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Quinceanera Celebration with Rose Tuxedo

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Quinceanera Celebration

Quinceanera If you take the Quinceanera celebration from an anglo point of view, you would probably say that it is a combination of the American girl’s Sweet 16 party and a young lady’s “coming out “party, known as “making her debut”.  This Latino event is a way of not only celebrating the young lady’s fifteenth birthday, but also is a time to honor her parents and her godparents (padrinos).  Although the reason for the quinceanera was to mark the day when a girl became a woman, was fully responsible, was at the age to marry.  Today, that part of the custom has changed quite drastically.  While it is still a celebration of womanhood, family, and community, today it is a festive party, filled with special customs, with dancing, and fun.

The cake is important and is exceptionally beautiful.  But the festejada’s (birthday girl’s)  gown is the absolute centerpiece of the whole celebration.  Much like a wedding, the proper dress for a quinceanera party is formal.  For the birthday girl and her court, it is important to look absolutely fabulous, but also be comfortable, since the party can be as long as 6 hours. Traditionally, quinceanera dresses are ball gowns, highly embellished, and often in vivid colors. But what about the guys?  Well, since there is a church service (very much akin to a mass) before the “ball”, let’s talk about what to wear to the church, first.

The church service requires a suit, or can be a business casual type look.  The point is to dress appropriately for church. If you are a growing young man, and do not have a suit, it is a great idea to rent one, rather than buy a suit.  You’ll want to save buying your first good suit until you are out of school, which is when most guys reach their full growth.  Until then, you can rent a suit from Rose Tuxedo , along with shoes, tie, and shirt.  It’s so easy, and we have the best prices to suit your budget (pun intended). At the party, it’s O.K. to wear western dress, unless you are part of the family or one of the maids’ escorts ( chambelans).  In that case, the girls will be wearing matching gowns, like the bridesmaids at a wedding.  The chambelans will be required to wear tuxedos .

The color of the festejada’s dress and her maids’ dresses will determine the accessories for the chambelans. Many experts in the field of quinceanera celebrations say that at least three months before the event, the festejada should be checking out tuxedos.

These are the questions you want to ask yourself:

  • Do you want the guys to wear a vest and tie, or a cummerbund and bow tie?
  • Do you want their ties and cummerbunds to match the damas’ dresses?
  • Do you know what style of tuxedo you want your guys to wear?  Yes, there are different styles.

Are you going to have a special theme that you might want to play with as far as what the guys wear?

Here is the best thing of all.  If you go to Rose Tuxedo, or any of its three locations in the Phoenix area, they know:

  • Exactly what is “in”
  • What others have done at their parties
  • How to get the tux you choose to fit each guy
  • How to save your guys money when renting
  • That you may need colored vests and accessories (and they have any color you need)
  • That you may need these tuxedos during a “busy season” ( no problem, they have a huge inventory)

In other words, let Rose Tuxedo know what you need, and they will take it from there!

NW Phoenix – 602 375-8280

Central Phoenix –  602 957-0089

Mesa –  480 831-5255

Arizona’s Tuxedo Headquarters

Email us directly with any questions



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Quinceanera Season is Here! Tips from a Insider

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Quinceanera Season

Hey, Everybody, guess what?  Quinceanera Season is upon us!  You may need a few tips, and we have been through this many times, so we would love to give you a few.  Moms, daughters, and guys, here are some things you might need to know.

1.  One thing that is very helpful to your guests and you, is having several Tuxedo rental locations.  It definitely makes it easier for the guys who need to get measured and fitted for the Quince, to have one of the  tuxedo rental company’s  locations nearby. Not only that, but, generally, many guys are invited to the celebration, and the guys live in all parts of the city.  Several locations makes it easy for the guys in each area to travel together, since one of the guys is going to live near a close location.

Quinceanera involves lots of guys who are going to need tuxedos.  Many of the guys are going to wear about the same size.  That means that your tuxedo rental company better have a big, really big, inventory.  In many cases, if four boys who were 15 years-old walked into a tuxedo specialist’s shop, the owner would have to buy extra tuxedos in the fellow’s size.  Or, in some cases, the owner might have to “sub” rent the tuxes from another shop, which, naturally is going to make the rental price higher.  If you use a tuxedo specialist who owns the tuxedos, your price is always going to be cheaper.

2.  Many Quinceaneras don’t know our little secret.  If you keep it a secret, we’ll tell you what it is.  Listen closely…for his marriage, a groom, if he has 5 or 6 groomsmen who are renting tuxedos at the same tuxedo shop, the groom gets his tuxedo rental FREE.

