Wedding Faqs

The bride and the groom. The specifics of your wedding concerning style, formality and time of day will affect your decision.

Make sure the men in your wedding party try on their tuxedos when they pick them up. Since we have our entire inventory on site, we can fix whatever may not fit correctly right on the spot.

Yes, except for daytime formals and suit pant, which do not.

THE COAT It should fit comfortably across the shoulder. On most styles, the body should be long enough for the coat to brush the insides of your fingers when your hand is cupped around the bottom. SLEEVES Each should fall just below the wristbone. COLLAR It should comfortably hug the neck. TROUSERS Worn at the waist. They must not grab the hip or thigh allowing the pleats to fall naturally, and the length should brush the shoe tops. VESTS The vest should be fit comfortably across the chest and back but snug without a lot of extra space. The waist should be adjusted to also fit snug, but not tight.

That’s our specialty!! Out of town Members of your wedding party can visit any one of 1200 nationwide affiliates and get sized free of charge. By sending their measurements to us their tux will be ready to wear when they arrive in Phoenix . No need to travel with a cumbersome carry on item!

Absolutely! It’s most appropriate when the bridesmaids’ gowns are very formal. Generally this is used for “Black Tie” weddings.

On the invitations, add the words, Black Tie Invited. 

Once the bride has picked out her color scheme, the tuxedos can be selected. It is never too early. Six to eight weeks will give your groomsmen enough time to get fitted. But last minute weddings or suit rentals is our specialty and there is never a rush fee

Although Tuxedos represent the utmost in formality, they are today and have always been born of a bit of rebellion. Often it is those that chase what is fashionable that tend to make a function devoid of taste. The Tuxedo suffers no such fate. The Tuxedo began as a rebellious move by up and coming entrepreneurs that were looking to make their mark at the Tuxedo Club in 1886 New York. The move was thought as mockery and that is exactly what the young mavericks that invented the Tuxedo wanted to achieve. However, the mockery was to say that the Tuxedo is stylish, and the old coattails had become passé as had those that wore them. Additionally, they were actually pioneering a style that had become famous in England a quarter of a century earlier. This is where the lounge jacket was optimized into the indicative tailless dress coat. The lounge coat was a formal coat, but it was intended for the less formal occasions. The new tuxedo coat was a tad bit shorter than lounge coats and slightly more form fitting. However, the coat was named for the famous meeting place where the coat was reintroduced into high society in the brash style for which the Tuxedo is known. Throughout history it has changed slightly, but still remains classically stylish. Through the 1920s and the 1930s and throughout the fifty or so years of defining style through famous movie series like James Bond, and until today, the Tuxedo is the style when style is important. In the United States, no attire is tied throughout history to weddings more than summer wedding tuxedos. This style of tuxedo has morphed with the times and seasons of particular parts of the country. The professionals at Rose Tuxedo suggest basing the necessity of summer wedding tuxedos on the time when wearing the tuxedos would be more comfortable. In some areas, a summer wedding may be held indoors because of weather and temperatures. In this case, any style tuxedo can be worn. However, in places where the temperature is perfect for outdoor summer weddings, this style of tuxedo will definitely be necessary. In temperate climates like Arizona, summer style tuxedos may be more warranted in the spring months. Rose Tuxedo says this is perfect because rates are lower during the tourist off season. Rose Tuxedo is the premiere company for acquiring the perfect tuxedo for the season. We will share all the Wedding Faqs so that we can help you make the best decisions for your Wedding or any event.
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