Coordinate ANY Color with any Bridal Store- LOCAL or NATIONAL. Rose Tuxedo has 1000’s of Vest and bow ties in all the popular colors to match your dress.


Rose Tuxedo carries all the tuxedo colors for fall weddings, winter wedding tuxedos and summer wedding tuxedos and especially Prom dress colors. We even carry fall wedding suits , colored tuxedos and we rent designer tuxedos for prom. Come on in and build your tuxedo. We have men’s tux rentals as well and children’s, tuxedos for a wedding. If it’s a tux to rent, or a suit rental then we are the place to rent a tuxedo!! Coordinate with any color.
Rose Tuxedo offers low-cost tuxedo rentals for any type of occasion you may be having. Whether its for a wedding, a prom, a sweet 16 or a quinceanera we can provide the tuxedos, vests, and ties for men. In weddings, bridesmaids are usually paired up with groomsmen . The bride is known to be the one to choose the colors that the wedding party must wear. In fact, the bridesmaid’s dresses should match the groomsmen’s tuxedo vests and bows or long neck ties. This applies to men when attending prom or even a quinceanera. Rose Tuxedo has all your Wedding vest colors.
Once you know what the woman will be wearing, it is possible to coordinate the outfit of the man to go with hers. Choose a color that is very similar to the woman’s, Rose Tuxedo can assist you with that as we carry over 1000 vest in every color and pattern. Matching any dress color to a vest color is simple. Be careful when you are trying to coordinate the colors and you do not see the dress in person. It may happen that the pink color you assumed would you match is not the right one. Each person has their own unique way of describing colors, pay attention that pink is not fuchsia.
It is not always necessary to have the woman wear a pink dress and have the man wear a pink vest. You could also choose a silver vest to pair with the pink dress. It is up to each individual couple to make the call. Certain colors go better with others. A woman can easily wear a dark purple dress with her date wearing a royal blue vest. Some colors work while others do not. Neutral colors for men work when coordinating bridesmaid’s dresses with groomsmen’s vests. Black, white, and silver vests will always work too. Of course if you want to go for a personalized couple look coordinating the colors would be ideal.
The hot colors for the Fall wedding season are typically brown, gray, orange, red, purple, and fuschia. The hot colors for the Winter and Spring wedding season are typically pastel colors such as mint, blush, coral, emerald, bright purple, dark blue, gray, white. For the Summer season you can think of bright colors that will stand out. As you can see wedding party colors vary every season and the color shades are very specific. Other hot vest colors are Guava, Mermaid, Pistachio, Palm Beach Coral, Champagne, Blue Frost, Golden, Victorian Gold, Horizon, Fuchsia, Pool, Bubble Gum, Wild Orchid, Dove Grey, Cassis, Iris, Plum. More hot color vest and ties and bows to come.
Pantone is the color of the year 2016, Marsala tuxedo accessories are a great addition to any classy event-Color of the Year 2015
The world of fashion is always quickly changing. It can be easy to miss a current trend, or overlook what is really hot right now when planning an event. It is important to take note of the colors that are really in right now when it comes to planning your wedding. This will give you the opportunity to really coordinate your whole wedding around a great color that will accent your whole style. One of the colors that is really in right now is Marsala. This is a red color that can really make things pop at a wedding.
When it comes to Marsala, you need to make sure that this color is an accent and not a main feature. For example, the roses, bridesmaid dresses, and ties can all be in the color of Marsala. You must make sure that key elements of the wedding, like tuxedo jackets, are not in the color of Marsala as this will be too overbearing. Marsala can be a very great color for pocket squares, napkins, coasters, and more. For a tuxedo, Marlsala Vest- Ties or Bows are a great option. Marlsala Vest- Ties or Bows will really accent a full tuxedo very well. This color will give your wedding a very classy look that will impress all of your family members and guests.