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Groomsman Tuxedo and suit rentals

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The Wedding Groomsman’s Duties and Dress

Groomsman Tuxedo, Besides the Bride, the Groom, and the Maid of Honor and Best Man, all eyes of those attending any wedding are on the entire wedding party lined up on the outside of the altar up front in a church, or on a beautiful sandy beach. Groomsmen are a special part of the group in that they are standing up for their Groom, and escorting the bride’s party back down the aisle after the vows are spoken. This demands a graceful presence and demeanor, and never upstaging the Groom. groomsmen tuxedos

Groomsmen are expected to attend all pre-wedding functions, including ceremony rehearsals, rehearsal dinners, groom parties, and of course, the traditional wedding-night-eve bachelor party. This means meeting with the Best Man to help plan and organize. This may mean helping choose a venue for any of the possible celebrations, being available to help set up or drive other party members to and from the chosen place, if they need a ride, or be ready to make a quick, emergency shopping trip should anything be needed that comes up.

Helping with decorating the wedding-honeymoon getaway-car with bridesmaids is a fun, and maybe silly tradition, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be in a new and exciting way, or with a theme that has special meaning for the special couple. groomsmen tux rentals

They help usher guests to their seats and on their side of the aisle, usually seating bride guests on the left, groom guests on the right as you face the church front.

Purchasing a gift for the Groom, either on their own or in collaboration with other wedding party members is an unspoken but probably expected courtesy. It can be in addition to a regular wedding gift, or just for the groom personally. Having a “bro party” which is the flip coin of the bride’s shower is a great idea!

At the reception, they will be in the receiving line to greet guests, they will sit at the wedding couple’s table, and may be asked to dance with the bridesmaids or other single women on their own at the reception.

Groomsmen also pay for the rental of their own tux. Awaiting special instructions by the groom regarding style and color, there are many styles for the groom to choose from. Ties, pocket squares, cummerbunds and shoes are all part of the suit,and should look uniform if that is the preference of the groom. Boutineers are pinned to the left lapel and usually match other Groomsmen but the groom traditionally sports a more extravagant style.

There are as many shops and sites for wedding wear as there are weddings, but you will want to go with what the groom and/or best man directs. Prices for rentals can range from $75 all the way up to the $1000’s, but the average price to date is $150. Some rent the whole tuxedo together as one unit, and some rent out each part separately. groomsmen attire

Jean Yves has created a brand new tuxedo line called, “Allure Men” which brings together bright colors and vibrant hues and encourages mixing-it-up to step away from the traditional “they all look alike” attitude of wedding parties gone by.

Latest trends in tuxes should be in your finer department stores, such as Macys, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Hugo Boss, etc. There are now online budget and clearance prices on purchase and rental of tuxes. Theblacktux.com, generationtux.com, theknot.com, and designer suits at menguin.com, rosetuxedo.com. In most cases, the groom or best man will direct all Groomsmen to rent from the same shop. As always, the best tuxedos are custom fit to look great on each Groomsman. Our past blogs always say to beware with online tuxedo rentals because they just don’t fit perfect, shop local and save and get a great tuxedo rental or suit rental at a great price. Rose Tuxedo has tailors on staff everyday to make major or minor tux alterations and suit alterations. Call now for a free quote on any Men’s formal wear needs. 602 957-0089

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Alternatives to Tuxedos for Weddings

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We all love a good tuxedo on a groom, but what if you’re wanting to try something different? What if you just don’t want to do the same thing as everyone else? What if you just aren’t a fan of tuxes? Not a problem. Rose Tuxedo, despite our name, offers many other choices. If you want a classic tuxedo, we’re here for you. If you want a tuxedo with a little something extra, we’ve got you covered. If you just don’t want a tuxedo, we’re here to help you, too. Today we’ll talk about a few things you can dress your grooms and groomsmen in besides tuxedos to stand out from the rest.

Accessories: Grooms and groomsmen in suspenders and slacks or jeans with a classic dress shirt are becoming very popular for wedding parties! Try out some fun socks or ties, too.

