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Business reviews

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Business reviews, Are they accurate?

When you are going to purchase from a company, what is the first thing that you do? The majority of people go to Review sites. You may wonder why I would write about this subject, as there cannot be anything negative about Review sites? I am here to tell you about the good and the bad. Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix has some very positive reviews, we do make mistakes because were not perfect but if you have an issue before or after your even you can bet we want to know and have a chance to make it right. It’s what we do. www.rosetuxedaz.com, check us out for your Fall Wedding Suits .

The good and the bad

The good and the bad

First of all, the obvious fact is that review sites are only useful if they are accurate. The truth is that a company may have all five stars reviews, but if you dig deeper, you may find that the reviews could have been left by family members, friends, or even left by people that have been paid to leave a good review! I’ve seen it happen for sure in the Tuxedo rental business with new Tux’s AZ companies opening or older ones, sadly it’s in every business field.

The question becomes how do you spot a fake review? There are signs to look for. Here are my top three:

1. A short review with little information. This can be a sign that the person who wrote it is hoping you will just look at the five stars and not the information. This could be a sign of a paid review. Lot’s of fake reviews will not show a picture of themselves either.

2. Has the reviewer written other reviews? Usually, you can check to see if they have. If this is the only review they have left, then it is a sign that it is not an accurate one.

3. If the person leaves many reviews in a short period, check to see what they write. Do they write the same review over and over again on different companies and products? If so, then they are most likely not genuine and may be getting paid. reviews

The question then becomes how do you know if a business is good if you cannot trust online reviews? Start by checking up on their past. You can look to see how long they have been in business. A business that has been around for many years would be an excellent sign that they treat customers well. Rose Tuxedo has 3 locations that have been around since 1980 in the same tuxedo locations near you, same family owners. Shop small and save big, were not the biggest we just try to be the best.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. They are a site that exists to help consumers work out problems. If a complaint is filed their company has an opportunity to work it out with the customer before it posts online. Therefore fake complaints would not show up.

At Rose Tuxedo

At Rose Tuxedo

I hope this information is helpful to tell you about the good and the bad. Happy shopping everyone, and remember that no paid reviews can outrun word of mouth shoppers, treat your customers fairly and the word will spread. Rose Tuxedo does not ask their customers for reviews because we feel it should be done on their on because they want to take the time out of their business life’s to write about a great Tuxedo rental experience. Check out our awesome reviews on money different sites and you will feel how legit they truly are. Rose Tuxedo in 85016, 85029 and Mesa AZ.

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Rose Tuxedo

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Rose Tuxedo


Interview with Rose Tuxedo

by Mark Wilcox


I talk with the fine folks at Rose Tuxedo.

How did you get started
My family came into this country from Italy, they landed in Windsor Canada and then made their way to Michigan. Naples Italy.
They opened up various businesses and one was a dry cleaners and that lead to also adding Tuxedo rentals.

My Uncle Mike the oldest brother ended up taking over the business from the family and siblings and opening up over 50 President Tuxedo in Michigan, Chicago and Ohio.

My father chased my mother to Phoenix AZ and got into the dry cleaning business as was and then became a developer but my mother loved the business

and took it over. Kids came along and we ended up with 4 locations and now only 3. We are family owned to this day and operated in the AZ area.

What are the trends you are seeing in wedding tuxes for 2016?
Trends for 2016 are similar to 2015, Grey tuxedos are hot and bow ties are deffinately back. Slim fit tuxedos and pants are very popular. Navy blue tux’s is on the rise.

What is something you wish men knew about renting a tux?
I wish Men knew that renting a tux can be easy and fun is you understand it’s a rental and not something you are purchasing.

Tuxedo shops do the best they can with every man’s size out there but when you own something the tailor will make it fit really nice, perfect.

Is there anything a man can do to have a better looking tux?
What man can do to make themselves look better in a tux is knowing your body shape and being comfortable with it and letting professionals help you, not everyone looks great in a slim fit tuxedo, some tux styles are more flattering on different people, 2 button coast vs one button, shawl lapel vs Notch ect.

What’s the funniest or craziest wedding story you have?
We’ve had some great stories over 30 plus years in business. So many come to mind right now. Mostly it’s when the groom told us to put boxers on everyones order along with the tux pants and the Groomsmen wore the boxers to the wedding. I was there and it was great.

