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We have over 1 million dollars worth of tuxedos and accessories in our downtown location. This allows us to easily make last minute corrections. 30 locations in Michigan All inventory warehoused in Texas. Some bridal shops have a limited on-hand inventory, but most have their tuxes shipped in from California.
Why Choose Rose Tuxedo 24th street/Indian School Warehouse our inventory and reservation system are computerized to help get you the correct size and style. Computer Fully automated. Most bridal shops own little or no inventory, so they don’t have automated inventory or reservation systems.
COST PER TUX*** Our basic tuxedo package is $79.95. This includes coat, pants, full back vest, tie, shirt and shoes. Basic tuxedo package is $79.95. A full back vest and tie are an additional $15.00 and shoes are an extra $12.00 Basic tuxedo package is over $110. A full back vest and tie are an additional $20.00 and shoes are an extra $20.00. Cost per tux at various local bridal shops can range from $120 (one style jacket and no vest color options) and up. Be aware that things like vests and ties, shoes, even shirts will probably have additional charges.
VEST AND TIE SELECTION We have over 160 colors in several different styles to choose from, including colors to match any local or national dress manufacturers. If you’d prefer to use your own fabric for your vests and ties, we’d be happy to help you create your own unique look. Under 80 colors available. About 90 colors available and not all local and or national colors are matched. Because bridal shops specialize in bridal and bridesmaid dresses they have a limited, if any, vest inventory on hand. You may have to order your vest out of a catalog using swatches.
LAUNDRY SERVICES We boast a state of the art laundry and dry cleaning facility. Our dry-cleaning system uses a non toxic detergent that is safe for you and the environment. Laundry is done in state using a perclorethylene system. Largest dry-cleaning facility in the country. Facility is located in Houston, Texas. Their facility uses petroleum and perclorethylene sytems. The major supplier of tuxedos to bridal shops continues to use petroleum and perclorethylene in their dry cleaning processes.
CARBON FOOTPRINT We clean our garments with biodegradable detergents that are completely environmentally friendly. Our inventory is housed in AZ which eliminates most shipping. Not sure but I don’t think they are eco-friendly cleaning system. Tuxedos are shipped from Texas and back to Texas each week using large quantities of fossil fuels. In addition to environmentally unfriendly cleaning practices the major supplier to these companies must ship their tuxedos from and back to California.
Hidden charges We have no hidden charges for last minute orders or changes to orders. Varies depending on event and time of year. Rush fee week before $20 late order fee. Varies
Last Minute orders and changes With our local warehouse “last minute” is no problem and no rush fee. Been in business for over 25 years. Difficult due to 2 day shipping from Michigan. Last minute orders, if possible, may incur a $20 last minute fee and/or shipping fee for in state delivery No “last minute” changes possible with warehouse in Texas. No “last minute” changes possible with warehouse in California or other catalog companies.
***Cost before tax and cleaning charges. Prices were accurate as of time of publication.  Will pick up and deliver just ask. Stay away from Tuxedo’s from a car and Catalog, you never know
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