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engagement rings and wedding bands phoenix

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The Perfect Ring For The Real Thing

Today is the day. You are going to ask the love of your life to marry you. You’re dressed in your best, shaved, showered and smelling good. You have everything perfectly planned. You booked the most romantic venue. You know exactly what you are going to say and how. You feel confident; ready. Then, you start thinking of her and how much this night means. Anxiety begins to rear its ugly head and you start slightly panicking. You know you have her heart, but do you have the perfect ring?

wedding ring

Engagement rings and wedding rings are a reflection of not only the love between you and your bride, but they are a direct reflection of her and her personality. A beautiful proposal can end up a disaster if you fail to present her with the perfect ring. Most gentlemen are clueless as to where to begin when it comes to finding the perfect rings. Well guys, help is finally here! The following are simple instructions for helping to find impeccable and ideal engagement rings and wedding bands Phoenix for every bride.

The first thing you should ask yourself about your bride is what is her personality type. Is she traditional and classic? Does she keep up with the latest fashions? Is she more of a quirky individual? Your answers to these basic questions will automatically tell you what kind of ring best represents both your bride and your love for her.

Engagement Rings PhoenixThe next thing you should do is to get some much-needed womanly input on your ring choices. Does she have a best friend, a mother, a sister, an aunt, or a cousin that knows her almost as well as you do? If so, then you should have them come along with you on an initial hunt for a ring. Ask their advice and really listen to their input. After all, they may know a secret or two that can influence your opinion on what type of ring your bride may have already had in mind.

Be sure to visit more than one jeweler and use their expertise for your advantage. Ask questions. Keep in mind that there are numerous cuts, qualities and looks of engagement rings and wedding rings for every bride and budget. Do your research you are sure to bring tears of joy to your bride’s eyes when you present her with the perfect representation of your love. Once you have asked the big question and purchased the beautiful rings Rose Tuxedo will in Phoenix Arizona and Mesa Arizona has Wedding Tuxedos waiting for you in stock and in state at the best tux rental prices. Come on in and feel the tuxedo before your big day and try it on and what ever you do don’t order a tuxedo online, not for this big day. Congratulations to all from Rosee.

Beautiful Wedding Ring!

Beautiful Wedding Ring!

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should i hire a dj for my wedding

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Should you hire a DJ or a band?

wedding bands

wedding bands

wedding dj

wedding dj


This is a question we here from Bride and Groom’s all the time. The simple answer people think is, if you can afford a band then why not. I’ve been too a lot of wedding’s over my years in the Bridal and Tuxedo business and I love live music but sometimes having a DJ is not only cheaper but you can keep the music going and have all the songs you desire played, and when you want them played.


Some songs do sound way better when played by a live band and you can’t beat the reaction of the guest when some songs are play. Very hard to create with a DJ but some DJ really interacts and tries very hard to get the guest in the mood.


When you hire a DJ you usually meet with them way before the wedding and share your desired music you want played. One of the downsides of hiring a band is they maybe limited with the selection of music they offer. They maybe a great band but they may not know much about 80’s music or current vibes.


What people also forget is when you hire a DJ you also get an Emcee kind of. Usually a good DJ will keep the guest involved and help with all the formalities that go along with weddings, like toast, first dance, bride and Dad dance and the throwing Garter and flowers.


Space for a DJ or Band is also a huge concern. If the venue is big then you can go either way but if you’re wedding reception is in your back yard it maybe too small for even a drum set and the neighbors may not like either.


Can you skip a DJ and Band and create your own playlist and let it rip? Sure. This may save you a lot of money but like my friend Tony say’s from System Mobile DJ in Phoenix, AZ, playing your own music always has it’s issues and have more to deal with during a wedding reception than keeping the music flowing.


At Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix and Mesa we can help make your DJ look good with a Tuxedo that matches your theme or a vest and bow tie. And of course we can take care of your entire wedding guest with the latest designer tuxedos, from the Grey Allure tuxedo to a Blue slate tux and even some old school Double Breasted suits. We have 3 locations to serve you and the best Fall Wedding Tuxedo rental prices and selection. Best wishes to all. We also have a preferred Wedding vendor page on our Rose Tuxedo web site that can help you choose a great DJ, Wedding Cake company and more.


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