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Rent a Suit for a Job interview

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Rent a suit for a job interview

Why Should You Wear A Suit for a Job Interview?

Winter college graduations are taking place and many new graduates will be looking for jobs in the New Year. Your college years have been more casual and you may not have had many occasions to have to wear a suit. But now is the time to re-evaluate your appearance and put your best foot forward. It is time to grow up and enter the workplace in the business world of finance, real estate or maybe event public service. You will want to be taken seriously and it is important to project that as a first impression. Rent a suit jacket if that’s all you need, affordable suit rentals out there that won’t break the bank.

It may seem old fashioned and serious, but your future career is what you have been working for all these years and it deserves some respect and dignity. Take the time to think about the kind of impression you want to leave with the company you are interviewing with. Is it an older established firm? They may have a lot of young people working there, but there will also be management people who have been there for several years and they will expect a certain amount of respect for the reputation of the company and what it projects to its clients. It’s the man that makes the suit rental and no one knows this best like Rose Tuxedo Phoenix.

Many firms have relented and become more casual in their everyday, in-office dress codes, but still want to dress more formally for client meetings and corporate events. Take pride in your appearance and take the time to shower and shave, no stubble for the interview, no matter how popular it may be in social settings. You want to look serious, well groomed and ready for work. This shows people that you care about yourself and they will feel that you will care about them also. It is also a sign of respect for tradition and good manners and almost everyone will respond positively to that. (ladies tux and suit rentals in state only, sorry ladies) try your local tux shop they can do it.

What if you don’t own a suit? If you can afford to go out and buy one, you should buy a good quality business suit. If you cannot do that consider renting a suit for your interview. Imagine the impression you will make when you walk into the room in a well fitting, appropriate suit, next to those in slacks and sport coats or even more casually dressed applicants. You will definitely stand out and be remembered. More established firms and businesses will appreciate the time you take to look your best. Rose Tuxedo has designer suit rentals for everyone in every size and same day Suit rentals is our specialty for any occasion, Wedding suits , Prom Suits , Graduation suits , funeral suits and of course Job interview suit rentals. Good luck on your job search and your second job interview suit rental is always half price. www.rosetuxedoaz.com 602 957-0089 85018 suit rentals

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Graduation Suit for Boys

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Dressing Up for Promotion and Graduation suits for boys

During the course of the year there are a number of occasions that are very significant. One of these occasions is for graduation or Promotion in school. At this time of the year, many students look to complete a level of education and move on to bigger and better things. The most common promotion in school is graduation. Whether someone is graduating high school or college, this presents an opportunity for people to dress up for the occasion. Fortunately for the participants such as students, there are plenty of ways to dress up for promotion in school. The best ways to dress up for promotion is to wear dress pants and a dress shirt along with shoes. By wearing this attire students will have the opportunity to look good and give the audience a very good presentation. So if it’s 8th grade your graduating from or your a senior in high school or even college graduation try to feel it and look your best or what makes you comfortable. cap and gown

The first type of attire you will want to wear for promotion is a dress shirt. This is a form of clothing that consists of sleeves and buttons. It can come in either short sleeve or long sleeve form. However it is always better to wear a long sleeve shirt because it looks more formal. There are a number of colors that you can wear but white is always the best because it goes with everything. Anyone looking to wear a dress shirt for promotion will benefit by getting a shirt with a basic design as it looks good with pants and blazers. promotion

The Suits

It’s the most important day in your academic life so it’s important that you look the part.  You need to ensure it’s tailored to fit you properly, otherwise it won’t feel special on the big day.Think of it this way, once you’ve graduated, you’ll be heading off into the world of gainful employment and a good suit for all those interviews is an absolute must. It’s an investment piece and something you will have for the future, job’s, interviews, weddings, funerals and more.

Another form of clothing you will want to wear is dress pants. These are a form of clothing that covers you legs and they often look very nice. They are quite formal and present an appealing image to others. There are a few distinct colors of dress pants but black pants are always the best looking. They are usually the most formal and go with any other color in terms of shirts. Therefore you will want to wear black dress pants when attending a formal event such as a school promotion. kids graduation

So What Are Your Choices?

• Regular fit suits – Standard fit suits are the most commonly found off the rack suits and it all depends on your body shape and size as to which is most flattering. The regular fit is usually more suited to the fuller figure while the slim fit has a more military uniform feel to it.
• Skinny fit suits – This is a more trend lead suit which is a new, contemporary skinny style of suit. Slim fit suits for men are often considered the European style but lately more and more British designers have been incorporating the slim fit look into their British designs. The Skinny provides the sleek, modern silhouette that’s become a favorite with the fashion conscious. Skinny isn’t for everyone and a tuxedo specialist should be able to help you decide what is good for you. Rose Tuxedo has all your options. graduation

Your suit colors shouldn’t really be too over the top. If you’re looking to bring the university or college colors into your look there are more subtle and much more stylish ways of doing just that.

