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How to Avoid Over or Under Dressing

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Renting a Tuxedo or Suit will usually impress anyone (especially the ladies) but sometimes it’s hard to gauge when to dress in a full tux, a business suit, or casual clothes. Today we’ll give you some guidelines so you’ll know when you need to come to Rose Tuxedo for your rental needs. Dress codes can get confusing, we’re here to help.

Full Formal: Usually means guest need to rent attire for the event.

  • Daytime: morning dress, tailcoat, vest.
  • Nighttime: white tie.
  • Usually reserved for highly formal award ceremonies, diplomatic events, etc.
  • Not often done unless in a wealthy upper class social circle and event.
  • Not usually done with weddings or parties.

Semi-Formal: People confuse this and formal all the time, also usually requires guests to rent attire.

  • Often times when people say “formal,” they actually mean “Semi-formal” nowadays.
  • Daytime: stroller (not understood commonly, may need to make notes in invitations)
  • Nighttime: tuxedo with black tie .
  • Done for rarer events like weddings, not regular events.
  • Make sure your tux fits well and is altered where needed, stress a solid black theme—bright colors are mainly for Proms.

Business Dress: Matched suits ! Some rentals may be required.

  • Dark, solid (or pinstriped) suits are the safest bet, usually with a white dress shirt, basic tie, and black leather oxfords.
  • Daytime: You can probably get away with a lighter gray or a dark brown suit.
  • Invitations that do not specify “business” dress but simply state to wear a suit and tie will allow guests to play with color a little more.
  • Church affairs, light-hearted events, nice meals, etc.

Business Casual: Fewer people will need to rent, but not everyone owns the pieces.

  • Suit jackets are not required, but often desired, but the pants are not expected nor required to match.
  • Collared shirt with slacks or khakis encouraged, often worn with navy blue blazer (but colors can vary).
  • It is also acceptable to wear sweaters or dress shirts sans blazer or sports jacket.
  • Safe bet: jacket and tie (easier to remove pieces if you seem overdressed)

Casual: Everyone’s favorite.

  • Neckties are not needed, but a more casual (but nice) jacket can be worn without looking out of place.
  • Jeans are acceptable, but dark fitted jeans in good shape are expected.
  • Collared shirts (like polos) and nice shoes (loafers, leather shoes, etc.) are not required, but will look the best.
  • If they bothered to send out actual invitations, wearing a t-shirt and ripped jeans with flip flops will not cut it.

“Optional” attached to dress code type: This gets confusing.

  • Say your host puts “ black tie optional” on the invitations, this means what it says, but it still has expectations.
  • Guests are encouraged to wear stated “optional” dress, but not required. This allows an event to seem less formal while retaining a level of class. This allows guests to avoid renting a tux or suit (or buying one, for that matter) if they wish to just go with something less formal.
  • It’s encouraged that guests meet closely to the suggested attire, but not go above it (business dress optional would mean you wouldn’t go rent a tuxedo, or “black tie optional,” doesn’t mean you have to rent a tuxedo, but a nice suit would be appreciated).
  • See also: preferred.
    • This allows guests who can’t meet the suggested “optional” or required dress code to feel comfortable

When in doubt, (no dress code listed, or confused about phrasing) ask around. Ask the host, ask other guests, take into consideration the date, time, season, and importance of the event. Chances are, a birthday party will be, at max, business dress while a wedding is likely to require, at minimum, business dress (depending on your relation to the bridal party). Rose Tuxedo has all your suit and tux needs, so give us a call.

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How to Get the Most Out of a Suit

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After a little research, anyone can figure out when it’s appropriate or expected to wear either a suit or a tuxedo. Many, however, do not fully comprehend the usefulness of a complete tuxedo or suit within a wardrobe. For example, one three-piece suit in a basic color (Black or charcoal gray for example) can be used in at least six different ways, such as:

