked cakes have made a comeback as one of the most popular looks for the main dessert of the event. The unconventional style is a hit for those who don’t prefer to have a large amount of icing. It also exudes an organic look that provides a sneak peak on the inside of the cake with added details that can include fruit and sprinkles in each layer.

Hand-Painted Illustrations

Illustrated wedding cakes allow couples to have various drawings on the icing of each layer. Many people prefer to have illustrations of flowers, lace, or even cartoon drawings of the happy couple. It makes for a great way of personalizing the wedding cake and truly making it your own on the special day with the use of sketches that are completely edible.

Rosette Designs

Rosettes are considered a modern take on the traditional wedding flower for cakes with a feminine look that adds a touch of beauty to the event. The rosettes can different sizes and grouped on different portions of the cake or on a single layer. Many people also paint the rosettes for a beautiful look that adds a pop of color to the dessert.

Colored Cake

For a secret addition of color that makes for a surprise after the couple cuts their cake, many people choose to add food coloring to their vanilla wedding cake. This can even be done on each layer for a dramatic style that is innovative and truly creative.

We you need your car fixed you go to a good mechanic, when you need Wedding Tuxedos for your groomsman and groom or a suit rental for dad or a ring barrier’s tuxedo come to anyone of our Rose Tuxedo locations. But in my humble opinion when you need a good wedding cake you can count on CC’s Sensations or Sue Jacob cakes for the Valleys best Wedding Cakes Phoenix. Call them you will be happy.


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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