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Getting Suits for Young Gentlemen!

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No little boy likes wearing a suit or tuxedo and it can be difficult to get grown men or young man into a suit or tux if all they want to do is wear jeans and a t-shirt. Every guy is different and it may take different methods of convincing to get your young man looking his best for a wedding, dance, Prom, or other event. Today we’ll talk about how to know when it’s time for a new suit for your young man and how to avoid awkward stages and unpleasant surprises when it comes to sizing.

  • The proper fit: Check out Esquire’s article on how to tell if a suit fits. If the suit is too tight or short in spots it may be time for a new one, but if it’s too long or loose in spots a trip to the tailor may solve your problems.
  • Tailoring: If your young man is rapidly growing and you have several events for that year (or couple of years) at which he needs to dress up, talk to a tailor about leaving excess fabric to allow for letting clothing out. This could save money on slacks and jacket sleeves more so than shirts (you may want a different shirt for different events anyway). This is also great if you have multiple boys or access to a nice hand-me-down suit.
  • Rentals: Renting a suit or tuxedo is fantastic if you need something extra fancy for a wedding or Prom or if your man is in the middle of a growth spurt and you don’t foresee purchasing a suit as a viable financial decision. Rentals are always a great decision, regardless of age or size of the man, but especially for those rare occasions your guy needs to look the best he can. Renting suits can also be a great way to find your style and learn your measurements.
  • Budgets: If you’ve purchased some all-purpose slacks and a button-down shirt that suffices for work, job interviews, dances, weddings (as a guest) and other events where “dressing up” is required then maybe the rare tuxedo rental will save money in the long run—especially if your sizing will change by the next time you need a tuxedo or suit.
  • Time: It you’re an adult and can still fit in the suit in your closest but you haven’t worn it in a decade, it may be time to retire that one and check out the newer styles, fabrics, and colors.
  • Comfort: If the man in your life doesn’t like suits or tuxedos then maybe letting him walk into Rose Tuxedo and getting his measurements and checking out different styles until he finds something he likes. Let him explore with the help of professionals instead of his mom, grandma, wife, or girlfriend. Just like you don’t want him in the dressing room when you’re picking out a nice dress or a bathing suit there’s a good chance he feels the same way about something that might make him uncomfortable.

No matter what you do or when your man needs new formal attire, be supportive and don’t get pushy or angry. Bring him to Rose Tuxedo and we’ll fulfil all his rental and purchasing needs for suits, tuxes, and more.

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Survival Guide For Valentine’s Day!

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Alright, men! You still have nearly 3 weeks before Valentine’s Day! If you have a special someone who deserves to be swept off their feet, you’re in the right place for advice. Today, we’ll talk about how to make your lady swoon over you this February 14th.

Avoid gifts like appliances or anything “practical.” No vacuums, no blenders, no knife sets. Also avoid lingerie. While lingerie is heavily advertised this time of year, leave that to her. If she wants to wear something special for you, she’ll get it herself. Sizing is important and honestly, most men will mess it up. If you want to get her something she can wear, focus on something cute and comfortable instead of something sexy. Go for a silky robe or a pair of cute slippers. Jewelry and chocolate usually go over well, too, but don’t feel as if that is your only option. You don’t have to break the bank to make her feel special.

If she has to work part of the day, send a little gift to her place of work. Flowers, chocolate, a teddy bear, or a little note hinting at your plans for the evening will make her the talk of the office.

There is no rule that says you must give a woman a dozen red roses. You can stick to one rose and it just might mean more to her. Mix it up and get her favorite flowers instead of the cliché roses. Or, avoid flowers all together—flowers just die and that can be depressing a week later.

Cards and Letters:
Places like Hallmark have dozens (if not hundreds) of Valentine’s Day cards. Some of these are really cute, romantic, or funny but it would mean so much more if you make your special someone (even friends or family) a card by hand.

You can also write your lover a love letter (which can be in the aforementioned card) or a short love note. This doesn’t need to be three pages of mush, but remind her why you love her, the little things that make you smile, and tell her she’s beautiful. Be truthful and you can add a little humor in it, but keep it sincere and honest.

First and foremost, do something she wants to do. Better yet, find something you both are interested in doing. This day doesn’t have to be 100% about her. Go see a movie, rewatch your favorite movie as a couple, or go back to the restaurant where you had a special date. If there’s a museum or an event she’s interested in it could be nice to show an interest in what she wants to do (and it’ll score you brownie points).

If you don’t want to go out of the house you could always cook for her. Even if you’re not good at cooking she’ll appreciate the effort.