So, we were thinking…why shouldn’t that be true when the guys are renting tuxes for a Quince?  What if the guys could get one or more tuxedo free for every 10 or 15 tuxedos that are rented by guys who will be attending the Quinceanera?  It’s always O.K. to ask for free rentals.  If the shop says, “no”, find another tuxedo rental company.

3.  If you want to look your absolute best, you need to think of the tuxedo styles and vest colors, two very important parts of the Quinceanera.  If you want your vest to match the girl’s dress, you want to do business with a tuxedo rental company that is willing to help you make that happen.  We happen to have plenty of vests in lots of different colors.  We can get the color you need and, of course, in the size you need.  If a tuxedo shop has several locations, if one shop doesn’t have what you need, that shop will call one of its other shops, because a shop with multiple locations has that many more vests…every size, every color.

4.  Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate!It is not just you who needs a tuxedo.  The girl is 15, she has 15 girl guests, and each of them is escorted by a guy. That’s why they call it Quinceanera!  We have what is called “group discounts“!  A Quinceanera deserves a group discount.

Also, if you only want to wear a vest and tie, with nice shoes and no jacket, you should be able to pay less.  Here’s why.  One of the things that makes renting a jacket cost more is that after each wear, the jacket needs to be dry cleaned.  No jacket, no cleaning, less work, less money. Not to mention that “no jacket” is much cooler, and it is kind of hot in the summer in Arizona.

So, Be cool, have fun, be safe, dance, and take plenty of pictures.  Hope we have been of assistance.

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The Best Time of your Life

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Tuxedo Styles

For those who went to prom and had a good time here at the end of your Senior year, can you believe it, you are almost out of high school. For those that still have prom coming up, it’s never too late to rent a tuxedo at a great price from a Local Tuxedo Specialist.  Here are a few suggestions.  Gray tuxedos are still very popular, right along with white tuxedos.  The tw0-button black tuxedos are still the number one rental however, along with bow ties, which remain more popular than neckties.  This year it seems that fitted tuxedo coats and pants have been more often requested.  For you guys who think matching your dates dress is weird, it is still the trend and probably will remain a trend until your 5 year-old brother is renting a tux for his prom.

How about Senior Ditch Day? What a way to say, “Goodbye, school” and reward yourself for making it to the finish line. Now it’s time to move on.  Some groups of Seniors like to go to the lake or tube down the river, and others just like to enjoy the day at a friend’s  house hanging out by the swimming pool.   Some students even go to school and the teachers always give them a special break-time for showing up.  Whatever you choose to do, be safe and have fun,  because you earned it.

Graduation Day is yet another milestone in your life and there is nothing like walking for your diploma to seal the deal.  Don’t skip this one.  The feeling you get is fantastic.  Also, you need to walk so that, after the Cap and Gown, you can join your friends at a party, or for a meal.  And, since you are on a roll, you might just want to look sharp for these activities, also. You know what we say, When you Look Sharp, You’re Going to Feel Sharp!  Your Local Tuxedo Rental Shop carries more than just formal wear.  We have classy suits, beautifully pressed shirts, handsome ties, and good-looking dress pants.  But, really, however you show up, remember to be happy and proud because graduation from high school is a one-time deal and quite an accomplishment.  Most of all, this is one of the most enjoyable times of your life.  Maybe you’re going to college.  Maybe you’re going to work.  But, as Charlie Sheen said in the movie, Wall Street  (1987), “Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.”

Tuxedo Maker
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You Still Have Time to Get Ready for Prom! Rent your Tuxedo, Man!

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Prom Tuxedos

It’s never too late to get yourself ready for prom.  So what if you have put it off ’til now?  Everybody knows it’s not over ’til it’s over, right? Take a look at this coupon and tell me if you can find a better deal than this anywhere in the Phoenix area.  You can’t, we promise you that.

prom tuxedo coupon special 2014


And on top of that take a look at this tremendous promotion:

Starting at $69.95 (one style and  shoes and vest not included) $99.95

Classic Collection Tuxedo Rentals, Complete-8 Styles; (plus tax & waiver)

Prices good through April 29th, 2014. “Your going to love, the way you save.”

NW – 602 375-8280, Central Phx – 602 957-0089, Mesa – 480 831-5255

Arizona’s Prom Store

Email me directly with any questions: service@rosetuxedoaz.com

O.K., now that we have that part settled, let me tell you what happened to a friend of mine.  He had everything ready for prom, and I do mean everything.



