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Phoenix Bridal Show should you go?

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Begin Your Wedding Planning With a Bridal Show , Phoenix Bridal show should you go?

So you’ve found your Prince Charming and are on your way to your happily ever after. He proposed, you’ve accepted and things are looking great. Except it’s now time to plan the wedding and depending on your budget and level of expertise in such things, it can be a little intimidating. In addition, the idea of spending your free time locating and visiting vendors with or without the help of a wedding planner sounds like a lot of work. Well, lucky for you, not only is it wedding season, but also it’s also bridal show season and a simple check on the internet will show you one in your area.

A bridal show for those of you not in the know is a trade show for bridal vendors. Instead of jumping in your car and going from place to place, you can go to the show and find all your wedding needs under one roof. Bridal shows can be a lot of fun not only for the bride to be but also for anyone looking to be a bride in future. Bridal shows are also a good place to get ideas for new and innovative weddings for brides looking for something other than the traditional wedding. You name it for your wedding and you will find it at a Phoenix Bridal Show.

When you walk into the hall for the show, it can be a little intimidating, so doing some reconnaissance can help. Check out the list of vendors either online before you go or when you get there so you can make sure to see what you’re there to see. If you’re looking for things for your groom, a vendor like Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix, AZ with 3 locations with great Wedding Tuxedo and Suit rentals is a must see. We have all the latest designer Tuxedo styles to choose from.

Other great tips include wearing comfortable clothes, especially shoes as you will end up doing a lot of walking. A small purse or belly bag for money, ID and a pen will also come in handy and will be more comfortable to carry than a larger purse. Most trade shows provide bags at the door for collecting cards and samples, and your pen will come in handy for taking notes to remind you of what you’ve seen and been told by vendors. Overall, a bridal show is a great way to begin your wedding planning and get you on the right track to the wedding of your dreams. Arizona Summer Weddings are a great time to save on Cheap Tuxedo rentals and more. Thank you Rose Tuxedo 602 375-8280

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Los Quinceanos Phoenix Arizona

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Los quinceaños son una fiesta de gran celebración en muchos países. Baile, comida, vestidos de gala, trajes, música y todo lo que un buen festejo puede involucrar los encontramos en un quinceaños. Pero, ¿de dónde surge ésta tradición? Y más importante aún, ¿qué se celebra?
Se cree que el quinceaños es de origen indígena en México, que realizaban ritos simbolizando el traslado de la niñez a asumir las responsabilidades de ser una mujer. Después de la conquista española de México, los habitantes perdieron significantemente su cultura y al asumir aspectos de la cultura Española, surgieron los vestidos de Gala en los quinceaños y se convirtió en una tradición con alta importancia religiosa y social.

Black Cadet

Black Cadet

Nos adelantamos a la actualidad, donde se mantienen las costumbres religiosas de los quince, comenzando con un ritual en la iglesia, donde la mujer agradece a Dios por sus bendiciones de la infancia y terminando con una gran fiesta de gala, que inicia con el baile entre la quinceañera y su padre. La costumbre se ha extendido a varios países desde entonces tales como Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Perú, Puerto Rico y por supuesto, Estados Unidos, entre otros.
Hoy día, organizar y planear un quinceaños ya es una tarea grande por sí sola, pero tal como para una novia en su boda, para toda quinceañera una gran angustia es escoger su atuendo y el de sus acompañantes. ¿Por dónde se empieza?



Esencialmente la combinación perfecta es una prenda de alta calidad y poco costo, tal como los smokings de chambelanes o vestidos de quince de Rose Tuxedo. La empresa ha estado activa por más de tres años y posee un total de tres sedes en el valle de Arizona. Tienen una amplia selección de smokings a su disposición de excelente calidad, además de alquilar las prendas pueden componer ensambles de las cuales escoger para mayor facilidad y por si fuera poco, garantizan el mejor precio en la zona de Phoenix, AZ, con su conveniente modelo de renta; por cada 5 alquileres de smoking, ¡se obtiene un alquiler gratis!
Con Rose Tuxedo, los atuendos de su quinceaños son una cosa más que puedes tachar de la lista de pendientes. Rose Tuxedo Phoenix Arizona taking care of thousands of Quince’s over the year. Tuxedo shop since 1980. We have 3 locations to make it easy for the Quinceanera customers to get measured and we also have the largest selection and inventory in the state and you might know Quince’s are big and you need inventory for every size person, men and boys. For me help preparing for your Quinceanera have a look in the Fiesta section of !Que Magazine or Quinceanera Magazine, great Quince Shops for dresses and cakes, limo’s and flowers ect. I am born and raised in Phoenix AZ and I learned years ago and in school that the Hispanic people like to negotiate and I think that is cool. At Rose Tuxedo we are family owned and operated and employ 4 Hispanic employees. So if you want to negotiate a cheaper tuxedo rental for your quince just let us know and you can do that in Spanish or English, we love it all. quince dress

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Quinceanera Preperations! Get your suits now!

