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Wedding Tuxedo rental 2023 in stock New picture’s soon. Rose Tuxedo the Latest in Tuxedo and Suit rentals in Phoenix and Mesa.

Rose Tuxedo offers same day rentals is our specialty and a day is even better, 3 valley locations to rent Premium designer Tuxedos and Suits, Groom attire free with 6 paid rentals, Quinceanera tuxedo, Prom. Arizona’s largest selection on display. Slim fit tuxedos and Skinny pants. Tuxedo rentals for everyone big and small.

staring at $99, $115 and $159 Will beat any tux rental price. We have your Groom Tuxedo and Groomsmen suits for 2023. Order your Wedding Tuxedo rental today and it will be ready to wear tomorrow.

Premier Collection

$149 (some in stock others Catalog order, will beat any price on same tux) Most of our Rose Tuxedo Premier collection is not in stock or on display and may have a rush order fee if the order is not placed with in 5 days of the event. Come into your nearest location to discuss your color and style options or order online here for your Wedding tuxedo rental. Some restrictions may apply. We have your Groom attire for sure.

We rent tuxedos for weddings, proms and quinceaneras in Phoenix, AZ and all the surrounding cities. We even have some women tuxedos. Rose Tuxedo is the best place to rent a tuxedo for any occasion. The states largest selection of tuxedo vests in every color and style. We own all of our tuxedo inventory in-state so we can make changes and size customers the same day with no rush fee.

Over 30 years and we are family owned and operated. 3 valley locations for all your Wedding tuxedo rental in Phoenix, Glendale and Mesa. Rose Tuxedo takes care of Scottsdale tuxedo rentals and suits, Gilbert and other surrounding cities (10 minutes away.

When it comes to Men’s Formal Wear we have it all. Grooms Tuxedo is Free with 5 paid rentals and out of state guest can get measured at any tuxedo shop across the USA and send them in, fax them or email and their tuxedo will be hanging ready with they arrive. Renting a tux 2016 has never been easier. Tuxedo rental Phoenix and Mesa Arizona. We carry Jean Yves and the same Men’s tuxedos that Celebrities wear/own.

tuxedo (American English) or dinner suit or dinner jacket (British English) is a semi-formal evening suit distinguished primarily by satin or grosgrain facings on the jacket’s lapels and buttons and a similar stripe along the outseam of the trousers. The suit is typically black (though maybe another color) and commonly worn with a formal shirt, shoes and other accessories, most traditionally in the form prescribed by the black tie dress code. We have over 50 wedding tuxedos and Men’s Bridal Tuxedos for rental in stock. The biggest in stock tuxedo rental AZ.

Although the smoking jacket’s shawl collar was the original collar for the tuxedo jacket, the peaked lapel taken from the tailcoat had become equally popular by the turn of the twentieth century, while the notch lapel was less frequently seen. By this time the jacket was most commonly a one-button single-breasted model with no vents. Trousers matched the jacket which was most commonly black, although Edwardian dandies often opted for Oxford gray or a very dark blue. By World War I the gray option had fallen out of favor but the “midnight blue” alternative became increasingly popular. A single stripe of braid covering the outseam on each leg was an occasional variation at first, but became standard by the 1930s. At this time double-breasted jackets also came into style, as did white jackets in hot weather.

Color, texture and pattern became increasingly popular in warm-weather jackets in the 1930s. In the 1960s, these variations became increasingly common regardless of season or climate and by the 1970s mass-market retailers began offering colored versions of the entire suit to its rental customers. The 1980s vogue for nostalgic and retro styles returned the fashion to black for evening wear, with midnight blues making a comeback after the turn of the century. And warm weather states like Arizona started buying a finer wool that was not so hot and heavy. At Rose Tuxedo we have purchased Super 120 wool and others to help make our customer’s big day more comfortable. Wedding Tuxedo rental at Rose Tuxedo is what we do.

Lapels and details also evolved through the decades. In the 1960s, notch lapels, which had become quite uncommon during the previous 40 years, began to make a comeback. Tuxedo jackets increasingly took on traits of the business suit, such as two- and three-button styling, flap pockets and center vents. The notch lapel had become the most common lapel style by the turn of the millennium, despite being disdained by many traditionalists. 

Rose Tuxedo owns the one, two, three and four button coats in the Designer Jean Yves notch Tuxedo lapel. This way our customers get the most popular Tuxedo and Suit lapel style and all the button options. Phoenix Wedding or a Prom Tux we have what your looking for. We also carry Western Style Tuxedo jackets. We are Home of the Western Tuxedo. Rose Tuxedo is your tuxedo shop near you 85353, We are the cheapest tuxedo rentals in 85050, tell us how far you drive and will make your tux rental even cheaper. Thanks Rose

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