When looking to get these clothes it is a good idea to go to a store that sells this type of attire. In Phoenix going to Rose Tuxedo will give you a great place to get these items. The store has been in business for 30 years and offers you a wide selection of dress pants, dress shoes and dress shirts. Therefore shopping at Rose Tuxedo will allow you to get the attire you need for any school promotion. Rose Tuxedo has a location near you in Phoenix, stop in no matter what your zit code is 85308. Thanks and congratulation to all!!! Call us for some advice 602 957-0089

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New Years Eve Attire

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New Years Eve Attire newyearseve2016

Slim Fit Tuxedo style

Slim Fit Tuxedo style


The holidays are one of the few times during the year that both men and women look forward to getting dressed up for, especially as so many wonderful events, both formal and semi-formal, take place during this time. Along with the usual festivities involving family and friends, many people are invited to office parties and social dinners and events. Although some of these gatherings may be informal, more often than not formal dress is encouraged.

New Years Eve is no exception. In fact, many people right here in Phoenix, AZ, see New Years Eve Attire men and woman as a special annual occasion to go all out with their look. This is especially true for those on the social scene who love to ring in the new year in style.

For Semi-Formal Attire

Semi-formal attire is often hard to define, but it is easiest to pin down as to what you would wear for an office party or dinner party, and you normally would wear a suit if you are a man or a cocktail dress if you are a woman. And regardless of who you are, your New Years Eve attire men and woman must look chic and timeless.

2 Button Fitted

2 Button Fitted

We at Rose Tuxedo have the answer. For both men and women, we have suits that will fit your ever need. From demure and traditional to something bolder, our patterns and colors will single you out for your good taste and timeless attire. And by going on-trend with the menswear tuxedo look, women will look fashionable while remaining at ease in one of our suits for your New Years Eve attire.

Formal Attire Made Possible by Rose Tuxedo

For many people, formal wear is not something they have in their closet, preferring to rent a tuxedo or buy a dress as needed. Here in Phoenix, AZ, the need for a formal dress code for men and women is often reserved for the holidays, when the cooler months make wearing a tuxedo or suit rental a much more enjoyable experience.

Formal events, such as a gala or dinner party, often call for a tuxedo for men, but did you know that the trend is moving towards womenswear too? Women from all walks of life have been caught modeling in the trend, making it a chic and comfortable style statement for the fashionable woman.

Have fun shopping

Have fun shopping

Whatever your formal event need is, whether you need some New Years Eve attire men and woman for a semi-formal or formal event, visit Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix, AZ first for the best Holiday suit rental prices and tux’s. A tux rental from us will cause you to be the talk of your event, without costing you a fortune. Come in and see us today for your New Years 2016 attire!

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Tuxedo Dressing: Things to Remember When Wearing a Vest

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Just as women want to be stylish when they are attending an event, men also want to look their best. But when it comes to wearing something nice, men simply have to pick out a tuxedo that suits them nicely. This makes it easy for them to choose something nice to wear during a special event they need to attend.

Tuxedo satin_fb_vests

Compared to women, men can easily pick out the clothes they want to wear for an event. They can simply go for a rental tuxedo so they can take part in the event. For some men, however, picking out a tuxedo does not simply end there: they can still accessorize their look.

If you are interested in accessorizing your tuxedo with the help of a waistcoat or a vest, you have to remember that there are things you should avoid. Especially if you want to make your look polished and traditional, you have to follow important tips so you can wear your tuxedo nicely. Here are some things you have to remember when wearing a vest:

  • If you chose to wear a single-breasted tuxedo, you must wear a vest along with it. This is so you can conceal the portion of the white shirt fabric visible between your waistband and jacket button.
  • You don’t need to go with a black tuxedo all the time. If you want to look like Daniel Craig in Skyfall, you can opt for a midnight blue tuxedo and pair it with a vest. This will turn you into a refined and suave gentleman.
  • When wearing a vest, make sure that the color of the lining of your tuxedo is the same with the back of your vest. Especially for a black tie event, you need to look elegant and smart. If you mix different colors, your ensemble will not be pleasant to look at.
  • Make sure that your vest is tailored to your proportion and size. To test the fit of a vest, try sitting down on a chair. You have to go with something that looks just as good whether you’re seated or standing up.
  • Never wear a cummerbund together with a vest. Not only does it not look good, it will be an over the top look as they are both considered as tuxedo accessories. Avoid over-accessorizing by picking only one option.

Follow these tips when you decided to wear a vest along with your tuxedo. If you’re still looking for one to wear, you can take a look at our options that you can choose from.



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