Groom Tuxedo is Free with 5 paid rentals!! If you don’t have 5 paid rentals but only 4 we maybe able to give the whole wedding party a small discount. We are family owned and operated and Rose Tuxedo can work with any budget just let us know and will see what we can do.

We can take care of all your formal needs right over the internet. If possible, please visit one of our store locations to insure a proper fit. If you do not have a location near you, please call us for assistance.

Out of town reservations require a credit card number and expiration date, the groom’s name and the date of the affair. Please have measurements emailed to us at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Call us 24 hours after emailing for your confirmation number and pick-up time.

We our building this page at the moment. For now what we need is your normal shirt size, pant waist, pant length, coat size if you know it. But a Grooms Tux is always free with 5 paid in-stock tuxedo rentals.

Here’s a very common scenario you may be facing as you plan your wedding: Is groom’s tux free? Yes with 5 paid rentals. Grooms tux free has to be a tuxedo we carry in-stock or we will prorate you a rental fee.
Your wedding will be held in your home town. A couple of your groomsmen live in other states. They are unable to travel to the Rose Tuxedo who is handling the tuxedos for your wedding to be measured. How do they get measured for their tuxedo if they are arriving the day before the wedding?
Don’t worry! You can solve this problem by going to any tuxedo shop in the USA and receiving courtesy measurements. We all do it for each other. All the measurements needed for the tuxedo order will be taken. Then you can send it to us, email it, fax it or call it in.

Once your gentlemen get into town the week of the wedding, have them promptly visit one of our 3 valley location to try on the tuxedos. Our retailers will want to make sure the tuxedo is fitting perfectly.  If an issue remains when they come in to try it on will be able to alter it while you wait.

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