Should you or shouldn’t you hire a bridal consultant? The pro’s and con’s coming soon.

Bridal Consultants-Rose Tuxedo will work with your Consultant or Wedding Planner. Tell us your budget because we have the best prices. Also will pay your Planners Fee. 


Bridal consultants are professionals who are able to give brides and grooms the best experience possible on their wedding day. With the help of a bridal consultant, every couple can have a lovely wedding day, save money and work with professionals who can provide beautiful and artistic services for the wedding that are unmatched in the industry.Bridal consultants provide couples with every service that they need to make their wedding beautiful. From the florists to tuxedo shops and everyone in between, there is a place for the bridal consultant to step in, use their connections and save the couple money.The Florist; Flowers can be very expensive for a wedding, but the bride and groom can save a ton of money on their flowers when they work with a florist that they know. Businesses give discounts to their best customers, and a bridal consultant can have enough relationships in the area to allow for a couple to get the flowers they want at a price that is reasonable to them.The TuxedosTuxedo shops are a common place for gentlemen to go when they all come into town for a wedding. However, picking the right shop is important for the couple and the wedding tuxedo rental cost. The cost of renting or purchasing tuxedos cuts into the wedding budget and the wedding tuxedo styles, but a bridal consultant that works with the same shop is likely to get a discount for the couple. Also, businesses that are especially fond of the bridal consultant may add in other benefits for the couple.The CatererCaterers can be expensive for a wedding simply because food is expensive to purchase and produce. When couples are having a custom menu for the wedding, it is best for the bridal consultant to find a caterer that they like working with who is willing to give the couple a discount and throw in some extra special food for the ceremony.The same is true for the wedding cake and groom’s cake. With these items taken care of, the bridal consultant can save the couple a great deal of money on their wedding and also give them the best wedding day anybody has ever had. Rose Tuxedo specialist will help you with all your Tuxedo needs so don’t worry. And our wedding tuxedo rental prices are the best in Phoenix. We even have wedding suit rentals for guest and tuxedos near you.