Groom Tuxedo Phoenix Arizona

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Groom Tuxedo Phoenix AZ
Groom Tuxedo Phoenix AZ

Hello to our grooms here in Phoenix, Arizona! We’re excited you’re planning for your wedding and are now at the point of picking an attire. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to picking what you’ll wear for your wedding. (Tuxedo choosing Tips and More from our experts)

For example, will you be buying or renting your wedding Tuxedo? How about the color? Whatever you do decide, one tip to keep in mind is that you’ll be spending the whole day in your Phoenix groom suit. It’s best to go for something comfortable.  

As much as people love to dot on the wedding dress, what the groom wears at his wedding is equally important. The key is to make sure both attires complement each other, so you get the picture-perfect couple look. So, keep that in mind while deciding on the color and style to go with for that day.

Choosing the right Groom Tuxedo for your Phoenix wedding will require time and effort. As a company that has been in the Tuxedo business since 1979, we thought we should help here at Rose Tuxedo. Here are a few tips our experts guarantee will help when choosing the right tuxedo for your wedding.

Heather Grey Allure
Heather Grey Allure

Complement the Wedding Dress

Like we mentioned earlier, this will give you the picture-perfect phoenix wedding couple look. For example, if your bride is going for a formal look with her wedding dress, your tuxedo should follow suit.

Keep Your Wedding Theme in Mind

Your groom tuxedo has to go with your wedding theme. It’s a great way to make sure there is continuity and cohesion at your wedding. So, make sure you’ve decided on a theme before picking your groom suit.

Navy Suit
Navy Suit

Your Wedding Season Matters

The season your wedding is happening in matters a lot when choosing your groom tuxedo in Phoenix. For one thing, it’ll affect the kind of fabric you can use. Wool or wool blended are great for winter weddings. For weddings in the summer, linen, or any other breathable fabric is best.

Choose the Right Fit

The fit of your groom suit will affect your overall look. Most Phoenix grooms choose from Regular, Slim, or Tailored fits, the one that compliments their body shape. The level of comfort you want will also decide which you choose. For a classic comfortable fit with allowance for extra movement, Regular is the fit to choose. This fit is ideal for those with a larger than average build.

Black Michael kors
Black Performance Michael Kors

If you have a slimmer physique and a great body shape, a Slim fit is what you should wear. It is also a bit more on the stylish and fashionable side than on the comfortable side. The Tailored fit is in the middle with a better-streamlined look than the regular fit. It also allows more movement and comfort than a slim fit.

What Are Your Groomsmen Wearing?

When it comes to your groomsmen, their tuxedos should match yours, but you should still stand out. A great way to do that is by changing your bow tie or vest colors. You can also go for a tuxedo with a different and bold color. Just remember to keep your style, fit, and comfort in mind.

Tuxedo jackets
Tuxedo jackets

Pick A Color

The right color of your wedding suit is one that matches your wedding theme. You should also consider how formal your wedding will be. Black, navy, or charcoal gray tuxedos are great for formal weddings. with white vests and bowties are also great for formal weddings. You can play with more color options for a less formal wedding.

Here at Rose Tuxedo, we offer grooms in Phoenix, Az, lots of options when it comes to wedding tuxedos. Are you looking for brands like Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Gorgio Armani, Calvin Klein? You’ll find them with us. What’s best, we also offer group rental options. So, what do you say? Contact us today!  call us anytime we’re happy to help 602 957-0089

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