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Tux from a box?

Tux from a box?

Renting A Tux Locally Beats Wrinckled Clothing

Although renting a tuxedo through the mail may seem convenient, there are a couple of major downfalls. One of the biggest issues is the condition of the tuxedo when it arrives. While there is little to be done about it, nobody loves dealing with wrinckled clothing. The choice, however, is a matter of the convenience in delivery versus the inconvenience of dealing with wrinkles in shipped clothing.
for a wedding?

for a wedding?

Wrinkled clothes are actually an easy enough issue to deal with as long as you are prepared. When getting a tuxedo shipped you have to count on the fold creases it will have from being put in a box. Fortunately the solution can be as simple as a steam iron at home. So long as you have the skills to iron your own clothing there is no real issue with the creases. Unfortunately, many people have a tendency to add more wrinkles than they remove with an iron. Can you imagine Tuxedos online? Seriously?

More work than it's worth

More work than it’s worth

When that is the case many people choose to send their wrinckled clothing to a cleaner to get pressed. While this is a great way to have a tuxedo looking clean and sharp, it somewhat defeats the purpose of the convenience that was intended by delivery. Although the tuxedo come right to your door you would still have to run around town to get it back to looking its best. So one way or another you will end up having to do some work. Realistically, the easiest solution is just to take what might seem the harder road at first.

Do you know how to iron?

Do you know how to iron?

Going to a store to rent a tuxedo personally has a number of advantages. Getting clothes delivered always runs the risk of having it come in the wrong size. A personally tailored tuxedo puts some rest on the mind. There is also no chance of it being late in the mail, you have your outfit right when you need it. Most importantly of all it will not be wrinkled. Rather than the creases caused by shipping, you have a nice pressed outfit ready to be worn with no work or inconvenience. There is always better service when you shop from a local store anyway then renting a tuxedo online I would hope and think.

In short, while it may seem to be convenient to get your tuxedo rental in the mail, it often will cause more trouble than it solves. Unless you are an expert in wrinckled clothing it may be better to rent local. Rose Tuxedo has better tuxedo rental prices and affordable designer suits for rent than anything you will find online and it’s pressed before you leave the shop. www.rosetuxedo.com


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