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Wedding Tuxedos Best Tuxedo rental Website

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Wedding Tuxedos Best Tuxedo rental Website voted number #1

Phoenix, AZ – Voters in metro Phoenix recently voted Rose Tuxedo as having the best Wedding tuxedo rental website in the greater Phoenix area. With the distinct offerings available on the website and the services provided, Rose Tuxedo strives to provide the best service available, both in store and online.

When it comes to looking great and renting the best tuxedo, Rose Tuxedo offers the very best selection in all of Arizona. The company owns its own warehouse, so orders do not need to head out to a regional service provider. This keeps the rental waiting period down and ensures the greater selection for customers in and around Phoenix. Plus, with three different locations, for individuals who need a fitting, proper measurement or easier pickup options, Rose Tuxedo strives to not only provide the best tuxedo rental website but the best customer service as well. best website!

The website lists many of the top designer tuxedos available. Prices can easily be found next to the tuxedo in addition to variations and add-ons for rentals. In need of a pocket square, gloves, hats, shoes or other added features to obtain the perfect look? Rose Tuxedo can help. The website provides a window into the services and the professionals on hand at each of the three different store fronts for Wedding Tuxedos , Prom suits and Quince Tuxedos.

The three shops are located throughout Phoenix and Mesa. This way, rentals can be completed and performed anywhere in Phoenix. Whether customers have a bit event coming up in Glendale, Chandler, Scottsdale or anyone one of the neighboring suburbs, the largest tux selection in all of Arizona is at their disposal. Should they need an extended weekend rental for a wedding in Tucson or there is a special event taking place in Prescott, there is a tuxedo rental available to them. Whatever a customer needs and whatever the customer is searching for, when it comes to tuxedo rentals , Rose Tuxedo has what they need. Best Tuxedo Website!

Family owned and operated since 1982, Rose Tuxedo has been a staple of the metro Phoenix community for over 30 years. As it looks towards another 30 years and beyond, it wants to be the rental service individuals all over the region look towards to make sure they look like their very best. So, while the tuxedo shop did just win the Best Tuxedo Rental Website award by local voters, it wants to be the best customer service provider for anyone needing a Wedding tuxedo rental . www.rosetuxedoaz.comNumber #1 Tux site

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tuxedos online wrinkled from a box

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Tux from a box?

Tux from a box?

Renting A Tux Locally Beats Wrinckled Clothing

Although renting a tuxedo through the mail may seem convenient, there are a couple of major downfalls. One of the biggest issues is the condition of the tuxedo when it arrives. While there is little to be done about it, nobody loves dealing with wrinckled clothing. The choice, however, is a matter of the convenience in delivery versus the inconvenience of dealing with wrinkles in shipped clothing.
for a wedding?

for a wedding?

Wrinkled clothes are actually an easy enough issue to deal with as long as you are prepared. When getting a tuxedo shipped you have to count on the fold creases it will have from being put in a box. Fortunately the solution can be as simple as a steam iron at home. So long as you have the skills to iron your own clothing there is no real issue with the creases. Unfortunately, many people have a tendency to add more wrinkles than they remove with an iron. Can you imagine Tuxedos online? Seriously?

More work than it's worth

More work than it’s worth

When that is the case many people choose to send their wrinckled clothing to a cleaner to get pressed. While this is a great way to have a tuxedo looking clean and sharp, it somewhat defeats the purpose of the convenience that was intended by delivery. Although the tuxedo come right to your door you would still have to run around town to get it back to looking its best. So one way or another you will end up having to do some work. Realistically, the easiest solution is just to take what might seem the harder road at first.

Do you know how to iron?

Do you know how to iron?

Going to a store to rent a tuxedo personally has a number of advantages. Getting clothes delivered always runs the risk of having it come in the wrong size. A personally tailored tuxedo puts some rest on the mind. There is also no chance of it being late in the mail, you have your outfit right when you need it. Most importantly of all it will not be wrinkled. Rather than the creases caused by shipping, you have a nice pressed outfit ready to be worn with no work or inconvenience. There is always better service when you shop from a local store anyway then renting a tuxedo online I would hope and think.

