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summer wedding attire for male guests

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We have a tuxedo for your Wedding!

We have a tuxedo for your Wedding!

Out door Wedding Wear for Men

What should a man wear to an outdoor Wedding during the Summer months or any other time of the year in some warm states or other parts of the country. Sometimes the invitation my offer you what the dress code should be and sometimes you just have to take a chance and use your best thoughts.

It’s all about the tone and time of the wedding or event. For a causal morning or afternoon reception, wear something light, maybe a light weight cotton suit or some light weight wool dress pants with a nice linen oxford dress shirt always a classy less formal way to dress.

Whether the location is San Diego or Hawaii or Arizona an afternoon affair invites a lightweight Blazer with some comfortable trousers. I think you can safely expect that the bride and groom want you to look comfortable and feel comfortable and put together under the Sun or early evening. Some guys might be able to pull off a white dinner jacket for day or a night event but you can never go wrong with a dark-colored lightweight wool suit which is always best. I also like a flower in your lapel. Summer wedding attire for male guests can be so much fun.

If the wedding really is on a beach and your thinking what is a “beach formal” then you must think tropical and elegant. Some really good looking shorts, sandals and sunglasses will need to be packed for this sand and sea voyage (no socks) and if your going to wear a hat it really needs to be a nice looking one. How fun and festive is this going to be? You got to love it. The ocean or bay or lake in the background and so much more will make anything you wear feel like your part of the destination wedding. The beach wedding during the warm late-summer months means summery attire without a jacket. But if the invitation says “ black Tie ,” then wear your tuxedo . Rose Tuxedo has tuxedo rental packages for destination weddings so you can feel comfortable in a light weight designer tuxedo that is the right color for the reception time of the day. We give our customers extended tuxedo rental time at no extra charge with a travel bag and even an extra shirt for 2 nights of partying. And feel free to go jacketless when you to too hot to handle it. 3 Arizona Tuxedo rental locations for all your outdoor wedding needs or Quinceanear serving all of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and Mesa. Our next blog with share some ideas for the ladies Wedding Summer dress.

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Taking a Date to a Wedding: A Guide

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Grey suit or tuxedo

Some of us are being invited to a different wedding every week, and those of us who are not married or in a committed relationship may want to take a date! If you want to take a “plus one,” there are some general things to avoid and things to do to make it a nice night without drama! Today we’ll give some advice on taking a date to a wedding!

  1. Dress appropriately: While you aren’t expected to match your date, dress as the dress code requires. A suit that is clean, fits well, and is in style is always a safe bet, regardless of the season, time of day, and the formality of the wedding.
  2. Make sure you can bring a date: Clear both the person you’ve invited and that you can bring someone before showing up to a wedding with a date. Without proper notice, things can get awkward. Your date may not have a place to sit, a plate of food, and it could just come across as rude to the bride and groom.
  3. Don’t assume: If you’re in a stable relationship and you were at the time you were invited, don’t assume your partner is automatically invited. Clear their attendance with the bride and groom.
  4. If you’re unsure: If you think you’re likely to bring a date when you RSVP, ask ahead of time if you can bring someone. It’s better to not show up with a date when you said you would than show up with one uninvited. That way there’s less pressure if you and your partner split right before the wedding. You can bring a friend or a romantic interest.
  5. Don’t lie to your date: If you want this to be just a fun outing, let them know. If you have romantic intentions, let them know. Don’t just say “want to go to a wedding with me?” and leave it at that. Let them know who the wedding is for, their relation to you, why you asked them, etc.
  6. “Wedding Date” can sound like a serious next step: If you’re seeing someone and you invite them to a wedding, be prepared for them to ask if this means your relationship is getting more serious. Follow tip 5 on how to handle this.
  7. Pay attention to your date: Whether it’s a friend, family member, or romantic interest, don’t ignore them. You can dance with someone else, but don’t flirt with other guests if you brought a “date date,” and don’t run off without notice even if your date is your cousin.
  8. Introduce your date: Make them feel included, introduce them to other guests or the wedding party, help them get to know others, and make sure they know they’re welcome to the party.


  1. Don’t overdo anything: Do not drink too much, do not over eat (causing laziness or lethargy), do not make huge shows of affection towards your date, and just be a good guest. You don’t need to draw attention to yourselves on someone else’s wedding day!
  2. Be polite: Have manners, show your date a good time, and be a gentleman! Don’t let your date get lost, feel alone, over drink, get upset, or feel as if they’re not having fun.

Whatever you do at a wedding this summer, talk to Rose Tuxedo for all of your suit and tuxedo needs. And keep checking back for survival guides, fashion tips, and more!


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