If you can show your humorous side during what some say is a serious moment then you know the future will be find. Who says what is right or wrong when it comes to style and tradition?

They had coats on and black socks and tux shoes just no pants. If you can get married on a beach in flip flops for a destination wedding then you can let it all hang out in a church I guess, maybe not.

Search Tuxedo rentals Arizona Have a look at the link below for more great blog’s


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Prom Fashion show 2015

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Rose Tuxedo for your show

Rose Tuxedo for your show

Do High school Students like a Prom Fashion?? Do they even come out to watch?

Prom is perhaps the most anticipated event of the entire spring season. Prom happens during a lot of exciting events including SAT crunch time, near finals, and close to graduation. Everything happening at one time can crunch all of the events together and cause prom to be forgotten. If your school wants to bring prom along with its excitement and fun back into the forefront, a Prom fashion show will bring the focus back to this milestone for your school students. Rose Tuxedo has been doing Prom Fashion shows for years and there is so much that can be done to make them fun and worth watching.

Schedule a Fashion Show. During the time of ticket sales for your Prom event, collaborate to throw a Prom fashion show. You can even offer a raffle to the first 100 ticket sold to win a free tuxedo at Rose Tuxedo. Fashion shows are great for Prom morale and will boost the fanfare and ticket sales for the event. A Prom fashion show gives the school a chance to show students’ fashions that they can purchase for Prom as well as display which clothing styles are appropriate and which are not. Prom fashion shows featuring students as models will generate a lot of buzz and excitement for the main event of the high school season. Not only are local Tuxedo shops happy to provide tuxedos for a Prom Fashion show but so are Dress shops, Flower shops and more.Team Up with Rose TuxedosIf your school is interested in throwing a fashion show for Prom, team up with Rose Tuxedos. As a premier tuxedo shop with three different locations, Rose Tuxedos Mesa Arizona and Rose Tuxedo Phoenix AZ can lend some dapper fashions for school Prom tuxedo models. The Rose tuxedos line offers an extensive Prom line of tuxedo rentals. There is something for Prom goers of every size and fit. The school can select volunteer models to show off Rose Tuxedos for free. Flyers will also be given to distribute styles that students can select from for Prom night 2015. Best of all, Rose Tuxedos offers a discount to students who come from schools that hold a Prom fashion show featuring Prom Tuxedos. We provide some fun props like top hats and canes and all the descriptions for the Prom Fashion show MC to share with the students.

Throw an Easy Prom Fashion Show

Teaming up with Rose Tuxedos makes throwing a Prom Fashion Show easy. Your models will be fitted with Prom Tuxedos for the school day, and all of your students will receive a monetary discount on the rental of a proper and popular tuxedo. Treat your students to a thrilling prom season with flair and style from Rose Tuxedos. Call us if you want Rose Tux to put on your show, you still have time. Thanks and have a safe night to all students.

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10 Reasons to Wear a Suit to Your Class Reunion

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We’re already into March of 2015, so to all of you who graduated in 2005, your 10 year class reunion is coming up! Class of 2000 may be having a 15 year reunion. No matter how many years you’ve been out of high school, a class reunion is a big deal! It’s time to show your friends and enemies from school how amazing you’re doing. Whether you’re married or single, look your best to turn some heads and make some ladies jealous! Schedule a fitting today to get the suit of your choice before that reunion!

