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We carry all the latest styles and colors of tuxedo shoes (patent leather shoes most people call shiny). We carry brands such as  Barclay and Frederico Leone,  in a variety of styles: black lace, white lace, black matte lace, brown lace, ivory lace, black and white, modern times, cap toes, and slip-on. We also carry Suit rental shoes. We have a few more shoes styles not put up on our web site yet but coming soon and we can get more tux shoes with 3 or 4 business days notice.

Characterized by a glass-like finish that catches the light, patent leather is typically solid black. Patent leather may also come in several colors such as neutral tan, white, black or even neon colors. In addition to the mirror-like finish, patent leather is also virtually waterproof, while still retaining a very flexible texture. The visual aspects of patent leather have made it a sought-after material for formal accessories. Most men’s footwear produced to be worn with tuxedos or with dress military uniforms is made of patent leather, and many formal types of heels for women are also produced using patent leather. Clutches and small handbags for women are also made using patent leather, as well as some formal wallets and cigarette cases. Patent leather has also seen popular use on sneakers.

History of the Tuxedo/Shoes

Once upon a time people didn’t bother to dress for dinner, they were too busy hunting for it and weddings tended to be a rather informal affairs.

By the late 1700’s formal dress was primarily for the rich and noble. Fancy, colorful and fussy. In fact, just about everything in those days tended to be a little fussy.

In the early 19th century, a long came an Englishman who changed the face of male fashion, Mr. Beau Brummell. He introduced the world to classic English tailoring and for 15 years fashion hung on his every word. When Beau said I think I will wear a cravat, everybody wore cravats.

In 1886 another famous dandy, Mr. Griswalled Laurellaud shook the fashion world, when he clipped the tails off the swallow tail coat and transformed it into the first tuxedo. It was made of worsted wool and had no pockets. The occasion was the Autumn Ball and the place was The Tuxedo Park Club in New York. The tuxedo was an overnight sensation.

In 1903, Mr. Samuel Rudolphker, father of Marliss and Max opened his gentlemen’s tailoring factory in Philadelphia, but even he didn’t know that he would revolutionize men’s formalwear.

In 1930, Marliss and Max Rudolphker introduced the 1st mass market ready to wear tuxedo. The price was $16.00

In 1950, After Six changed the face of formalwear with the comfortable light weight, Tony Martin Tuxedo. The tuxedo was in. Then in 1954 After Six created the 1st wash and wear dinner jacket in dashing white and the formalwear rental market came into it’s own. Now everyone could afford to step out in formal style.

In the 60’s nearly anything went and even formalwear went a little wild.

Today’s weddings are wonderfully, joyously formal occasions again. From the big day for the royal family to the big day for your own little girl, don’t forget your shiny shoes; the finishing touch.

Tips for Choosing Your Shoes for Your Tuxedo

 In the past articles, we’ve already talked about choosing the right tuxedo rental and accessorizing your tuxedo for your wedding. Now, it’s time to press on another topic that highlights the groom’s dressing. For anyone who has ever wondered how to pick the right shoes for a tuxedo, here are some tips to consider:

When in doubt, go with black

Black is the safest, simplest, and classiest option for shoes. You can never go wrong with opting for a pair of black shoes to wear with your tuxedo. Unless you will be wearing a theatrical tuxedo, go with black shoes. They are also very easy to take care of.

Consider the shape of the toe

When picking out a pair of shoes to wear with your tuxedo, remember to consider the shape of the toe. For a traditional look, go for shoes that have rounded toes. Shoes that have square toes are another option, especially for contemporary dressing. At all costs, avoid shoes with pointed toes.

Choose the material

As for the material of the shoes you will be wearing, go for the ones made from patent leather since its shiny surface provides an elegant touch to the appearance of the shoe. At the same time, the shiny surface is what separates it from the business dress shoes.

Pick a design

There are two acceptable designs that you can wear with your tuxedo: slip-on and lace up. The good thing about slip-on designs is that they work well with those who have narrow feet. Lace up designs, on the other hand, is a better choice for those with wide feet.

Heel height matters

Lastly, when you’re picking out shoes for your wedding, make sure you consider the heel. In most situations, shoes with a standard heel are the best option. However, for men who are shorter than women, the wedding day is a great opportunity to appear taller. With higher-heel shoes, it is best to test them out first before buying so that stability can be determined.

If you already have a tuxedo to wear for your wedding, all you need to do is to pick out the right shoes. On the other hand, if this is something you still lack, make sure you check out our available tuxedo rentals.

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