In short, while it may seem to be convenient to get your tuxedo rental in the mail, it often will cause more trouble than it solves. Unless you are an expert in wrinckled clothing it may be better to rent local. Rose Tuxedo has better tuxedo rental prices and affordable designer suits for rent than anything you will find online and it’s pressed before you leave the shop. www.rosetuxedo.com

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How to Choose Your Wedding Party

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Love this cake!!

Love this cake!!

We’ve started talking about Autumn weddings, so now it’s time to have a little pep talk about choosing your wedding party! We’ve already discussed How To Be a Great Best Man and How To Be A Good Groomsman but it’s your job as the groom (often with help from the bride) to pick the best men for your side of the wedding party! We’ll also talk about how to choose great bridesmaids and a great maid of honor!

  1. Don’t be afraid to include men who are important to your bride-to-be! Some couples choose their wedding party together, including friends of the bride on both sides and friends of the groom on both sides. Common choices include her brother or close cousin or male friend!
  2. The same goes for the bridesmaids! A close friend or relative of the groom can be a bridesmaid. This could mean sisters, cousins, or close friend. It’s 2015, men and women can be close friends! Don’t leave out his close female friends.
  3. Don’t just pick anyone! You may be tempted to have a ton of bridesmaids and groomsmen, but that’s not always the best decision. The attire alone can end up as a staggering cost! Keep it to your absolute closest and dearest friends or family members. This includes closest best friends or siblings, not your coworker who you eat lunch with on Tuesdays. No one should be offended that they weren’t chosen to be in your wedding party.
  4. Don’t disclose the list until it’s finalized. If you end up telling someone you’re considering them to be in your bridal party, it could be hard to handle if you later tell them you went with someone else. However, it’s polite to ask them to be in the wedding. So having a backup might not be a bad idea.
  5. Don’t forget about Ushers! There should be at least one usher for roughly every 40-50 guests, and being an usher is a very important job! Give these jobs to close friends and family who didn’t make it into the rest of the wedding party.
  6. Think hard about the best man and bridesmaid! Based on the common pairing tradition of the best man and maid of honor (followed by each bridesmaid and groomsman being paired) while entering the chapel, you may want to make sure your best man and maid of honor don’t hate one another. They will be involved in the wedding planning to a point, so it could be problematic if these important people don’t get along.
  7. Choose someone who will take it seriously! There’s nothing worse than a best man or groomsman who gets drunk before the wedding even starts, or a bridesmaid who loudly sobs the second the wedding march starts. You may also want to consider who will be respectful to all of the guests and respect your wishes.
  8. In the end, it’s your day and your decision. Don’t let anyone influence your choice of wedding party members. All that matters is that you and your partner are happy with the decisions. If someone is upset they didn’t make the cut, that’s their problem and they can deal with it.

Don’t forget to get your suits or tuxedos at Rose Tuxedo! We will be waiting!

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Fall Weddings: Plans, Tips, and Perks

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Michael Kors vs Vera Wang!

Michael Kors vs Vera Wang!

Autumn is a month away and it may be time to start cracking down on those wedding plans! Fall weddings don’t get a lot of credit. They can be truly beautiful, but summer and spring get all the focus and attention. At Rose Tuxedo we love to focus on every customer and keep up with fashions and seasons to ensure your wedding is as beautiful as your dreams. Today we’ll talk about why a fall wedding just might be the best decision you ever made.

  1. Options: The start of a season is a great time to have a wedding because the newest and best suits, tuxedos, dresses, decorations, and other items are fresh on the market. You can also try out things from “last season” which may have a year-round appeal but are cheaper, on sale, or clearanced to clear out space for new merchandise.
  2. Cost: Venues, hotels, and other rental items and property can be cheaper in this “off season” because fewer bookings of wedding venues during a specific month or week leads to owners lowering prices to fill the gaps and get a paycheck. You can take advantage of these dates and get hotels and banquet halls at a fraction of the cost you would in the middle of summer.
  3. Taking time off: It’s common for both members of a couple to be working full time right up until the day of the wedding, so asking for a few days off or a week or so away from work may be easier in the first half of fall because the summer crowd has already taken their vacation days and the crowd wanting holidays off are awaiting their vacation days.
  4. Weather: While the temperature difference isn’t drastic between seasons here in Arizona, there may be just enough of a different to have a more comfortable outdoor ceremony.
  5. Uniqueness: The themes you can come up with during fall (fall colors are bold, but you have milder options as well) are only limited to your imagination. Bold reds, burgundy, and oranges lend themselves well to dramatic themes, and the brown tones can lead to great sports or earthy toned fairy-tale themes.
  6. Red Suspenders with Match Bow-Prom!!

