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ose Tuxedo for the Latest in Lady Tux. We have ladies tuxedos and tuxedo rentals for women.
We don’t have a huge selection of lady tux’s because they just don’t make them. What we do well is create lady tuxedos with our huge selection of Men’s Tuxedo rentals. Most women looking to wear a tuxedo find this fun and they really like the looks, not all. If you have a question about lady tuxedos you can always email me direct (asbrocca4@aol.com) or try our live chat. Rose loves to try and work with all the ladies to create a look that really works for them and they love. Thanks ladies, and it’s truly you ladies that rock the female tuxedos. Lady Tuxedo at Rose Tuxedo. And don’t be a Tuxedo Cat (Pussycat) Blue wedding suits for the lady’s look great also.

Women Tuxedos (we create woman’s tuxedo out of our huge formal wear inventory, no specific ladies tux) these photos of woman in tuxedos are mostly men’s formal wear and the ladies and us rocking the looks together.

Female tuxedo for a wedding or any occasion are a wonderful choice for many ladies, unfortunately there are not a lot of lady tuxedos on the market. At Rose Tuxedo we can help you rent a woman’s tux with a few ladies tuxedos we own and all the men’s tuxedos. Will show you our styles that may work and that you may like. The pictures above our real customers. Ladies who do not want to wear formal dresses can use tuxedos as a way to look their best at formal events. A women who does not want to slip into a formal dress will be able to get ready with a tuxedo much more easily. Also, these tuxedos are much easier to fit to a woman’s body. The Styles Tuxedos & suits for woman are often styled to fit the female body. They are like pant suits that have a formal touch. These ensembles together look like something a women would wear on the red carpet at a movie premiere. Also, these tuxedos are much more flattering than women may imagine. They can invest in a tuxedo that carries the style they need to look more feminine.The Cuts when a women is in a tuxedo, she can choose a cut that looks much better on her body. These ladies tuxedos can come with fitted pants that will show off a lady’s figure, and these jackets can be fitted at the waist to show the curves the lady has. Also, these tuxedos come with cuts that will help to show just as much cleavage as a lady would show in a dress. However, these tuxedos are not hard for ladies to fit into. These tuxedos offer a bit more coverage, but ladies can put them on to get the best of both worlds.The Colors most tuxedos & suits for woman are in black, but ladies can get these outfits in other colors, as well. A woman can wear a white tuxedo if she wants to look more placid, or a lady can wear a tuxedo in a vibrant color that suits her personality. Ladies have more choices when they are slipping into suits that can be mixed and matched to fit their style.When a woman wants to look good for her next formal event, she can turn to a tuxedo for help. Tuxedos for ladies are often much more stylish than dresses, and female tuxedo’s are easy for ladies to rent from their local tuxedo dealer. We have Woman’s Tuxedo pants and Woman’s Tuxedo jackets and complete woman’s tuxedos for weddings. You can see more pictures on our Lady’s Tuxedo Pinterest page.

Make a Splash in a Ladies Tuxedo!

Sick of blending into the sea of chiffon ballgowns at every formal event? Make a splash in a Ladies Tuxedo. Since the perennially glamorous Marlene Dietrich donned a top hat and tails on her 1930 film Morocco the ladies tuxedo has held a special place in lady formal wear. This look has dotted the red carpet in recent years, with style leaders (and all round strong woman) like Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson and Halle Berry. This is not a look for the weak of heart, but for a bold women a tuxedo can turn an party into a grand gala. There are many ways to wear a tux that can be flattering. Singer Janelle Monae is known for her vest and bow tie look that is striking and gives her a powerful look. With an updo and narrow cut shoulders this silhouette will keep you sleek and sophisticated. If you are interested in a more feminine look check out Olivia Wilde’s red carpet tuxedos. She’s worn a few variations and likes to keep the legs a little looser and necklines more open. A softer fabric will move with your body and might be a better choice for an outdoor or summer time event, while a traditional fabric will be better for evenings and cool weather events. In Phoenix, the choice is Rose Tuxedo if you are interested in experimenting with this lady formal wear look. We have been in business for more the 25 years and have expert knowledge about what kinds of cuts will suit different figures. We have a large stock from current and vintage designers. They can make any lady thinking about wearing a tux to a formal event look good. Ask us about tails tuxedos, which can be particularly flattering.The folks at Rose Tuxedo provide really excellent service, too. Not only will they make you look good but they will make sure you’re happy with your choice. They have great prices and there selection is top notch.Even if you’re nervous about diving into the tuxedo look, come talk to the folks at Rose Tuxedo because they carry female Tuxedos for woman. If your looking for a woman’s tux we can help you.
At Rose Tuxedos Arizona we carry mostly men’s tuxedos but we will work with any ladies to try and fit them in a lady tuxedo or suit rental that will look awesome. You will never leave our stores until you are very happy. Women Tuxedos have been around for years but then they disappeared like some many things that happen in both Men and Woman’s fashion. Women Tuxedo rentals in Phoenix have lots of options and so do Woman Suits. Were waiting for you and will do our best at Rose Tuxedo to rent women’s tux and stay a head of the game with Female tuxedos for rent.
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