  1. All 3 pieces: This is a strong, bold look, especially when paired with attention grabbing colors like reds or burgundy. The tie and pocket square should match, or at the very least be of similar shades. Black leather belt and shoes in great condition, accompanied by a black leather briefcase or a style of bag make great additions. Maybe even add a watch with black leather, or metallic for an extra-noticeable statement.
  2. Two (main) pieces: Wearing the jacket and pants (accompanied with a long tie and collared shirt) is timeless. It makes a less bold statement than the three-piece variety, but it still commands respect and attention when all pieces fit properly with matching accessories. Accessories can be colorful, while others prefer a black-and-white look head-to-toe.
  3. Vest and pants: This look is classy, stylish, and vastly under-used. The vest or waistcoat should fit closer to the body than the jacket, so it may need extra tailoring or close attention to the adjuster in the back(especially when worn sans jacket). This look has a tendency to make a man look slimmer. One possible downside to this look is the attention which must be paid to the shirt. Color, cut, and condition must all be noted, and all accessories must compliment the shirt and vest. When in doubt, white shirt with black suit-pieces never fails. This look can be completed with bow ties (or long ties, but who doesn’t love a good bow tie?), a pocket watch chain, patterned socks, and leather shoes.
  4. Waistcoat without suit jacket or pants: This is one huge reason men should invest in a good three-piece suit. Throw on a dark wash jean, loafers or semi-dressy shoes, a semi-casual collared long sleeve shirt, and a tie can make any man look fantastic. This is great for those nights out on the town without looking over-dressed but reminding everyone how amazingly stylish you are. The glory of this idea is that comfortable jeans can be paired with any color or pattern of shirt (or tie), because a black vest will go with nearly anything. Dress it up, or dress it down, but always leave the bottom button unfastened.
  5. Jacket only, leave the slacks and vest behind: This look can be done in so many ways. A great fitting suit jacket can class up any outfit, even jeans and a t-shirt. Test out different materials for pants and add a nice pocket square or handkerchief for a dash of color and fun. No need for a tie and fancy watches or clips, leave it a little on the casual side and impress everyone around you.
  6. Pants only: A good pair of slacks can be worn with nearly anything. Take that jacket off and put a sweater or a sweater vest over that boring collared shirt and enjoy casual Friday at the office! Throw in your brown loafers if you feel a little crazy—just be sure to pair something else with brown tones in to bring the entire outfit together. Have fun with colors and patterns and materials. Who said wearing slacks is boring?

There’s no reason not to own a three-piece suit. If you don’t believe us, come by and rent one for a few days and play around with the other elements in your closet. Once you realize how amazing you look and how great everyone else thinks you look, you’ll come back begging for us to help you pick out at least one three-piece suit of your own!

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Ladies! How To Convince Him To Wear a Tux or Suit!

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How many women have tried to get their men to dress appropriately to an event only for them to whine long enough to force you to let them wear their slacks and ill-fitted sports coat? Men can be very stubborn, we all know this. Today we’ll discuss how to get your man to wear something proper.

  1. If he cares about you, he’ll do anything for you. Let him know how much it would mean to you for him to wear a suit or tux (depending on the event). Don’t get pushy or whiney, but be confident in your decision. Tell him how handsome he’ll look and that you wouldn’t mind a little arm candy at your sister’s wedding. A little ego-stroking can go a long way.
  2. Be subtle. If you blatantly tell him that his current suit doesn’t fit or isn’t appropriate for the event there’s a chance he’ll just get mad or defensive or he’ll just get generally hurt. Let him know how great he’d look in something different. “You’d look great in this suit,” is more effective than “you can’t wear the suit from your high school graduation, you’re 30.”
  3. Don’t be pushy. When he’s eventually trying on proper attire, let him know what looks good. When he’s trying things on, don’t be afraid to let him try on something you didn’t pick out. He may know his physically attractive traits better than you think and he may surprise you by picking out the best suit in the place. While he is probably perfectly capable of picking out a good suit (especially with help from the associates in the store) he will appreciate your help, honesty, and compliments. Try on different things, but don’t force 12 different suit-jackets on him in the dressing room.
  4. Give in a little.If you want him to wear a tuxedo but he honestly doesn’t care for them, it won’t be the end of the world to let him pick out a wonderful suit. If he doesn’t want to wear a bow tie, you won’t burst into flames if he picks out a matching neck tie. If he truly doesn’t want his shirt or tie to match your shoes and sash, maybe decide on a classic black/white combo or something that compliments your attire.
  5. Don’t be afraid of getting it tailored. Many rental places will help create a custom-fit for a suit or tux and anything you purchase can be altered as much as you want. Every man is built differently so if there’s something that doesn’t quite fit perfectly, it can be easily fixed. If the funds are available, take your man to a tailor to ask about custom-made pieces. He will feel like a million bucks because the piece or entire outfit is literally made for him, and who doesn’t like feeling special?
  6. Baby steps. If it’s his first time dressing in such attire, don’t throw him in the deep end. Start small. If you don’t need the entire outfit immediately, start with trying on a couple different outfits or maybe even piece-by-piece over a period of time. Don’t be afraid to let him explore on his own.
  7. He is not a child. He is a grown man who should be able to figure out what looks best on him. Chances are, he was reluctant because he doesn’t want to spend money or he doesn’t realize how big of a deal the event is. Let him know respectfully your thoughts on the matter and he should realize how important said attire is and be eager to please and look his best, no matter the cost.

If money is an issue, rent the tux. If money isn’t an issue, rent the tux. Renting a tuxedo or suit is never a bad idea. Rose Tuxedo offers too many styles to count and if you like what you rent, you can buy it (or at least something close, and definitely something you can get tailored). Contact us today for the best suits and tuxedos for weddings, proms, parties, and more.

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Tuxedo Vs. Suit: What Should I Wear?