Dinner reservations…check


When he got in the limo with the other guys to pick up their dates, one of the other guys asked him if he had his prom tickets.  He said, “What?”.  The guys asked him to stop joking around and go back in the house and get his prom tickets. My friend turned pale and said, “I forgot to get tickets.  They’ll let me buy them at the door, right?”.  The guys all shouted in one loud voice, “NO!”.  You had to get your tickets by last Thursday, they informed him.  They were so desperate at this point that one of them called their principal to ask if there was some way to get around this problem.  The principal basically said” tough bananas”.

The moral of the story is get your tickets tomorrow.

Here’s one more true prom story.  Another friend of mine got reservations for his posse and their dates at a great seafood restaurant.  It was very fancy and impressed the girls beyond their expectations.  My friend was being all debonair and cool, and asked his girlfriend what she would like to eat, and she said lobster.  That made him a little nervous since it was the most expensive thing on the menu, but, hey, you only live once, right?

When everyone was finished, they get back in the limo, and then were off to the dance.  My friend’s date is having a ball.  He looks over at her, delighted that she is having so much fun, and, to his horror, her face had swollen to double its normal size. About this time, everyone notices what was happening, and their looks of terror make the girl go crazy.  When she looked in a mirror and saw her face, she started boo-hooing.

The limo driver takes off for the nearest emergency room, and the minute she walks in, one of the nurses says,”Have you eaten any shellfish tonight?”  Yep, she was having an allergic reaction.  The rest of the crew went on to the dance, and my friend’s date had to spend the night in the hospital.  She did tell my friend to go to the dance and have fun, and he did.  By the next day she was fine.

The moral to that story is that prom night is always an adventure.

Call Rose Tuxedo Arizona and rent your tux, then you can see how your prom night turns out.

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Prom Night, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Prom Night: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

promYes, we have talked about this before, but now you have let it slip up on you and you are freaking out.  What are we talking about?  Prom, Mr. Clueless, prom is what we are talking about.   If you don’t have a date by now, you need to ask someone, pronto.  But, truly, you can go to the prom with some of your posse, too.  It’s O.K. to go to prom without a date.  You could even say it might be a little more fun because you can dance with all the girls and no one will be upset. Plus, you can still do all the fun things with your friends.  Remember, prom is like a rite of passage.  Everybody can remember their prom night, even when they get old.  So, don’t miss it, even though you forgot to get a date.

Another cool thing about prom night is you get dressed up.  Trust me, it’s fun.  If you can afford it, GO!  If money is tight, it never hurts to ask for a discount on your tuxedo rental.  You never know ’til you ask.

If you have a date, but you’re worried about the financial challenge of it all, ask the flower folks for a discount; the restaurant folks for a discount; find some promotions you can use to lessen the price of the meal.  Most businesses will bend over backwards to help you.  Remember what I said about never forgetting your prom night?

I have a nephew who is a Senior and he’s talking about not going because he asked a few girls and they already had dates. If that happens, check with some of your friends, guys or girls,  because they may know another person who wants to go, but , just like you, doesn’t have a date.  Most importantly, never, I repeat, never miss prom because you are too shy, embarrassed, or nervous to ask a girl.  Every guy feels that way.  Even the ones who look so cool and suave.   Get over it!  The school year is almost over, and it may be a long time before you see some of your friends  Then you’ll get an invitation to your ten year reunion, and see that girl that you wanted to ask to prom, but just couldn’t.  And, believe me, you’ll say to yourself,”What the heck was wrong with me?”

Here’s another thing.  When you are deciding what to wear to prom, you don’t have to be all matchy, matchy with your date.  A fun idea is to go with the theme of prom.  Like if it’s tropical islands, ask someone to help you pick a white suit; or if it’s movie star night, wear a fancy schmancy tuxedo.  If you don’t want to be noticed too much, your best idea would be to wear a basic, black tuxedo.  It’s not expensive to rent, and you’ll mix in with everybody else.  Plus, the girls will love it.

If you can possibly go, then you must go.  Stand up straight, put your shoulders back, chin up, and have a great big smile on your face.  You’re almost out of school.  You have terrific adventures before you.  If you can’t possibly make it, that’s O.K., too.  Don’t worry about it.  Hey, you are about to graduate.  Have fun and be happy.  Let me tell you because I know, this is one of the best times of your life in many ways.  If you do go…HAVE FUN!

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November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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Mesa 1245 W. Baseline Rd. 480 831-5255

Arizona Tuxedo Headquarters, email me service@rosetuxedoaz.com

3 conveniently located stores in Phoenix and Mesa to service your tuxedo rentals and suit rental needs. When you want the best cost on suits call us 1st!