Turn off phones and computers. Checking your phone in the bathroom or periodically to check in with friends or family (especially if you have big plans they’re involved with) isn’t a big deal, but put away the phone at dinner or while watching a movie at home. There’s no need to check Facebook or message your bros when you’re having a special night with your lady.

When in doubt, put on a nice suit. At Rose Tuxedo we can help you pick out a suit rental (or purchase) that will make you look like the man of her dreams. Choose from a variety of colors and styles. Choose a red tie, pocket square, or shirt for a pop of color and a nice festive feel.

Never underestimate the power of a good suit.

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10 Ways to Turn Your Winter Romantic Life from Cold to Steamy

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Be it a blind date, first date, second date, or 50th date, there’s always something you can do better. Whether you need to dress better, act better, or have better conversations there’s always something you can do to sweep her off her feet. Take this colder weather as an opportunity to woo your lady friend this winter. While Arizona doesn’t have winter like a lot of the rest of the country, it still gets a little chilly, so take these hints for those cooler nights out.

  1. “Because every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.” ZZ Top says is best. The better you look, the better she’ll look and the more jealous looks the two of you will get. Show up to her door (be it the bedroom door or front door) in a sleek, fitted suit and look like the man of her dreams. If this is the first date it’ll be a great way to impress her and she’ll ask for a date #2. If you’re an established couple it’ll remind her why she fell for you in the first place.

  2. Sweater Weather: As The Neighborhood says in their song, “Use the sleeves of my sweater/Let’s have an adventure.” Pair a suit jacket and slacks with a v-neck classy sweater and impress her with your fashion sense, and it’s a little toned down from a suit and tie. This is perfect for outside-dates.
  3. Sharing: Sure, you look great in your full suit, but if your lady gets a little chilly, put your blazer on her. Not only will it smell like you, but it shows you’re considerate.
  4. Festive ties: Use a Santa or Snowman tie to spark up a conversation. If you’re married to your date, wear a tie she picked out or the kids picked out last Christmas. A silly tie is also a great way to break the ice for a first date.
  5. Festive colors: Throw on a poinsettia-red tie or shirt, or a Santa-Clause red sweater. Or throw in some forest green like a Christmas tree. Keep it bold and a little holiday-appropriate.
  6. Bring the Winter to her: Whether she’s an Arizona Native or from a state where it snows, show her what winter can be. Take her ice skating, or find a ski slope nearby with artificial snow. Build a snowman. Buy some fake snow and give her a pair of gloves and a scarf and play in a winter wonderland.
  7. Fireplace and Fondue: Stay cozy in front of the fireplace and pull out some chocolate fondue and snuggle up with your sweetheart to make her melt into your arms.
  8. Decorate the house for Christmas: Buy some new decorations or bring home red, white, and green paper, glitter, and cotton to make some homemade decorations. She’ll love your crafty stay-in-date.
  9. Tell her you’ll make Christmas dinner: or at least help. Tell her this on a date and she’s all yours for the rest of time. Just don’t make a promise you can’t keep.
  10. Bring her to Rose Tuxedo: If you and your lovely lady are looking to get married (especially this Winter) take her with you to Rose Tuxedo and pick out wedding colors, pocket squares, and let her help pick out the perfect suit or tux for the big day. She’ll love seeing the vast array of colors we offer and we can match your apparel to the wedding colors of her dreams.

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History of the Tuxedo

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The tuxedo today is a symbol of power, money, and importance. It is worn for fancy parties and weddings, and by super spies and celebrities. Like everything else we see in the world of fashion, the tuxedo has a backstory.

The 1860’s began in increased popularity of activities taken place outside for the English middle and upper class. This led to the lounge suit (known in the US today as a standard suit)as an alternative to formal day wear and the evening tailcoat. Another ancestor of the tuxedo is the silk smoking jacket and matching pants ordered by the Prince of Wales (Edward VII).

The tuxedo concept (alternatives for a dress coat) was initially introduced to North America in the fall and summer of 1886. The style varied between waist length and the more conventional suit jacket cut. Tuxedo Park in upstate New York featured some guests attending the Autumn Ball wearing a dress coat which did not contain a tail as commonly worn. It may have been a mess jacket or a more conventional dinner jacket, but the lack of tailcoats paved the way for the modern tuxedo.

Early tuxedo jackets featured two buttons or no buttons with a shawl collar faced in satin or ribbed silk. Later, in the 20th century, the peaked lapel was introduced and became popular and the style utilizing a single button became the standard. At this time, the Oxford grey or a shade of dark blue was highly common. During WWI and again in the 1930’s, midnight blue became a popular alternative to favor with tuxedos. Notch lapels became popular in the 1920’s. Around the 1930’s, the stripe of braid covering the out seam on the legs of the trousers became standard and both the double breasted jacket and white jackets became popular during warmer weather.