  1. Look like a million bucks! Regardless of your current job, make everyone think you’re a fancy car salesman, hotel manager, CEO, or whatever your heart desires. Chances are they won’t ask too many questions and after tonight they won’t think much of it. Or, you can look like you’re slightly more important at your real job—that would be much easier to get away with.
  2. Impress the Prom Queen: If you weren’t a member of the football team and you never dated the popular girls, make them regret never giving you a chance. Men look amazing in suits, so a rental from Rose Tuxedo could make the senior Prom Queen regret not taking a second look at you in high school.
  3. Impress your date: If your date (wife, girlfriend, etc) didn’t go to your school, now’s the time to show her who you were in high school (or who you wished you were). Exude an air of confidence when you’re dressed your best traipsing down the halls of your high school.
  4. Prove how successful you actually are: If you’re making the big bucks and you want everyone to know it, what better way than a suit? Rent one if your awesome job doesn’t require you to own suits, or rent something for this special night.
  5. Relive memories: Rent a tuxedo of similar style and color that you wore to your Senior Prom. You may be a little overdressed and potentially slightly outdated, but you’ll turn some heads and bring up memories.
  6. Bring home a date: Impress the girl you never had the guts to ask out, or reunite with an old fling. Looking your best means you might be able to snag any girl there! If you attend the reunion with a date, however, do not take a different girl home.
  7. Fake a business meeting: No matter your career path, you can convince everyone you’re important by implying you’ve just landed from a business trip out of the state or country. Even if you’re a paper pusher, this shows you’re valued to the company and you’re interesting.
  8. Have an excuse to leave early: Much like number 7, tell people you have a last-minute important business issue to attend to. This works great if the awkward girl you’ve known since Pre-K starts hitting on you again. You know the one I’m talking about.
  9. Feel good about yourself: If you don’t have excuses to dress up, now’s your chance. Don’t feel like you need to look good for other people, look good for you. Walk with confidence through your old gymnasium.
  10. Make your woman happy: Regardless of if she attended the school, she’s got people to impress, too. Be her arm candy for the night. This works great if you’re going to her class reunion as well. All ladies love a piece of arm candy.

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Types of School Dances

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Going to dances is a big part of the social aspect of school. From middle school dances to Senior prom, most students love going to dances to socialize, get out of the house, and potentially get with the crush they’ve obsessed over for months. It’s also a great excuse to ask a crush out on a date! Some schools have special dances based on their traditions, but there are a few basic dances with general dress-code expectations. Don’t let yourself (or your young students) stand out in the worst way by not wearing the appropriate attire and use this as a guide to help decide when to get your young men fitted for a suit.

Homecoming: This is often the first dance of the new school year and correlated to the first big football game of the season. These dances are often formal or semiformal. Schools can set the dress code how they want, but anything from slacks and a polo shirt to a full suit may be required. When in doubt, over-dress. If your son wants to go to Homecoming and doesn’t know the dress code, he’ll impress his date regardless of dress code by showing up in a well-fitting suit.

Winter Formal: This dance goes by many names (including Snow Ball) and takes place between 2 of the biggest dances for most schools: prom and homecoming. Dress codes for this type of dance usually encourage a suit and tie. Boys are expected to wear a solid color button-down shirt with slacks, black jeans, or khakis, and often a suit jacket or a nice sweater or blazer. It’s best to wear shoes that compliment the outfit—so it’s best to avoid sneakers (especially dirty ones).

Sadie Hawkins: This commonly referenced dance type traditionally requires girls to ask boys to the dance since it’s often expected of boys to initiate invitations to dances. This is a good chance to help girls gain the confidence to ask out boys (which should never be looked down upon). Like many other dances, dress codes are determined by the school. This dance is often much less formal than homecoming or other events. Semi-formal (leaning more towards informal) is very common and sometimes a theme is applied, or humorous dress codes are encouraged. Some schools run with the hillbilly theme for this dance.

Spring Fling: Made popular by the movie Mean Girls, Spring Fling dances are sometimes student-organized and thrown for underclassmen. Students may strive for more Spring inspired looks by wearing pastels, bright colors, or floral prints. Again, dress code can be determined by the school but guys are safe with button-down shirts, slacks or khakis, and some sort of jacket or sweater, but depending on the weather and temperatures a jacket or sweater may be wise to ignore.

Prom: Prom is the closest thing to a wedding most of these high school girls will experience for up to a decade. Girls dream of their prom night like they do their wedding. This is a dance where a tuxedo isn’t overdoing it, and a full suit is borderline required. Despite the theme of the specific prom, it’s likely that he boy will be expected to wear a nice suit, possibly with a shirt or tie matching the dress of his date. Plan ahead to ensure your guy is able to get his suit or tux in advance to ensure the right fit, color, style, and more. Some rental places may have trouble keeping suits and tuxedos in stock—but not Rose Tuxedo. Start planning for Prom now if you want but we may still be able to help right before Prom.

Other: Some schools over dances for holidays like Valentine’s Day, ends of the semester, and various types of informal dances. Many of these types do not have a dress code beyond the dress code of daily life at the school. These smaller dances do not require suits very often and your boys should be fine in nice jeans or khakis. But, if they want to impress their dates and stand out, by all means let them wear a suit.


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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