Color: Dress your groom in some colors besides black and white. Try a

bright red or one of your wedding colors. Try colored tuxedos or suits, or just one large piece of color—like the slacks!

Pinstripe: If you’re into swing music and the 1920’s, a pinstripe suit may be just the thing you want to see your future husband in as you walk down the aisle. Plus, think of all the fun prohibition gangster jokes you can make! You can also go for a more subtle pinstripe and just get a different look than the classic solid color suit or tuxedo.

Vest: Take a three piece suit and ignore the jacket. A suit vest and a nice dress shirt can be just as visually appealing as a tuxedo! Let him be a little more comfortable and save a little money by forgoing the classic tux and going for classic suit pieces. Matching or not, it can be a nice look.


More Casual: As the trend of simplicity and an older, country styled theme wedding ideas, consider dropping the tuxedo and gown and throwing on a simpler white dress for her, and some slacks, collared shirt with the sleeves folders up, suspenders, and maybe a newsboy cap or fedora. Sweaters could also be a nice way to combine style, fashion, and comfort.

Very Unconventional: Some women are walking right past the white dress tradition and going for bold color! Let your groo play with color or maybe opt for a more casual (but put together) look. This goes great with beach or other outdoor weddings. Bypass the dress shoes and slacks, and go for something simpler. Or, go for something way out there for both parts. The sky is the limit!

No matter what you do for your wedding, make it your own and don’t feel as if you need to fit into some box to make everyone happy. Your friends and family members are there to celebrate your love, so don’t let anyone else’s expectations get in the way of you having your dream ceremony.

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Arizona Bridal Show

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If it works for you come out and if not your Bridal show special is always good.

If it works for you come out and if not your Bridal show special is always good.

5 Reasons to Visit a Bridal Show

With technology playing a big part in the daily lives of most people, is a bridal show necessary? There are many ways to find services for your wedding online but having everything you need for your wedding in one spot, will probably save you a lot of time. The chance to meet all of the vendors, reserve dates and hire some one you meet face-to-face is still the best way to get things done. Rose Tuxedo has been doing bridal shows for over 25 years and we have seen the changes but the basic idea is still the same, meet some vendors under one roof.

Make it a Date

No matter who you take a bridal show can be a great way to have fun for a few hours. If anything just to check out the drawings and discounts for your special day. Instead of planning the whole wedding in a day, think about getting great ideas for your wedding and meeting those potential vendors. It’s hard for some vendors to create a beautiful booth and bring all the have to offer but most do a great job. Rose Tuxedo fills it’s booth up with a nice amount of mannequins and lots of vest so the brides can find their color to match the dresses.


A show is still a great way to compare services right a way. You will probably leave knowing exactly who you want to work with because of how they interacted with you. You are able to ask questions about what you want and compare that to what services are offered. Getting a feel for experience versus budget is easier at a show as well. We offer a great bridal show special for rental all you wedding tuxedo needs. Our Special is $89.95 Classic Collection Tuxedos, over 15 different styles with shoes and a choice of over a 1000 vest and ties/bows. A little secret, our tuxedo rental show special is good months after the show if you mention you saw us there.


The internet is great for a lot of things, but the few hours you can spend hiring people at a bridal show can save days of searching and phone calls. A budget is usually a concern and hard to plan over many months, attending a bridal event can speedup the planning and alleviate some stress. Nothing like tasting cake and shaking on it to make an exciting day of wedding planning.

Local Businesses

Vendors and participants can be local businesses that otherwise might not be found. If you believe in shopping local, a show is the perfect way to get to know everyone in the community. Shopping local for all your wedding needs is awesome!! We can do a better job than the big box Men’s Ware house or big bridal shop. Better service and better prices.

Enjoy the Moment

If you aren’t quite ready to set a date yet but you are engaged, wedding planning is a great way to enjoy the fact that you are in love. This is also something you can do with your significant other to come up with a date based on when venues and vendors have availability. Rose Tuxedo has 3 convenient locations, stop in to see all we have to offer. www.rosetuxedo.com

Arizona Bridal show and Phoenix Bridal show

Arizona Bridal show and Phoenix Bridal show

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Wedding Guest Guide for Men: From Clothes To Manners!

