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So many look to wear a Tuxedo for a wedding, funeral and even prom. The question is, what type of Tuxedo fits you. Rose Tuxedo and suit rental has been a family operated business for a few years now. The rentals include high quality suits for an affordable price. The equipment is efficient and the service is astonishing. Looking for the perfect suit on the perfect day then rent a suit from Rose Tuxedo and Suits rental. Let me inform you on the Tuxedo Lapels. Tuxedo Lapels’s width are measured at it’s widest point and measured perpendicular to the inner edge of the Tuxedo lapel. Tuxedo Lapels have three types, shawl lapels, notch and peak lapels. Three type of lapel widths and measurements are slim, regular and wide. A notch lapel is a notch. The bottom of the collar and the top of the lapel connect at a ninety degree angle. With the Peak lapels the edges of the collar point to the shoulders. The notch and peak lapels are slightly different in their own way. The Shawl lapels are completely different due to its continuous curve without breaks or cuts. The peak lapels usually go for any body type. This means tall, small or heavy people can wear the same style and it fits everyone. Shawl lapel is not recommended if you have a round face. This is not opinion but fact. The Tuxedos come in a variety of over a thousand colors. The suit & Tuxedo front buttons come in many styles. The suit & Tuxedo front buttons would come in variety to fit the lapels or the Tuxedo as a whole. When picking the front buttons, I cautious you to take advice from associate or find one that fits your tuxedo and let your tuxedo to fit you. We all hate when a Tuxedo is loose or we don’t feel as cool as the guy in the movies. Get your suit slimmed down if you life. Don’t have extra room in your sleeves that you do not want. Make your fantasy a reality. I always had a double breasted tux, but now I am informing you of a single breasted tux. A single breasted tux is highly unique design. With a single breasted tux, it requires a vest. We have men’s tuxedo and boys tuxedos in every size. Rental tuxedos and sale tuxedo. Formal rental and the latest tuxedo fashion.

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