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Designer Tuxedo Rental Phoenix-From Fall To Winter: Suits and Tuxes

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We’ve gotten through Halloween– hopefully in one piece– and now it’s time to start thinking about the rest of the year. We have Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years to start thinking about. Don’t let these holidays and any of the formal, semi-formal, or other events sneak up on you! Rose Tuxedo is here to help you to look your best for every wedding, school dance, holiday party, job interview, and quinceañera that you may have to attend. Today we’ll talk a little about some of the events you may need a suit or tuxedo for the rest of autumn plus the start of winter.

  1. Winter Formal: Before the students are let out for Winter Break, the Winter Formal may be coming up. Usually, nice suits, and sometimes tuxedos , are required for the boys attending. Look your best and match your date (or pick a color for your group, or everyone in your group chooses a different winter color) and turn heads all night. Suit or tux rentals are a great option for our young men because buying a suit at this time in their life will just lead to a suit that doesn’t fit next year– or even by prom!
  2. Office parties: Impress the boss or your office crush at the office Christmas (or Thanksgiving) party by renting a suit that is a little fancier than your normal wok attire and talk your way into a bonus, extra vacation time, or just look amazing and feel even better.
  3. Family Holiday Parties: Impress the in-laws by looking prim and polished in a suit, sports coat, slacks, or any other elements from an amazing suit. Get out of doing the dishes by saying you don’t want to get anything on your suit! Or have something to wear to church on Christmas morning while still looking stylish when you’re making the rounds to your relatives. Finding a designer tuxedo rental Phoenix is easy at Rose Tuxedo with 3 locations to suit you and open 7 days a week. Serving all the surrounding cites.
  4. Red Tuxedo jacketParties with Friends: Look amazing for your wife or girlfriend at any party you attend. Formal wear works great for any event in winter. The color options are nearly endless and who doesn’t look great in a warm suit jacket on a cool night? Mix it up with a festive Turkey Tie or pull out a Frosty the Snowman top hat for a festive look. If you show up single to a party, expect a couple numbers after you mingle while wearing one of our classy and stylish suits. You can even piece out a three-piece suit and buy one suit for multiple occasions. The slacks and suspenders look is very “in” over the past few years.
  5. Weddings and More: Winter is great for formal and semi-formal events. You won’t roast during the day in a suit and you won’t freeze when the sun sets.

There are many reasons to rent or own a suit or designer tuxedo, so for all of your designer tuxedo rental Phoenix and purhasing of formal wear, come to Rose Tuxedo, your one stop shop to look your best.

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Excuses to Wear a Suit This May

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Who doesn’t want to duplicate this photo?

Ok, everyone. It’s May. Stop with the Justin Timberlake “It’s Gonna Be May” jokes because May is here! We’re in the later part of Spring so let’s get those bodies looking great in a suit. If you’ve recently purchased a suit from us of you want to see how you look in a suit it’s the perfect time to take those out for a spin and show the world what you’ve got!

The new Star Wars movie is coming out this year so you may want to celebrate “Star Wars Day” with a screening party of all the older movies to catch up before the December release of the new one. “May the 4th be with you” is a great play on words and an excuse to show your inner sci-fi nerd. Throw a party and pop on a suit with a Star Wars themed tie or accessory and be the host with the most. Bonus points for carrying the party on to “Revenge of the Fifth.”

Cinco de Mayo is Tuesday! There should still be some time to get a suit renal or purchase to throw a classy soiree for this awesome holiday instead of just throwing on a sombrero and breaking out the tequila. Put on a suit and greet your friends and family. When the older crowd leaves you can remove the suit and throw on those cutoff shorts and bring out the Corona! Class it up for a bit, at least. Do something different!

Mother’s Day is next Sunday! As we’ve discussed recently you could really impress your mom this Mother’s Day by looking amazing and taking her out to dinner or having some new pictures taken! There’s still plenty of time to rent or purchase a suit to make Momma proud!

