Groom’s Attire
Choosing Proper Grooms Attire

The groom’s attire for your wedding must be chosen using your personal style and good taste. There are quite a few tuxedos options, and this article explains how you may choose a lovely tuxedo for your groom. Do not purchase or rent a tuxedo without considering the options below, and you will enjoy a beautiful wedding that looks beautiful in every way. You may choose a color, style and tie that will make the groom appear dashing and masculine.

#1: Your Tuxedo Color

Tuxedos are rented and sold in a variety of colors, and you must ensure you have selected a color that will match your bride’s color. The bride who has selected a wedding color palette wants her groom to match, but she cannot enjoy the styling she prefers without a proper tuxedo. You may choose anything in the rainbow, but you must choose in person. The groom who finds his favorite tux color must put it on in the store. Allow the tailor to measure you, and the tuxedo may be fitted to your body.

#2: The Tie

You may wear a traditional bow tie with your tuxedo or long tie, and you may wear any color you choose. Matching the tie to your ensemble is quite simple, or you may wear a tie that falls in with the colors chosen by the bride. The wedding is to be a coordinated party that features colors loved by the bride, and the colors may appear in any article of clothing. A bow tie may be the traditional choice, but a standard tie will carry the color equally-well. Modern dressers may wear a button in lieu of a tie, and the tuxedo comes together.

#3: The Shoes

The shoes used with your tuxedo must match your suit, but you may use unique colors when you want to go far afield. Brown shoes look beautiful with gray and blue while black shoes work with black and blue. You may wear matched shoes that come along with your tuxedo, and the shoes may be Oxfords or slip-ons or I have even seen converse sneakers worn over the years. It is quite simple to look over the shoes in the store catalog, and you will stand out as everyone wears a stylish pair of shoes.

#4: The Shirt

Your shirt need not be white, and you may select a colored shirt that looks as though it belongs to the color palette of the wedding (not a lot of colors to choose from, so white, off white or black seem to be the go to). Your style influences which shirt you wear, and you must not choose white simply because that is common. A colored shirt adds spice to your wedding colors, and you must choose carefully for every man in the wedding party. The groom may choose to wear a different color from the gentlemen in the wedding, and you have more interesting wedding colors.

The groom’s attire is of prime importance to you because you want everyone to look good during the ceremony. Rent or purchase a tuxedo that makes you feel confident, or select a tuxedo the groom will appreciate wearing on the best day of his life. Renting a groom attire suit or tux always makes sense because our sizes change over the years and someday it may not fit anymore.

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