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Prom Tuxedos 2017 at Rose Tuxedo, Rent your Tuxedo or Suit and your automatically entered to Win a $25 Dutch Bros Gift Card, weekly drawings and winners posted.

Rose Tuxedo specializes is last minute Prom Tuxedo Rentals -No Rush Fee, Same Day rentals and great prices with in stock tuxedo rental inventory. Most of the Premier Tuxedo collection is not in stock and may have a rush order fee if the order is not put in 2 weeks before rental day. We have designer prom tuxedo rentals for cheap but with the great service.

Rose Tuxedo Premier Collection is our Catalog tuxedos and Rose Tuxedo will match or beat any prices on these styles. Most of these styles are not on display and the tux rental prices will vary through out the year. Rose Tuxedo will try to work with any wedding or prom tuxedo budget, just ask us what we can do. Roughly $159.00 each plus tax and waiver. Prom Tux AZ (A popular question is how long is the tux rental for? most tux and suit rentals are for a weekend day so for the ONE rental price you get to keep it from Thursday til Monday before closing, and if you need it longer or during the week we can make that work also)



Prom 2017 is almost here and Rose Tuxedo has been renting Prom Tuxedos for over 20 year in Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding Cities. We buy all the latest styles and colors to match the Prom Girl dresses. Prom Tuxedo rentals is something we at Rose Tuxedo take very serious because we hope someday the Prom Students will remember our awesome Men’s Formal Wear service, prices and product and come back for other events like their Wedding Tuxedos .

Rose Tuxedo has a tailor at all three of our tuxedo shops so that we can lower the sleeves or pants while you wait. We have extra formal wear inventory on site so we can switch out a tuxedo jacket or change a vest at the last minute to match any last minute changes that may need to be done. Most bridal shops and Men’s Ware house can’t do this, their inventory comes from out of state and that leaves you with what they give you. We have helped both those business out many times over the years for just that reason. When you looking for a hot Tuxedo at the best tuxedo rental prices we have your Prom Tuxedo rental Phoenix and Mesa.

Will beat any Tuxedo rental price!! We also rent suits. Fitted Tuxedos and slim fit pants are very popular again this year. Sometimes it’s not the real slim fit pants that you might want so if you have some black pants will take off a few dollars and you can wear your own and get the look you want and save a few dollars. (nobody is going to say anything as long as it’s a black wool pant it will match) As for the tuxedo jacket; we will try as many sizes on that you want to get you the fit your looking for but remember it’s a tuxedo rental jacket and not your own tailored one. If you buy a jacket and get it tailored it’s different than what we can do to your jacket as a designer tux rental and prom tuxedos for ladies.

More importantly is to have a great time and always remember it’s the Man that makes the clothes and not the clothes. We all the cool Prom student hair styles and some awesome attitudes you will look great and have a blast. Be safe and have a great time and enjoy the party and your friends and date or no date. Rose Prom Rep Application

The Men’s Wearhouse Prom Tuxedo Discount Gimmik

Come save money at Rose Tuxedo

Special occassions happen frequently throughout our life time. When such an event presents itself the proper attire is needed to attend the formal event. The first department store people often think about when it comes to tuxedos is Men’s Warehouse. This business is successful and provides many colors, styles, and brands of tuxedos to choose from. Customers of Men’s Warehouse often recieve discounts when they choose to rent or buy a tuxedo from here. This business is one that is popular and familiar nation wide so it’s no surprise why so many people shop there. Men’s warehouse claims to have tuxedo discount deals and often offers coupons to their customers for up to $40-$50 off. What customers do not realize is that Men’s Warehouse significantly overcharge for their tuxedos which is how they are able to afford providing such large discounts. Rose Tuxedo will save you over $80.00 per Prom Tuxedo rental even after Men’s Wearhouse’s discount of $40.00 plus off, how crazy is that?Why not choose Rose Tuxedo for all your formal event needs? Rose tuxedo is a family owned business whos main goal is to have the customer looking and feeling confident while also providing low prices and saving them plenty of money. Customers who shop at Rose Tuxedo will recieve a $10 discount when they like or share posts on social media about the business. The cost of a tuxedo with the coupon factored in still is significantly lower than the cost of a Tuxedo at Men’s Warehouse even with the $50 coupon they offer.Anyone in the Pheonix and Meza Arizona areas need to check out Rose Tuxedo for all your special event needs. The have a wide selection of colors which will also match any of David Bridals colors, and they also provide terrific Tuxedo styles at a low cost. Why waste your money at one of the larger department stores when the same suit can be purchased for a much lower price?Men’s Warehouse is a huge chain so they can afford to lower their prices but they choose not to. They are scamming their customers providing what seems like great discounts, but in reality they just over price all their items and hope people will fall for the deal.

Rose Tuxedo will not have their customers break the bank in order to look great. Come for a visit and you will be pleased with your choice. Rose Tuxedo Specials


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April Tuxedo and Suit rental Specials for Prom, Weddings, Quince, any occasion, 15 styles to choose from $99 complete (choice of 1000 Vest colors/Bows & Ties plus tax & waiver (*some restriction apply), We have Tuxedos and Suits in Stock, same day, no rush fee. Best Tux rental prices in AZ Guaranteed! Your Uber fee to our shops is discounted on your rental and will pick it up from your hotel or home after the event, free.

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