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Winter Weddings 2015: Perks

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wedding couples planningAt Rose Tuxedo we love helping our clients have the wedding of their dreams. This is why we offer the best prices, the biggest selection of colors, cuts, and styles, and why we offer online shopping as well as in-store services. Today we’d like to point out some reasons having a winter wedding is a great!

  1. Cooler temperatures: In Arizona, we don’t have incredibly cold winters like some other states. Temperatures drop (especially at night) but with our low precipitation rates, you almost never see snow outside of the mountains and we don’t have much rain! This allows for greater variety of venues for our Arizona residents (as compared to our friends and family in colder states in the Winter). This also means your guests won’t be sweating in an outdoor venue in a three piece suit. You have so many options for comfort and warmth without having to consider sweating or heavy coats.
  2. Venue options: A lot of people, even in this area, would rather have their weddings during the Spring and Summer (and sometimes Autumn), so you may have a greater selection of great venues for your celebration than you would during the warmer seasons. This leads to lower prices, better deals, and more options for dates and times!
  3. Beautiful!!


    Christmas Time: This can be a blessing or a curse. Some family members may be saving up their vacation time for Christmas travel, but you may also be able to get more people to come if you have your wedding close to the peak travel times. Sure, travel costs may be higher, but if people are already taking time off to travel, you may be able to convince a couple more friends and family members to see you on your special day. This is also a great time to have a wedding if you have children or college students you wish to have in attendance. They’ll already have at least a week (or much longer) off during December, so there will be no excuse for them not to come!

  4. White Winter Wonderland: The dress is white, so why not add some classy white Christmas lights (which are sold in abundance this time of year, so stock up!) and add some beautiful snowflake designs into the décor. Your wedding decorations can then double as Christmas decorations when you’re done.

Rose Tuxedo would like to help you celebrate your wedding by providing the best suits and tuxedos available. We have a great variety of cuts, colors, sizes, and styles, including three piece suits and tuxedos with cummerbunds or other accessories!

Stop by today for a fitting or use our online form to order your suit or tuxedo today!

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Winter Weddings

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Love this cake!!

Love this cake!!

It’s not yet Winter, and it won’t be for a while, but it may be time to start working on the arrangements for your Winter Wedding!

Groom: Year round, men tend to have it easy as far as attire for weddings. When in doubt, black tuxedo with a white shirt (and maybe a red cummerbund). But with Men’s fashion improving and being more inclusive, there are many more ideas to think about! Some men are opting for more of a tweed material for their suit, to keep warm and look warm. You can also work in a scarf in one of your wedding colors or add more white to give it a winter wonderland feel.

Groomsmen: Groomsmen tend to wear something similar to the groom, but often have shirts, pocket squares, or ties in one of the wedding theme colors. Blues, plums, whites, dark reds (like classic velvet red), gold, grey, and silver are some of the most popular wedding colors for Winter. Suit or tux style can go in multiple directions here, as well.

Guests: Winter is a great time to add in tweeds, dark and cool colors, and texture. Try a navy blue, shades of grey, a turtleneck under your suit, a pop of color on the tie, or a simple patterned tie. In the event the wedding is less formal, try out a sweater under a suit jacket and some slacks, or ignore the suit jacket and opt for a vest and a colored collared shirt.

Décor: Not everyone wants a “winter wonderland,” themed wedding for winter, so maybe don’t go for the snowflakes and pine trees. You can add some white lace tablecloths against some silver and gold decorations. Another popular option is to note the increased darkness of winter and use blue lights to make decorations pop. Oddly enough, black and grey are often used in winter wedding decorations, despite the stigma those colors have of being depressing.

2 button slim fit PeakWe don’t get snow much in Arizona, but you can still have a beautiful winter wedding without bringing on feelings of ice and snow and gloom.

Come into Rose Tuxedo for a suit or tuxedo for any occasion. We specialize in weddings and proms, but we’re here for all of your rental and men’s warehouse purchasing needs. End the year right with great fashion for every occasion.

These last few months are full of opportunities to reflect back upon the year and gather with those closest to us. Show your friends and family you love them and appreciate everything you’ve accomplished this year. If your wedding is planned for this winter, make it your own and have fun, and remember that Rose Tuxedo has you covered for your formal attire.

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tuxedos online wrinkled from a box

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Tux from a box?

Tux from a box?

Renting A Tux Locally Beats Wrinckled Clothing

Although renting a tuxedo through the mail may seem convenient, there are a couple of major downfalls. One of the biggest issues is the condition of the tuxedo when it arrives. While there is little to be done about it, nobody loves dealing with wrinckled clothing. The choice, however, is a matter of the convenience in delivery versus the inconvenience of dealing with wrinkles in shipped clothing.
for a wedding?

for a wedding?

Wrinkled clothes are actually an easy enough issue to deal with as long as you are prepared. When getting a tuxedo shipped you have to count on the fold creases it will have from being put in a box. Fortunately the solution can be as simple as a steam iron at home. So long as you have the skills to iron your own clothing there is no real issue with the creases. Unfortunately, many people have a tendency to add more wrinkles than they remove with an iron. Can you imagine Tuxedos online? Seriously?

More work than it's worth

More work than it’s worth

When that is the case many people choose to send their wrinckled clothing to a cleaner to get pressed. While this is a great way to have a tuxedo looking clean and sharp, it somewhat defeats the purpose of the convenience that was intended by delivery. Although the tuxedo come right to your door you would still have to run around town to get it back to looking its best. So one way or another you will end up having to do some work. Realistically, the easiest solution is just to take what might seem the harder road at first.

