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Fall Weddings: Why You Should Go for it

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The sweet scent of pumpkin spice hovers in the air; the temperature is drops – fitting into a tuxedo couldn’t be easier -as everywhere, everything and everyone is bathed in the warm golden light of the midday sun; leaves start to fall as their colors shift from green to red;  and there’s that oddly satisfying sound of crunching crispy leaves beneath your feet you take a stroll through the park; summer is gone and fall here. It’s that time of the year when you get excited and ready for Thanksgiving. But we’re not going into that today, we’re talking fall weddings because fall is unarguably the best season for weddings.

You don’t think so? Get ready to be convinced.


Feel the Comfort Fall Brings

You feel the temperature dropping, don’t you? Your guests won’t feel too uncomfortable or too keen on getting out of their tuxedos , full suits , and gowns. And imagine the countless hours your wedding guests will be on the dance floor without sweating bullets; more time for your guests to join you in celebrating your union with your heartthrob. Whats more? The bride’s makeup won’t be affected by the weather.


Your Fall Wedding Could be Outdoors

One other good thing about fall is the considerable drop in the price of venues – a great opportunity you should strive to seize. Additionally, the weather is usually favorable, the temperature low and not to mention the colorful backdrop of the surroundings which make for stunning background in wedding photographs. Take advantage of these benefits and opt for an outdoor fall wedding. You can do no wrong.


Adopt The Rich Colors of Fall

The most easily notable change in fall are the colors of shrubs, trees, and flower. Deep, rich colors paired with bold patterns (paisley, floral, lace, etc) will make your wedding decorations pop! Fall is also the season for pumpkins and gourds, remember to include them in your wedding decorations as they’ll give your wedding more traditional and natural accents. A good thing about this season is that pumpkins can be purchased from veritable vendors at affordable prices.


Even the Stars will be in Attendance

Are you one of those who’d always dreamed having a wedding under a star-lit sky? Your dreams are not far from being fulfilled. In fall, the sun sets quite early giving way the stars. It’s an awesome idea as a finely tailored black tuxedo and white gown wedding will be well complemented by the night star-encrusted sky.

But this is not to discredit other seasons! Every season has its strong points and reasons why they’re each the best time of the year for weddings (but, ahem, fall is still the best).


Since you are ready to tie the knot with your significant other or have been invited to a friend’s or colleague’s wedding, you will want to appear at your best, in a dashing tuxedo. Who knows, you just might meet your own soul mate, that is why it’s important to dress your best. Rose Tuxedo has the perfect tuxedo that’ll turn heads in your direction as you make your entrance!

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Bridal Shoes in Phoenix

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How To Choose Bridal Shoes The Easy Way

bridal shoes

A lot of thought goes into planning that special day. The bride-to-be should also choose her shoes wisely. The wrong pair of shoes can make any day, including one’s wedding day, a living hell. What if the shoes fit perfectly when purchased but suddenly start to pinch the toes on that joy-filled walk down the aisle? What if a strap or a heel breaks as the groom twirls his bride around on the dance floor? Oh my, how embarrassing! The following tips, will help the blushing bride-to-be, choose the proper bridal shoes in Phoenix or any surrounding cities:

1. Always break in bridal shoes ahead of time



Shoes tend to feel more comfortable,once their broken in. Spend some time modeling and walking in new bridal shoes. Try wearing them around the house. Sit in them. Stand in them. You can even walk up and down a staircase in them. The longer shoes are worn and walked in, the more comfortable they should feel. If there’s any pinching feeling or uncomfortibility, it’s best to shop for other shoes. Try to break shoes in a few days before the wedding. This way they’ll be time enough to choose another pair.

2. Choose the same type of shoes that fit personal style



Some women may not feel comfortable in tall heels. Perhaps one is used to flat heels, or low heels. It’s more likely that bridal shoes will remain comfortable through out the ceremony when the bride chooses her usual style. Stiletto heels aren’t for everyone. A low heel can look very becoming, depending on the design. This day is one of the most important days of a woman’s life. Why spoil it by wearing shows that could mar the memory of such a poignant day?

3. Try not to rush, when purchasing bridal shoes in Phoenix or anywhere

Let's party!

Let’s party!

It’s important to take ones time when buying footwear for this wonderful day. Taking one whole day to go shop might be a good idea. Make the task pleasurable. Have a clear mind and start out fresh. Whether shopping online, or in store, be sure to investigate return policies. For the best fit, shop in a physical store. Not every shoe is cut the same. Better safe than sorry! And not every Local Tuxedo shop is the same but Rose Tuxedo can handle all your Wedding Suits.


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