    Red Suspenders with Match Bow-Prom!!

    Attire options: due to the lowered temperatures and general acceptance of indoor weddings during the fall, full sleeved gowns are a great option and men may be more comfortable in full suits than in the two previous seasons.

  7. Children: while early fall could mean families could pull children from school for a day or two for destination weddings, it could also mean you could limit the number of school-age children at your wedding without stating your lack of desire for children to be present. Keep it on a weekday when school is in session, in the afternoon.

It’s your day, so make the best of it and make sure the groom and his groomsmen look their best for your wonderful wedding this fall.

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Weddings on a Budget

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Gently used wedding dresses

Gently used wedding dresses

Summer is a wonderful time for a wedding, but not every couple has the funds for an extravagant event with crystal drink ware, high fashion dresses, and fancy venues. Getting married on a lower budget shouldn’t mean you make a ton of sacrifices, it just means you have to think smart and make the most out of what is easily available to you. Today we’ll give you some ideas to make your wedding extra special without taking out thousands of dollars in loans! Your wedding doesn’t need to cost as much as your home!

  1. Rent the Tuxedos: This may seem obvious to some, but rented tuxedos from the right shop (like Rose Tuxedo) can save you and your partner a fortune! Our high quality suits and tuxedos can match any budget without sacrificing style and comfort. Choose from a wide array of colors and styles to look like a million bucks!
  2. Hire Students: For photographs, live entertainment, hair, and makeup you can usually find students who will work for much cheaper than professionals without sacrificing quality. You also may have some friends who can help out as well for nearly anything from photos to floral arrangements.
  3. Get A Friend Ordained: For a small fee and with very little effort, nearly anyone can become an ordained minister to perform perfectly legal marriages! This can save you money on booking a priest, pastor, or minister and you can get someone important to you and your future spouse to perform the ceremony.
  4. Borrowing: For jewelry and other accessories, or even center pieces, you may be able to find friends, relatives, or neighbors who have pieces you are looking for to save a little bit of money.
  5. Go Simple: Some venues will be so beautiful you may hardly need to decorate– especially for the ceremony. Outdoor weddings near gardens or water features can make for a memorable wedding.
  6. Choose Dates Wisely: A lot of people want to get married on the weekend (especially Saturdays) but choosing a weekday, or otherwise uncommon date, may save you a lot of money in booking the venue.
  7. wedding dj

    wedding dj

    DIY: Flower arrangements, center pieces, invitations, and other decor can be pricey! Pinterest is full of great DIY ideas to make great pieces or how to re-purpose things you already have to decorate your wedding. You can even start a garden when you get engaged and tend it throughout your wait for the wedding and use those flowers for the bouquet or decorative pieces and they will be cheaper and more meaningful.

  8. Budget, Out of Season, and Gently Used Gowns: Every bride deserves to feel special, but wearing a dress that costs as much as a vacation but you can find barely worn (or, sadly, never worn) gowns on consignment, in thrift stores, through friends, or online! If it doesn’t fit quite right you can find a tailor to fix it up and no one will know you spent next to nothing on it.
  9. Get Some Help: If you have friends or family members who love to cook or bake you may want to consider having them help out with the food! Catered food and wedding cakes can cost a pretty penny.

Make your special day memorable without breaking the bank. If you have a high budget and it’s not going to bankrupt you, go for it! But you don’t need to put off such a special event so far ahead because you can’t afford everything brand new and from the most famous caterers around.


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