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So many people are not aware of the actual differences between a suit and a tuxedo. To some, the difference is involving colors, occasions for which it’s worn, or accessories. While those differentiations are involved, they are not the determining factor. The biggest determiner is the material. A tux will feature satin accents found in the lapel, trouser sides, buttons, and pocket trims, with a jacket sometimes made of silk. These accents really make the entire outfit pop—they grab the attention. Tuxedos also often feature bow ties, cuff links, and cummerbunds or low cut waist coats. Tuxedos are traditionally primarily black (with black accessories and accents) but can be made and found in different colors including semi-popular shades of gray. Unlike suits, the button-down shirts worn with tuxedos usually feature a pleated front and it is most acceptable to wear patent leather shoes. Tuxedos are usually worn by a groom and often the bridal party but can also be found at proms and high profile events like award ceremonies and charity events. They are worn to make a statement, often one implying pride in one’s appearance and being of importance in the event. As amazing as nearly any man looks in a tux, they are not appropriate everywhere. When a tuxedo is not to be worn, a suit is your new best friend to help you look your best.

Everyone knows about suits. While the difference between suits and tuxedos eludes some, most people consider suits to be the catch-all for formal attire. Suits are best worn for semi-formal events, jobs, and more. Suits can feature a bow tie, but are more traditionally worn with a necktie. Common collared shirts are worn with suits, no special pleating needed. The designs, cuts, and material van vary and they usually come in two or three pieces (the third being any type of vest or waist coat). The jackets come in either one or two-breasted, meaning one or two rows of buttons. Both styles look different depending on body type—to don’t be afraid to try both on. Buttons can be made of different materials, including plastic, metal, wood, and more. Unlike the lapels in tuxedos, the lapels in suits tend to match the material from the rest of the suit and the most common colors/patterns are: black, dark gray, navy blue, brown, and pinstripe. Other colors can be found or made, but are uncommon. Suit trousers may be cuffed, and will usually have belt loops for a thin dress belt. As for shoes, suits allow for more styles of sensibly chosen situation appropriate shoes including Oxfords, derbies, or any other style of dress shoes. Most suits are work for formal events (like a wedding or party guest) where the wearer is not the center of attention or for semi-formal events where the wearer wishes to have more attention drawn. Suits can and do look very polished, well put together, and professional.

Overall, investing in a couple good suits is never a bad idea, but save the tuxedos for special events—there’s no point in buying a tuxedo for your wedding and passing it off as work attire. Leave the tuxedos for the big events. If you don’t want to buy one, contact Rose Tuxedo for rental questions. Similarly, if you want to wear a suit but have no need of buying one or just want to try something new, we’ve got you covered there, too. Contact us today so you can look your best tomorrow. Just clear it with the Missus first—you don’t need to be over-dressed or underdressed.

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Why Should I Rent a Suit or Tuxedo?

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When someone mentions suits you probably think of weddings and proms first. At Rose Tuxedo we specialize in tuxedo rentals for special occasions but that doesn’t mean you have to get married or get asked to Winter Formal to rent a tuxedo.

What woman doesn’t love a man who can look sharp? Tuxedos and suits will always be in style, so we will always be at your disposal for your classy needs. Classic suit and tie not your thing? We have western styled tuxedos, and you can come in one day and leave with nearly any kind of suit. One day? No problem.

For most of these situations discussed here you would ideally want to buy a suit or two if you will have the need regularly.  If it is a one-time thing, you can rent from us, but seeing as you’ll love or quality so much you might as well buy a couple if you can. Today we’ll focus on the perks of renting as opposed to purchasing.

Job interviews: Rent a suit if you have an interview for a company that requires formal attire but you don’t want to spend the money for a whole suit until you have that cushy job or you just really want to impress them with how amazing you look in a suit (and be honest, who doesn’t look and feel amazing in a tuxedo or nice suit?).

Office parties: We all know what happens at the work Christmas party stays at the work Christmas party.  That is until the morning and you have to get your suit cleaned. Rent an extra snazzy suit or tux to impress your boss and by renting you won’t have to find closet space for it between big shindigs.

Hot date at a 5 star restaurant: If you are trying to impress a classy lady by taking her out to eat at the swankiest place in town, you have to dress the part. At Rose Tuxedo, we have accessories to match nearly any color, so you can match her dress, your car, or the color of the napkins in the restaurant.

Class reunions: No matter what clique or niche you fit into during school, a tuxedo rental from us will make you look like a million bucks! Make your ex-girlfriends regret leaving you for the football quarterback by looking like you stepped out of a James Bond movie.

Any time you just want to look fancy! Who says you need a special event to look nice? No one looks awful in a suit or tuxedo. Sure, it might be weird if you rent a tux just for laughs, but it’s none of our business why you rent from us. If you want some professional head shots taken while you try out your skills in acting, who knows? Our tuxes might make you the next NPH.

By no means is this a comprehensive list of reasons to own, rent, or enjoy a suit. We stand by our products and wish you the best in your endeavors, because we’ll do our part by making you look the best you will ever look.



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