There’s a few military and memorial based holidays this month: VE Day (Victory in Europe) on the 8th, Armed Forces Day on the 16th, and Memorial Day on the 25th. So throw an awesome party to celebrate those who have fought for this country. Take a veteran out to a nice dinner, invite friends and family by to share stories, eat some good food, and enjoy the day. Dress up a little to show some respect, check out the local memorials around town and thank a veteran for their services—they’ll appreciate it. Once you’re done being respectful you can pull out the grill and cook some burgers and steaks in whatever you please—but a suit wouldn’t hurt if you take this opportunity to check out a nice restaurant or memorial service.

Whether you’re Canadian or not you can also celebrate Victoria Day to honor Queen Victoria. Throw on a suit and bring over some friends to watch some old documentaries and talk like royalty for the evening. It’ll be fun!

May is also a great time for Proms, Weddings, and other fancy events, so don’t forget to rent your suits and tuxedos from Rose Tuxedo, even if it’s short notice we should be able to help you!

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asking a Date to Prom

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Asking a date to Prom?

Asking a date to Prom?

The Magic of Prom Starts With Finding A Date

Each year for over a hundred years, high school prom (shorthand for the promenade held at the beginning of a formal ball) has been an important coming of age event in American culture. While social etiquette has changed quite a bit in that time, one thing hasn’t, prom dates are still an important yet intimidating part of the experience. Finding yourself one does not have to be hard or overwhelming and asking a date to prom should be fun and not scary.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to ask our collective crushes to prom. This is probably the worst thing we can do. We imagine all the possibilities ahead of us, ignoring the reality that we are these amazing unique individuals who are worthy of having a date that is into us. Focusing on asking someone you find intimidating to such an event can often make the task seem downright scary. Prom is all about having fun while learning the formalities associated with high-society. Your date should be someone you know you’ll have a good time with, someone you want to make memories with. Most likely you’re looking to ask someone you either enjoy being around or hope to get closer to.

As an initiation into the adult world of semi-formal occasions, it is often our first experience in choosing a date, formal wear, flowers, and ride. Just like other formal events such as weddings, the planning that goes into being prepared for prom night takes time. Therefore, the most important step in asking your prom date to go with you is ask early in the season. The main thing preventing dream prom dates is simply waiting too long to ask.

Most people are flattered by being asked to prom, whether they see any romantic interest or not. The worst-case scenario is they say no and you’re free to ask someone else. However, they may accept and propose you go as friends. Wait too long and they may have already accepted a date that they maybe aren’t as happy about. Don’t be intimidated by and compare yourself to others. Being your genuine self is an important aspect of asking someone on a date. If they say no, it only means you’re not compatible at the moment, not that there is anything wrong with you.

Most people might find it intimidating to talk to their prom date face to face. Relationships should always be handled face to face. However, prom dates aren’t relationships. They are a date to a single event. Dates can be initiated with a handwritten letter, card, or even text. The best part about asking a date to prom is even if they say no you can still attend with a good friend or group of friends. In fact, prom is best enjoyed with the people you spend the rest of your time with. Take someone that is there for you when you are hurt and those that cheer you on. No prom date is complete without friends to share the night with.

Ladies and gentlemen, get out there! The most important part of prom is having a good time and learning how to navigate the planning of a semi-formal affair. Whether you go as a group or with a date, as long as you take the opportunity to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime evening you’ve done it right. Once you have a Prom date or not Rose Tuxedo can help you pick out a Tuxedo or Prom Suit that will make you look and feel good at a great price, more money for you to enjoy dinner and pictures that night. 3 locations to suit you, Phoenix Tuxedos and Mesa Tuxedos.