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A quinceanera courtWhile a quinceanera is designed around the celebration of a 15 year old girl and her change into a woman, there are important men during this celebration who will need a nice suit for the occasion. So get ready, boys. Let’s get those suits ready for the special night for that lady in your life.

In many quinceaneras (quince, for short)there is a court of honor who accompanies the girl of honor alongside her parents and godparents. This group often consists of around 14 boys and girls of the party recipients choosing, half boys and half girls (chamberlanes and damas, respectfully). These boys and girls are expected to dress appropriately (suits and ties or tuxedos for the boys, prom-style dresses for the girls).

Male and female guests are often expected to dress as they would to a wedding and usually in pastel colors. As with a weddings, guest probably shouldn’t assume tuxedo. Feel free to ask the parents or the quince girl what the dress code is and plan accordingly. When in doubt, boys; wear a nice suit.

Since a quince usually features a mass service you should at least plan on dressing as you would at a special church service if a dress code is not established. Once the church service is over it’s usually appropriate to remove the suit jacket and maybe even the tie. It’s wise to keep accessories to a minimum so as not to draw attention away from the quince girl (this goes for guess and members of the court).

Still unsure as to what level of dress to wear? If you’re closely related to the girl you should keep it a little more formal (so definitely a suit and tie) if you’re a close friend but not in the court you may still want to wear a suit. If you’re a friend-of-a-friend, not a close friend, a distant relative, or a guest of a family member you can probably tone it down a few notches but slacks and a nice shirt never hurts.

Some quinceaneras may feature the men wearing vaquero gear, including cowboy-styled gear (jeans, shirt, boots, and large buckle) for a sense of tradition. If you don’t own this gear and you are made aware that people are choosing that, don’t panic. If you’re not a close family member the theme isn’t as important for you to attempt to match.

We can match any color!

We can match any color!

Some men go in a full suit and tie, others opt for slacks and a buttoned shirt, others go for slacks, a collared shirt, and a nice sweater. It’s important to look nice because if everyone showed up in jeans and a t-shirt it could upset the quince girl and her family. Individuals not adhering to dress expectations can be accused of not taking the event seriously, not caring about the girl, or others things you don’t want people to accuse you of. Being slightly over dressed is better tan severely under-dressed.

If you need a suit to be in the quinceanera court or you’re just a guest you should come by Rose Tuxedo and rent your suit today! Look great to make that special young lady look even better and make her day extra special. Show you care and look good doing it.

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Black Tie event

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Black Tie Dressing

Dressing for a black tie event can be a pretty daunting task for anyone who has never had the experience in the past. But if you’re someone who is used to wearing a tuxedo, you can already start experimenting with other options compared to the simple black tuxedo-white shirt combination. Just like its name suggests, you will need to wear a black tie along with your tuxedo.

Black Tie

Here are some important things you have to remember about black tie events:

Black tie is not formal dress appropriate

Commonly, people assume that black tie dressing is already the highest standard of dressing for men. In the past, however, black tie events consisted of very relaxed evening attire. Despite this common knowledge, the highest form of evening wear for men is a ‘white tie’ dress code. In terms of dress code, black tie events call for semi-formal evening attire. On the other hand, white tie refers to a similar yet distinct set of clothing for men.

Daytime wear is not black tie…. and should never be worn!

Nowadays, there are a number of people who wear tuxedos during the daytime for a photo op or in tourist attractions. Sadly, they’re doing wrong to the solemnity of tuxedos since these should only be for evening wear. The rule in wearing a tuxedo is that you dress for the end time of an event. If you will be attending a ceremony that calls for a tuxedo yet starts in the afternoon, think about the time that it will end. If it ends after dark, then it is appropriate to wear a tuxedo.

However, if you receive an invitation for a black tie dress code for a morning wedding, be a good guest and don’t contradict it.

When you’re wearing a black tie tuxedo, you are exuding an appeal that is worthy of the respect of other people. This is why you should treat your tuxedo with care at all times and follow the rules to black tie dressing. If you need to rent a tuxedo, make sure you check out our collection for one that you may wear. You’ll find that this is a great way you can look dapper and sharp for the event you are attending. If you need a tux rental in 85029 area Rose Tuxedo has one for you and if you need a suit rental near 85308 or 85306 we have one waiting for you. Black tie is all we do.

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