Variants of color began popping out in the 1950’s for warmer seasons and by the 1960’s, colors were worn throughout the year and notch lapels came back into fashion. The 1970’s brought on a wide variety of colors for rental purposes. The 1980’s interestingly brought back the classic black style tuxedos (which is surprising due to the love of neon in the 80’s). During this time, the notch lapels returned and have not left. The 1990’s brought in some more traits resembling business suits, including 2-3 button syles, flap pockets, and centre vents. While much of the structure and colors have remained popular since the 1980’s, Midnight blue has once again become a popular option.

Regardless of what era your love of tuxedos stems from, Rose Tuxedo will do what we can to meet your tuxedo needs, whether you want a more classic black or midnight blue or you want to delve into the 1970’s powder blue or other interesting colors. Contact us to schedule a fitting and check out our selection for all of your suit and tuxedo needs. While the tuxedo and suit fashion has changed, the general idea is still the same: men look great in suits and tuxedos!

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How to Avoid Over or Under Dressing

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Renting a Tuxedo or Suit will usually impress anyone (especially the ladies) but sometimes it’s hard to gauge when to dress in a full tux, a business suit, or casual clothes. Today we’ll give you some guidelines so you’ll know when you need to come to Rose Tuxedo for your rental needs. Dress codes can get confusing, we’re here to help.

Full Formal: Usually means guest need to rent attire for the event.

  • Daytime: morning dress, tailcoat, vest.
  • Nighttime: white tie.
  • Usually reserved for highly formal award ceremonies, diplomatic events, etc.
  • Not often done unless in a wealthy upper class social circle and event.
  • Not usually done with weddings or parties.

Semi-Formal: People confuse this and formal all the time, also usually requires guests to rent attire.

  • Often times when people say “formal,” they actually mean “Semi-formal” nowadays.
  • Daytime: stroller (not understood commonly, may need to make notes in invitations)
  • Nighttime: tuxedo with black tie.
  • Done for rarer events like weddings, not regular events.
  • Make sure your tux fits well and is altered where needed, stress a solid black theme—bright colors are mainly for Proms.

Business Dress: Matched suits! Some rentals may be required.

  • Dark, solid (or pinstriped) suits are the safest bet, usually with a white dress shirt, basic tie, and black leather oxfords.
  • Daytime: You can probably get away with a lighter gray or a dark brown suit.
  • Invitations that do not specify “business” dress but simply state to wear a suit and tie will allow guests to play with color a little more.
  • Church affairs, light-hearted events, nice meals, etc.

Business Casual: Fewer people will need to rent, but not everyone owns the pieces.

  • Suit jackets are not required, but often desired, but the pants are not expected nor required to match.
  • Collared shirt with slacks or khakis encouraged, often worn with navy blue blazer (but colors can vary).
  • It is also acceptable to wear sweaters or dress shirts sans blazer or sports jacket.
  • Safe bet: jacket and tie (easier to remove pieces if you seem overdressed)

Casual: Everyone’s favorite.

  • Neckties are not needed, but a more casual (but nice) jacket can be worn without looking out of place.
  • Jeans are acceptable, but dark fitted jeans in good shape are expected.
  • Collared shirts (like polos) and nice shoes (loafers, leather shoes, etc.) are not required, but will look the best.
  • If they bothered to send out actual invitations, wearing a t-shirt and ripped jeans with flip flops will not cut it.

“Optional” attached to dress code type: This gets confusing.

  • Say your host puts “black tie optional” on the invitations, this means what it says, but it still has expectations.
  • Guests are encouraged to wear stated “optional” dress, but not required. This allows an event to seem less formal while retaining a level of class. This allows guests to avoid renting a tux or suit (or buying one, for that matter) if they wish to just go with something less formal.
  • It’s encouraged that guests meet closely to the suggested attire, but not go above it (business dress optional would mean you wouldn’t go rent a tuxedo, or “black tie optional,” doesn’t mean you have to rent a tuxedo, but a nice suit would be appreciated).
  • See also: preferred.
    • This allows guests who can’t meet the suggested “optional” or required dress code to feel comfortable

When in doubt, (no dress code listed, or confused about phrasing) ask around. Ask the host, ask other guests, take into consideration the date, time, season, and importance of the event. Chances are, a birthday party will be, at max, business dress while a wedding is likely to require, at minimum, business dress (depending on your relation to the bridal party). Rose Tuxedo has all your suit and tux needs, so give us a call.


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