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So you’re invited to a wedding and you have nowhere to start in the preparation department? We’ve got you covered! Let’s talk about what to wear, first. Once you have the right attire the rest will be easy,

Dress Code: Most wedding invitations include the dress code. If not, ask the bride or groom politely what dress code you should follow so as to be appropriately attired.

  • Formal: The general rule for formal wear at a wedding is a dark suit with conservative shirt and tie for the daytime and a dark suit for evening. Some formal weddings will request “black tie,” which would require a tuxedo; this is not common, however.
  • Grey flannel slacks and jacket

    Semiformal: Daytime weddings would require a dark suit or a blazer with grey flannel trousers, and tie. Evening weddings would require a dark suit. (When in doubt, just go in a darker suit regardless of if it says formal or semiformal, you can forgo the grey flannel and most people won’t pay attention)

  • Informal: A sports jacket or blazer with slacks and an optional tie are fitting for informal daytime weddings. Evening informal wedding guests should wear a blazer, grey flannel or slacks and an optional tie.
  • Generally speaking, hats or other head coverings are optional unless otherwise stated.

General Things To Avoid:

  • Costumes or thematic attire unless otherwise specified.
  • Items promoting a religious faith that is different from that of the wedding location.
  • Jeans, baseball caps, sunglasses, t-shirts, and other casual attire—unless otherwise specified that it’s appropriate.
  • Boutonnieres and corsages are to be avoided unless supplied at the wedding or by the host.
  • Anything that obstructs the view of others.


DO NOT talk during the ceremony or take photos with flash!

DO Turn off the flash and sounds on your phones and other camera equipment.

DO NOT bring a guest that was not cleared with the bride and groom ahead of time, including children and dates.

DO Respect the religion of the couple and all actions going on. This does not mean you have to participate if your religious beliefs do not mesh. Just be respectful and quiet and out of the way during things you are not comfortable with.

DO NOT steal a microphone during the reception (or any time, really) to sing to the couple, tell a joke, or regale the party with a story unless otherwise cleared with the hosts.

DO share the bride and groom with the other guests. This is their day.

DO NOT move around place cards or switch your (or anyone else’s) spots. If there is arranged seating it was done for a reason.

DO respect the placement of any and all decorations.

DO NOT steal any centerpieces, drinkware, or request a to-go bag of food.

DO drink responsibly and avoid operating a vehicle while under the influence.

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social media wedding planning

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The Bride, The Groom and Social Media social-media-sites-for-your-wedding (1)

The tools available to assist bride and grooms in their wedding preparations have greatly increased since the advancement of technology with computers, laptops, smart phones and the creation of social media sites. Once upon a time a future bride had to pour over a stack of wedding magazines for hours looking for the perfect dress. She would have to spend countless hours driving to wedding locations looking over the selections for her price range and fit. It was a daunting task not to mention all the planning that had to be completed as well as the search for the groom’s attire.Today compared to yesteryear is a piece of cake, wedding cake that is. With the explosion of social media sites engaged couples can find everything from event planning, creative cake ideas, wedding gowns, tux selection, wedding party attire, reception ideas, music selections and honeymoon destinations. With the convenience of social networking, brides can find practically everything they need from start to finish without leaving the house. Not to leave the groom out, Rose Tuxedo makes every effort to make his search for the right tuxedo effortless with the availability of a constantly updated website and weekly blogs. The groom will look his best as Rose Tuxedo specializes in the latest designer men formal wear styles.

There are numerous social media sites that can assist a couple in wedding planning including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tublr, Twitter, Youtube and more. A bride can find wedding ideas, diy projects, color schemes, gown photos and more on Pinterest. A groom may follow Rose Tuxedo or visit numerous wedding vendors on Instagram and Twitter. The happy couple may get ideas from friends and relatives’ news feeds on Facebook. All of these social media sites are also a great way to select a wedding photographer as a couple can view much of their portfolio online. The possibilities are endless and Rose Tuxedo is part of this social media revolution with weekly blogs, updates and wedding information to assist the future bride and groom in their wedding planning needs. Never has it been so easy to say “I Do.”


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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