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prom vest and bow tie style and trends

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Prom vest and bow tie style and trends for 2016 has gotten very interesting already for the Prom shoppers but the usual search happens, finding a vest color that matches a prom dress. So let’s have a look and talk about what trends are happening at the start of Prom Season. Bow Ties are back!!! To be honest there’s nothing wrong with wearing a bow tie anytime you like, all that’s needed is a little bit of confidence and the knowledge that you look good. If you feel that you can rock the bow tie look and it’s not hurting anybody then go for it! Wearing a bow tie to Prom works great especially Prom 2016. It’s time for prom and you’ve been tasked with renting the perfect tuxedo to compliment your date and designer prom vest. You got this and Rose Tuxedo is here to help you and simplify it.

Prom Bow Ties

Bow ties for every one!!

Bow ties for every season and every Prom theme!

Tuxedo bow ties are available in hundreds of colors and styles. Although black bow ties are the most popular, we carry bow ties in over 60 fabulous colors you name it’s it’s probably out there including the usual colors blue, brown, gold, green, ivory, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white and yellow! If you prefer a solid-colored bow tie, we recommend that you check out the Cardi Premiere Solid Satin Collection. If you would like to see a pattern in your bow ties, you may consider the Luxury Herringbone Collection (herringbone pattern), Palermo Collection (diamond pattern), or Venetian Colllection (interwoven pattern. and so many more vest styles and name brands.

Prom Vests

Having too much fun.

Having too much fun.

Prom Tuxedo vests are available in over 100 colors so you can effortlessly match your look to a prom date. With all vests, you have the option to also select coordinating accessories including bow ties, necktie or handkerchiefs (sometimes with the flower it can be too much). Vest sizing starts at XS and goes up to a 5XL. For taller gentleman, we also carry “Long” version vests. A good place to start your search is at Rose Tuxedo because after 30 years in the Tuxedo rental business in Arizona we have a huge selection, I would say the states largest selection of Prom vest and bow ties. After you select your base color, you can then view the individual color shades within that color family and styles and patterns or not. Colors include black, blue, brown, gold, green, ivory, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white and yellows.  So do you think you want a solid pattern vest? or a pattern vest? Well, start thinking about it or look at some pictures in magazines and Pinterest and see what looks good to you, it’s that easy and if you have additional questions give us a call and be sure to check out ours.

Watermelon vest and tie at Rose Tuxedo for weddings and Prom

ML Cerise

Going to Prom with a date is a blast and a tradition and wearing a Prom Tuxedo is part of the whole night and experience. And remember, tt’s your clothing (even if it’s rented), and it’s the clothing you wear when you want to make it clear to someone that you care about this event. It’s a gesture of respect in clothing form. Treat it as such, not as a novelty because your date has taken a lot of time and money to treat it the same. Have fun with your search and don’t take life and the night that serious because it will be over before you know it so relax and enjoy the whole experience, it’s yours for ever.

As cool as bow ties are one thing that we tend to hear a lot from people is “When exactly is the right time to wear a bow tie?“ Prom night is a great time for sure but you can’t go wrong with a long tie either, it’s all a personal choice and no right or wrong way. The bow tie or not trend goes in cycles like everything else and right now in 2016 bow ties are popular. And forget the self tie bow tie, not now, not for Prom night. Save that experience for later in life, maybe for a wedding or black tie affair, don’t complicate things more because learning to tie a bow is not easy. 90 percent of bow ties clip around the neck and no one can tell if it’s tied or not.

Lime Green vest and tie by Rose Tuxedo

Lime Green vest and tie by Rose Tuxedo

A prom tuxedo tells everyone that you’re wearing something specifically for this memorable occasion. It commemorates the event in a way that you will never forget and always have great memories. A tuxedo is a special ensemble that you only wear for special occasions. That’s the point of it, and one of the reason Rose Tuxedo has existed for over 30 years in the formal wear business. Let us help you make your prom night the best with a awesome selection of designer tuxedos and suits. Never a rush fee and all our inventory is in stock for last minute Prom orders. www.rosetuxedoaz.com call us for more question to help you make a great choice. 602 957-0089


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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