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Slim fit tuxedo pants

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The Unique Slim Fitted Tuxedo Pants

Are you looking for the right tuxedo style that makes you stand out from the others, for your Prom or Wedding? Are you having trouble getting the proper fit, with everything you tried on, are they too loose or big, due to you having a slimmer body shape? Here at Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix, Arizona we offer slim fitted Tuxedo pants that would look great for the slimmer body figure. Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix in Arizona has 3 locations for their customers’ convenience and has been a family owned business for 25 years. They also offer the best price in all of their fabulous locations, in Arizona.Their fabulous and stylish slim fitted tuxedo pants are unique and are exclusively designed to cut closely to the body for a distinctive well-defined look that is perfectly suited to a slim line physique. They feature a flat front pant with today’s slim stylish look. They also offer a Tuxedo jacket and a shirt of your choice to match for a complete tuxedo suit.By wearing slim fitted tuxedo pants you will be outrageously handsome looking and be the best at your once in a life time prom or wedding. For your convenience, you are able to come by for a fitting, as early as 6 months before your event, with an appointment. If you were asked at the last minute to Prom or be apart off your friend’s wedding party, have no fear they can help you. They even offer same day alterations for the last minute occasion.  You name the color you want most likely they have it, with their variety of color array.

So if you think slim tuxedo pants will be a better fit for you and your body structure, for your prom or wedding. Then I suggest that you and friends stop by one of their 3 established Tuxedo locations Phoenix Arizona, North West Phoenix Arizona, and Mesa Arizona. For quick service when you arrive call for an appointment first, this will help them prepare for your arrival. They guarantee you and your friends will walk away pleased and be pleased and a satisfied customer.

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10 Reasons to Wear a Suit to Your Class Reunion

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We’re already into March of 2015, so to all of you who graduated in 2005, your 10 year class reunion is coming up! Class of 2000 may be having a 15 year reunion. No matter how many years you’ve been out of high school, a class reunion is a big deal! It’s time to show your friends and enemies from school how amazing you’re doing. Whether you’re married or single, look your best to turn some heads and make some ladies jealous! Schedule a fitting today to get the suit of your choice before that reunion!

  1. Look like a million bucks! Regardless of your current job, make everyone think you’re a fancy car salesman, hotel manager, CEO, or whatever your heart desires. Chances are they won’t ask too many questions and after tonight they won’t think much of it. Or, you can look like you’re slightly more important at your real job—that would be much easier to get away with.
  2. Impress the Prom Queen: If you weren’t a member of the football team and you never dated the popular girls, make them regret never giving you a chance. Men look amazing in suits, so a rental from Rose Tuxedo could make the senior Prom Queen regret not taking a second look at you in high school.
  3. Impress your date: If your date (wife, girlfriend, etc) didn’t go to your school, now’s the time to show her who you were in high school (or who you wished you were). Exude an air of confidence when you’re dressed your best traipsing down the halls of your high school.
  4. Prove how successful you actually are: If you’re making the big bucks and you want everyone to know it, what better way than a suit? Rent one if your awesome job doesn’t require you to own suits, or rent something for this special night.
  5. Relive memories: Rent a tuxedo of similar style and color that you wore to your Senior Prom. You may be a little overdressed and potentially slightly outdated, but you’ll turn some heads and bring up memories.
  6. Bring home a date: Impress the girl you never had the guts to ask out, or reunite with an old fling. Looking your best means you might be able to snag any girl there! If you attend the reunion with a date, however, do not take a different girl home.
  7. Fake a business meeting: No matter your career path, you can convince everyone you’re important by implying you’ve just landed from a business trip out of the state or country. Even if you’re a paper pusher, this shows you’re valued to the company and you’re interesting.
  8. Have an excuse to leave early: Much like number 7, tell people you have a last-minute important business issue to attend to. This works great if the awkward girl you’ve known since Pre-K starts hitting on you again. You know the one I’m talking about.
  9. Feel good about yourself: If you don’t have excuses to dress up, now’s your chance. Don’t feel like you need to look good for other people, look good for you. Walk with confidence through your old gymnasium.
  10. Make your woman happy: Regardless of if she attended the school, she’s got people to impress, too. Be her arm candy for the night. This works great if you’re going to her class reunion as well. All ladies love a piece of arm candy.


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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