Do you know how to iron?

Do you know how to iron?

Going to a store to rent a tuxedo personally has a number of advantages. Getting clothes delivered always runs the risk of having it come in the wrong size. A personally tailored tuxedo puts some rest on the mind. There is also no chance of it being late in the mail, you have your outfit right when you need it. Most importantly of all it will not be wrinkled. Rather than the creases caused by shipping, you have a nice pressed outfit ready to be worn with no work or inconvenience. There is always better service when you shop from a local store anyway then renting a tuxedo online I would hope and think.

In short, while it may seem to be convenient to get your tuxedo rental in the mail, it often will cause more trouble than it solves. Unless you are an expert in wrinckled clothing it may be better to rent local. Rose Tuxedo has better tuxedo rental prices and affordable designer suits for rent than anything you will find online and it’s pressed before you leave the shop. www.rosetuxedo.com

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Tuxes for Weddings… for Women?

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Anything they do is "Cool"

Anything they do is “Cool”

Recently we discussed the idea of women wearing tuxedos in various contexts, all throughout the sexuality spectrum! Any woman can choose to wear a tuxedo or suit for her wedding, and Rose Tuxedo is the company for those women! We offer a variety of suits which will flatter even the curviest of women! This weekend we’d like to discuss some reasons you may want to wear a suit or tuxedo to your wedding, ladies!

  1. LOVE WINS!: A couple months ago, the Supreme Court changed the legal definition of marriage, changing the lives of so many people. Celebrate this by throwing expectations out the window! Try something different, make people think, and look great doing it. Not every wedding needs one person in a dress and the other in a tuxedo, so challenge expectations and have fun with it!
  2. Gender Equality: Not every woman likes dresses (especially of the ball gown or form fitting type) and our tuxedos give you the option to feel comfortable and fashionable if a princess-wedding isn’t your style. Throw it to the man and wear pants to your wedding—it’s your day afterall, and your happiness and comfort matters most.
  3. Fun Wedding Pictures: If you don’t want to wear a tuxedo to your reception, you can at least have some fun wedding photos! Rent a few tuxedos for you and your girls and take some silly pictures! Men in dresses is entirely optional (maybe try Kilts?). Mix up the fairy tale wedding and a modernistic view of marriage. Show that you, too, can wear the pants in this relationship!
  4. Black Tails look great on woman!! Rose Tuxedo has yours.

    Black Tails look great on woman!! Rose Tuxedo has yours.

    Pockets: All woman wish their apparel had more pockets! The right suit or tuxedo has 10 times as many pockets as most wedding dresses! Not only are you not corseted into a dress, but you can stash a flash, keep candy in your pockets, or use those storage spaces for anything else you can imagine.

  5. Turn Heads: Some women want to just do something different for the sake of doing something different, so give this a shot! Come try on a tuxedo and you’ll fall in love.
  6. Low Cost: Wedding and bridesmaids dresses are expensive! If you’ve ever been jealous of men for the cost of tuxedos as opposed to wedding and bridesmaids dresses, now’s your time to see how it feels!

No matter your suit or tuxedo needs, Rose Tuxedo is here to help you look amazing for a fair and reasonable cost. We care about your happiness as a customer and our small business allows for us to cater to your every need. Tell your friends, and come try on some fantastic women’s cut tuxedos! You can even try on some men’s styled suits and tuxedos if you so choose. You’ll look great no matter what.

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Halloween Vest

Fall Wedding Ideas

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Halloween Vest

Fall Wedding Ideas, Halloween Vest and more.

Spooky or Playful Halloween Weddings

Halloween weddings are a fun way to begin a marriage. They range from fall themed to downright macabre for lovers of dark Halloween tradition.

Colors for Halloween weddings include the traditional black and orange, but aren’t limited by that. Many Halloween weddings use purple, red, and white, too. Some use a mix of several of the colors for a real Halloween flair.

For a simple fall themed wedding, golden yellows, burnt oranges, creams, and golds are the hallmark of the theme. Using gourds or pumpkins to decorate and the use of Autumn leaves are also really popular ideas.

On the other hand, both costume parties and masked balls are popular for a Halloween wedding. Many guests will be just as excited about dressing up as they will be about going to the wedding. The pictures will be nothing short of memorable.

Cakes range all over from the simple white wedding cake with a few leaves to Halloween gore. Some are richly colored in oranges, purples and blacks, while others appear to have blood dripping down them. Your cake could even say, “Until Death Do Us Part.” Nothing quite says creepy like a cake that drips blood inferring death.

Bridesmaids dresses are another feature of a wedding that must fit with the theme. Black netting and purple dresses are one choice. However, for a fall themed wedding, reds, oranges, or golds could all be quite beautiful and elegant. The tuxedos for the groomsmen, can even have matching colored ties. Depending on the wedding theme, there really are truly endless possibilities in terms of what the wedding party could wear.

Fall 2014 style suggests that the popular upcoming wedding traditions for the season include spicy dishes and themed wedding music. Halloween themed music tailored to fit could create an unforgettable wedding. Steampunk weddings are also all the rage. Nothing quite says spooky like sprockets and gadgets that make the place look eerily Victorian.

No matter the theme, whether it be gory and dark or light and playful, Rose Tuxedo for weddings has tuxedos that will match the wedding’s style. Their selection doesn’t stop at tie color either, specially colored tuxedos can be ordered to complete the look. Let us help you rent tuxedos for your wedding.


November 2017 Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Weddings, Quince or any occasion, 10 styles to choose from $89 complete (choice of 1000 Vest in every color/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Color Shirts now available. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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